Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Top Five Sports Stories of 2015!

State Champions were crowned, the world raced bikes out of Kings Dominion and through Hanover Courthouse, more football memories were made, and the boys of summer reached new heights.

From 25-game winning streaks to changing of the guards at Atlee and Randolph-Macon, it's been a topsy-turvy unforgettable 2015 in Hanover County sports. So, what did we choose as the top five stories of the year? Which headlines made honorable mention?

Find out by reading our special Year In Review from the pages of The Herald Progress by CLICKING HERE!

Happy New Year from RVA Sports Network!  We can't wait for sports in Hanover County in 2016!

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Six county teams are in action between Christmas and New Year's, with both Lee-Davis and Hanover hosting tournaments on Tuesday and Wednesday!

For schedules, brackets, ticket information and more, go to our main network website by clicking HERE.

For highlights from Christmas Week action with Atlee basketball and previews of the upcoming tournaments, download the latest edition of the "Central Region NOW!" Podcast at the top of this page!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

WRESTLING: Lee-Davis Holiday Classic Results

1) Brooke Point: 250.5
2) Lee-Davis: 239.5
3) Louisa: 141.5
4) Midlothian: 135.5
5) J.R. Tucker: 120
6) James River: 118
7) Manchester: 84
8) Highland Springs: 82
9) Courtland: 77.5
10) Varina: 71

106 Pounds:
Championship: Justus Jones (Brooke Point) MD Preston Thayer (Colonial Heights), 13-1
Consolation: Tristan Walls (James River) MD Frank Banes (Monacan), 12-0
5th Place: Juan Castro (JR Tucker) by fall Divonte Plummer (Huguenot), :25

113 Pounds:
Championship: DJ Ahalt (Courtland) by fall Caleb Meyers (Highland Springs), 4:55
Consolation: Josh Montague (Brooke Point) dec. Sidney Marsh (Louisa), 8-4
5th Place: Jackson Kaze (Midlothian) dec. Jordan Smith (Hanover), 8-5

120 Pounds:
Championship: Hayden Keener (Lee-Davis) dec. Cliff Conway (Courtland), 4-1
Consolation: Ian Baker (Monacan) by fall Caleb Smither (Hanover), 3:26
5th Place: Austin Mills (Louisa) by fall Jonah Herman (JR Tucker), 4:27

126 Pounds:
Championship: Jeffrey Sisk (Louisa) dec. Will Sayegh (Midlothian), 7-0
Consolation: Joseph Knight (Brooke Point) dec Ryan Morton (JR Tucker), 7-1
5th Place: Ethan Carpenter (Monacan) by fall Brandon Tingle (Lee-Davis), 2:25

132 Pounds:
Championship: Josh Garber (James River) MD Eric Hogge (Midlothian) 11-2
Consolation: Garret Plummer (Lee-Davis) by fall Jaret Grimsley (Louisa), 3:53
5th Place: AJ Deutel (Brooke Point) dec. Mason Morris (Bandits), 8-5

138 Pounds:
Championship: Cody Deutel (Brooke Point) by fall Sam Farmer (Midlothian), :22
Consolation: Xavier Young (Henrico) by fall Da'Quon Smith (Huguenot), 1:17
5th Place: Jamir Johnson (Lee-Davis) dec Tristan Halsey (Hanover), 7-6

145 Pounds:
Championship: Michael Dunn (Midlothian) dec Jonathon Conrad (Lee-Davis), 10-5
Consolation: Jeremiah Grimsley (Louisa) by fall Joseph Missak (Colonial Heights), 2:10
5th Place: Nigel Norwood (Highland Springs) MD Ignacio Chavis (JR Tucker), 15-7

152 Pounds:
Championship: Paul Pierce (Brooke Point) dec. Nicolay Arroyo (JR Tucker), 6-3
Consolation: Fisher Evans (Lee-Davis) MD Dakota Dunivan (Louisa), 8-0
5th Place: Kameron Miller (St. Christophers) MD Robert Rangel (Courtland), 11-1

160 Pounds:
Championship: Darrell Woodard (Varina) by fall Yaniv Brown (John Marshall), 2:31
Consolation: Austin Tingle (Lee-Davis) by fall Nick Baumgartner (Courtland), 4:18
5th Place: Logan Pettorini (Brooke Point) by fall Chase Loving (Manchester), :41

