Sunday, June 02, 2013


Who: Atlee at Great Bridge
What: State Group AAA Softball Quarterfinals
When: Tuesday, June 4th, 4PM at Great Bridge High School, Chesapeake, VA

Directions From Atlee High School:

--Proceed down Atlee Station Road to Route 301, turn right.
--Merge onto I-295 SOUTH, go 13 miles to Exit 28
--Merge on Exit 28 for I-64 EAST, proceed on I-64 for 64 miles
--Take Exit 264 to merge onto I-664 South, proceed on I-664 for 20 miles
--Take Exit 15B to merge onto I-64 West, proceed on I-64 for 8 miles
--Take Exit 291B to merge onto Route 168 South, go 6 miles on Route 168
--Take Exit 10A toward Hanbury Road West...
--Turn right onto Hanbury Road East...
--Great Bridge High School is on the left. Take Wildcat Parkway to parking area....

ADDRESS: 301 Hanbury Road West, Chesapeake, VA

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