170 Pounds:
Championship: Andrew Anthony (Lee-Davis) dec. Keaton Gomez (Manchester), 4-2
Consolation: Jawaun Robinson (Highland Springs) dec. Elijah Wilson (Louisa), 10-6
5th Place: Nick Pierce (Brooke Point) MD William King (Bandits), 9-0

182 Pounds:
Championship: Ned Anthony (Lee-Davis) by fall Damien Chew (Henrico), 3:15
Consolation: Lydell Poag (Armstrong) dec. Travis Heatwole (Jamestown), 9-3
5th Place: Dylan Bryant (Varina) dec. Shaye Aumiller (Brooke Point), 9-4

195 Pounds:
Championship: Brandon Henderson (Manchester) dec. Russ Pierce (Brooke Point), 3-1
Consolation: Jeremy Watson (Highland Springs) by fall Traeven Tann (James River), 4:08
5th Place: Chase Van Horn (Midlothian) dec. Wayne Arabie (Bandits), 4-0

220 Pounds:
Championship: Austun Colby (Brooke Point) dec. Ody Qualk (Lee-Davis), 4-3
Consolation: Justin Esposito (James River) by fall Maxwell Ajala (Huguenot), 2:09
5th Place: Brandon Taylor (Henrico) by fall Keith Taylor (Armstrong, :23

285 Pounds:
Championship: Ramses Montalvo (Brooke Point) by fall William Hazelwood (Lee-Davis), 5:28
Consolation: Charles Hall (Varina) dec. Jack Oppenheim (Deep Run), 12-7
5th Place: Hunter Davis (JR Tucker) dec. Canaan Thrift (Midlothian), 5-3

SWIMMING: Hawk Invitational Results

Here are top finishers from the inaugural Hanover Hawk Holiday Swim Invitational from Saturday night at Collegiate School Aquatic Center, heard live on the RVA Sports Network. (Pictured: Lee-Davis' Hannah Ikenberry, winner of Girls 500 Free, courtesy of Nick Liberante)


1) Hampton Roads Academy: 305.5
2) Western Albemarle: 243
3) King George: 212
4) Blacksburg: 179
5) St. Gertrude: 176
6) Maggie Walker: 160
7) New Kent: 158
8) Atlee: 152
9) Lee-Davis: 138
10) Hanover: 108
16) Patrick Henry: 6

1) Western Albemarle: 354
2) Hampton Roads Academy: 317.5
3) Hanover: 240
4) Maggie Walker: 233.5
5) Atlee: 179
6) Bishop Sullivan: 172
7) King George: 144
8) Lee-Davis: 137
9) Bruton: 135
10) Blacksburg: 112
11) Patrick Henry: 107

Boys 200 Medley Relay:
1) Hampton Roads Academy: 1:40.28
2) Maggie Walker: 1:43.18
3) Hanover: 1:43.80
4) Bishop Sullivan: 1:43.91
5) Western Albemarle: 1:43.94
6) King George: 1:46.02
7) Patrick Henry: 1:47.87
8) Blacksburg: 1:48.29
9) Maggie Walker: 1:48.90

Girls 200 Medley Relay:
1) Hampton Roads Academy: 1:53.01
2) St. Gertrude: 1:54.45
3) Western Albemarle: 1:55.94
4) New Kent: 1:56.03
5) King George: 1:57.32
6) Maggie Walker: 1:57.75
7) Hampton Roads Academy "B": 2:00.70
8) Blacksburg "B": 2:01.94
9) Lee-Davis: 2:02.00

Boys 200 Freestyle:
1) Brendan Farrar, Lee-Davis: 1:46.97
2) Zachary Payne, Hampton Roads Academy: 1:51.31
3) Connor Gleim, Bishop Sullivan: 1:51.50
4) Evan Lynch, Bruton: 1:52.35
5) Ethan Apisa, Blacksburg: 1:52.69
6) Garrett Gauntt, Hanover: 1:53.95
7) Michael Keller, Hampton Roads Academy: 1:55.56
8) Alex Poley, King George: 1:55.58
9) Jake Holweger, Maggie Walker: 1:55.77
10) Tyler Carneal, Lee-Davis: 1:56.11

Girls 200 Freestyle:
1) Julianna Jones, New Kent: 1:53.04
2) Emily Provenzo, St. Gertrude: 1:54.84
3) Brazil Rule, Western Albemarle: 1:56.79
4) Hannah Ikenberry, Lee-Davis: 1:56.88
5) Camilla DiSanto, Colonial Heights: 2:00.13
6) Isabella Dula, Maggie Walker: 2:01.86
7) Tamara Wheater, King George: 2:02.68
8) Kaylee Greiner, Christiansburg: 2:03.07

Boys 200 Individual Medley:
1) Jared Norton, Hampton Roads Academy: 1:54.70
2) Austin Farrar, Lee-Davis: 1:58.14
3) August Lamb, Western Albemarle: 1:59.66
4) Nick McClure, Maggie Walker: 2:01.04
5) George Zolovick, Blacksburg: 2:03.35
6) Nicholas Schoenig, Hampton Roads Academy: 2:03.49
7) Tristan Amatruda, Atlee: 2:04.77
8) John Morrow, Bruton: 2:05.93
9) Jonathan Moss, Hanover: 2:06.42

Girls 200 Individual Medley:
1) Molly Sheffield, Lee-Davis: 2:10.67
2) Madeline White, Atlee: 2:13.23
3) Laura Hodge, Blacksburg: 2:13.36
4) Carter Roehrle, Jamestown: 2:15.47
5) Ashley Zicafoose, Atlee: 2:18.07
6) Zorey Sargent, New Kent: 2:18.09
7) Madison Schmidt, St. Gertrude: 2:18.35
8) Willow Clark, St. Gertrude: 2:18.55

Boys 50 Freestyle:
1) Philip Speri, Bishop Sullivan: 21.45
2) Aaron James, Western Albemarle: 21.56
3) Anthony DeAngelis, Bishop Sullivan: 22.41
4) Michael Christou, Hampton Roads Academy: 22.78
5) Dalton Nash, Patrick Henry: 23.12
6) A.J. Donovan, Western Albemarle: 23.23
7) Andrew Newman, Atlee: 23.43
8) Fritz Kemmerly, Maggie Walker: 23.47
9) Will Schroeder, Atlee: 23.51

Girls 50 Freestyle:
1) Melina Gharbo, Hampton Roads Academy: 25.18
2) Morgan James, Western Albemarle: 25.27
3) Bronwyn Keating, Hampton Roads Academy: 25.44
4) Claire Waterhouse, Bishop Sullivan: 25.98
5) Caroline Riordan, Western Albemarle: 26.20
6) Nicole Shuford, Hampton Roads Academy: 26.24
7) Ellie Sherry, Hanover: 26.38
8) Abby Wilson, King George: 26.39
9) Mica Baker, Atlee: 26.47

Boys 100 Butterfly:
1) Ted Schubert, Patrick Henry: 50.39
2) Patrick Townsend, Hanover: 51.10
3) Nick McClure, Maggie Walker: 54.73
4) Nate Wilson, King George: 55.14
5T) Nicholas Schoenig, Hampton Roads Academy: 56.00
5T) Cade Elliott, Maggie Walker: 56.00
7) Carsen Mumford, Hampton Roads Academy: 56.34
8) Jason Heilman, Western Albemarle: 57.40

Girls 100 Butterfly:
1) Molly Sheffield, Lee-Davis: 57.88
2) Madeline White, Atlee: 1:00.92
3) Mattie Grant, Hanover: 1:01.89
4) Laura Hodge, Blacksburg: 1:02.25
5T) Hannah Jirsa, Blacksburg: 1:02.65
5T) Meghan Coleson, New Kent: 1:02.65
7) Emyle Warro, Colonial Heights: 1:02.89
8) Mary Cornett, St. Gertrude: 1:03.17

Boys 100 Freestyle:
1) Philip Speri, Bishop Sullivan: 46.18
2) Aaron James, Western Albemarle: 46.90
3) Brendan Farrar, Lee-Davis: 50.42
4) Michael Christou, Hampton Roads Academy: 50.96
5) Will Schroeder, Atlee: 51.23
6) Anthony DeAngelis, Bishop Sullivan: 51.25
7) Tristan Amatruda, Atlee: 51.28
8) Jake Paulson, Western Albemarle: 53.04
9) Chris Isabelle, Atlee: 53.04

Girls 100 Freestyle:
1) Julianna Jones, New Kent: 52.50
2) Brazil Rule, Western Albemarle: 53.81
3) Tamara Wheater, King George: 55.89
4T) Emily Payne, Hampton Roads Academy: 56.80
4T) Claire Waterhouse, Bishop Sullivan: 56.80
6) Cameron Seeley, Blacksburg: 57.71
7) Ellie Sherry, Hanover: 57.73
8) Victoria Schoenig, Hampton Roads Academy: 57.87

Boys 500 Freestyle:
1) Austin Farrar, Lee-Davis: 4:46.33
2) Garrett Gauntt, Hanover: 5:04.71
3) Connor Gleim, Bishop Sullivan: 5:05.06
4) John Morrow, Bruton: 5:05.16
5) Zachary Payne, Hampton Roads Academy: 5:09.26
6) Michael Keller, Hampton Roads Academy: 5:14.57
7) Evan Sposato, Western Albemarle: 5:22.48
8) Marshall Brooks, Hanover: 5:22.85

Girls 500 Freestyle:
1) Hannah Ikenberry, Lee-Davis: 5:01.11
2) Emily Provenzo, St. Gertrude: 5:06.94
3) Camilla DiSanto, Colonial Heights: 5:17.00
4) Mattie Grant, Hanover: 5:23.77
5) Gabby Thompson, King George: 5:28.63
6) Hannah Jirsa, Blacksburg: 5:29.43
7) Kaylie Lundgren, Maggie Walker: 5:30.11
8) Olivia Ratliff, Maggie Walker: 5:33.21
9) Madison Walters, Hanover: 5:36.05

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay:
1) Western Albemarle: 1:29.04
2) Bishop Sullivan: 1:29.63
3) Atlee: 1:33.15
4) Maggie Walker: 1:34.71
5) Hampton Roads Academy: 1:34.92
6) King George: 1:36.23
7) Jamestown: 1:37.60
8) Bruton: 1:40.94
9) Hanover: 1:41.66

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay:
1) Hampton Roads Academy: 1:42.53
2) New Kent: 1:43.88
3) Western Albemarle: 1:45.73
4) Atlee: 1:45.80
5) Bishop Sullivan: 1:48.26
6) Maggie Walker: 1:48.70
7) Colonial Heights: 1:49.36
8) Jamestown: 1:50.93
9) Atlee "B": 1:51.55

Boys 100 Backstroke:
1) Ted Schubert, Patrick Henry: 50.70
2) Patrick Townsend, Hanover: 51.39
3) Cade Elliott, Maggie Walker: 54.97
4) Carsen Mumford, Hampton Roads Academy: 55.95
5) Tory Farmer, Maggie Walker: 56.30
6) Joey Morrow, Bruton: 59.50
7) Zach Clevinger, Jamestown: 1:00.23
8) Ryan Zolovick, Blacksburg: 1:00.86

Girls 100 Backstroke:
1) Emily Sizemore, King George: 1:00.54
2) Ashley Zicafoose, Atlee: 1:01.22
3) Bronwyn Keating, Hampton Roads Academy: 1:01.31
4) Meghan Coleson, New Kent: 1:01.79
5) Melina Gharbo, Hampton Roads Academy: 1:02.29
6) Isabella Dula, Maggie Walker: 1:02.76
7) Emily Payne, Hampton Roads Academy: 1:03.51
8) Gabriela Monasterio, Maggie Walker: 1:03.66

Boys 100 Breaststroke:
1) Jared Norton, Hampton Roads Academy: 57.91
2) Matt Mandell, Western Albemarle: 1:01.96
3) Nate Wilson, King George: 1:01.98
4) August Lamb, Western Albemarle: 1:03.07
5) Jack Vaughn, Western Albemarle: 1:03.19
6) Jake Holweger, Maggie Walker: 1:03.25
7) Jonathan Moss, Hanover: 1:03.64
8) George Zolovick, Blacksburg: 1:04.09
9) Andrew Newman, Atlee: 1:04.78
10) Dalton Nash, Patrick Henry: 1:08.86

Girls 100 Breaststroke:
1) Caroline DeJager, Bruton: 1:09.27
2) Jessica Miller, King George: 1:10.19
3) Elissa Simpson, Western Albemarle: 1:11.87
4) Cat Wilson, King George: 1:12.75
5) Nicole Shuford, Hampton Roads Academy: 1:12.87
6) Emyle Warro, Colonial Heights: 1:13.41
7) Quinn Keatley, Maggie Walker: 1:13.79
8) Savanna Scarbrough, Western Albemarle: 1:13.80

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay:
1) Hampton Roads Academy: 3:19.45
2) Western Albemarle: 3:21.28
3) Atlee: 3:23.77
4) Hanover: 3:25.41
5) Bruton: 3:27.21
6) Lee-Davis: 3:29.22
7) Maggie Walker: 3:33.96
8) Blacksburg: 3:37.02

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay:
1) Hampton Roads Academy: 3:43.35
2) King George: 3:47.21
3) Atlee: 3:50.92
4) Lee-Davis: 3:51.34
5) St. Gertrude: 3:51.96
6) Blacksburg: 3:54.00
7) Bishop Sullivan: 3:57.30
8) Maggie Walker: 3:58.73

Thursday, December 17, 2015

HONORS: 5A North Region Teams Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes who have been honored on All-5A North Region teams for fall sports:

1st Team Defense: Emily Fulk, Atlee
1st Team Goalkeeper: Numa Rehmani, Atlee
2nd Team Forward: Sydney Baldwin, Atlee
2nd Team Forward: Faith Anna, Atlee
2nd Team Forward: Hayley Anna, Atlee
2nd Team Midfielder: Aidan Rossman, Patrick Henry
2nd Team Defense: Abigail Vayette, Atlee

2nd Team: Molly Jarvis, Atlee
2nd Team, Lauren Stanford, Atlee (Libero)

1st Team Wide Receiver: Cole Blackman, Atlee
1st Team Kicker: Ethan Ratke, Atlee
1st Team Defensive Back: J.J. Givens, Atlee
2nd Team Center: Thomas Sargeant, Atlee
2nd Team Offensive Line: Raymond Gillespie, Atlee
2nd Team Linebacker: Jake Benson, Atlee
2nd Team Punter: Garrett Morgan, Atlee

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

SWIMMING: Atlee Defeats Patrick Henry

TEAM FINAL: Atlee 212, Patrick Henry 128
BOYS FINAL: Atlee 98, Patrick Henry 72
GIRLS FINAL: Atlee 114, Patrick Henry 56

Boys 200 Medley Relay:
1) Patrick Henry (Mizelle, Nash, T. Schubert, Dinger): 1:45.64
2) Atlee (Duegaw, Gammon, Jones, Reutti): 1:55.87
3) Patrick Henry "B" (Cox, Fraser, Powell, B. Schubert): 1:56.51
4) Atlee "B" (Stephens, Ford, Miller, Humberson): 1:59.15

Girls 200 Medley Relay:
1) Atlee (S. Baker, Fisher, White, M. Baker): 1:57.04
2) Atlee "B" (J. Jones, Seay, Zicafoose, Whyte): 2:03.56
3) Patrick Henry (Koren, Evko, Robinson, Nash): 2:05.18
4) Atlee "C" (C. Jones, Reutti, Comer, Reasor): 2:19.93

Boys 200 Freestyle:
1) Scotty Mizelle, Patrick Henry: 1:50.74
2) Andrew Newman, Atlee: 1:59.78
3) Nathan Stephens, Atlee: 2:09.79
4) Trevor Gammon, Atlee: 2:12.02
5) Ben Ford, Atlee: 2:23.28

Girls 200 Freestyle:
1) Madeline White, Atlee: 2:07.34
2) Campbell Whyte, Atlee: 2:20.62
3) Claire Evko, Patrick Henry: 2:28.05
4) Meaghan Comer, Atlee: 2:28.13
5) Marielle Robinson, Patrick Henry: 2:28.34

Boys 200 IM:
1) Ted Schubert, Patrick Henry: 1:59.01
2) Roger Humberson, Atlee: 2:21.31
3) Chris Isabelle, Atlee: 2:21.56
4) Alex Jones, Atlee: 2:22.12
5) James Powell, Patrick Henry: 2:26.62

Girls 200 IM:
1) Mica Baker, Atlee: 2:32.28
2) Jaelyn Jones, Atlee: 2:34.11
3) Josephine Koren, Patrick Henry: 2:40.77
4) Madeline Enderle, Patrick Henry: 2:41.06
5) Jamie Doyle, Patrick Henry: 2:43.28

Boys 50 Freestyle:
1) Ted Schubert, Patrick Henry: 22.18
2) Tristan Amatruda, Atlee: 24.04
3) Will Schroeder, Atlee: 24.06
4) Trevor Gammon, Atlee: 24.89
5) Steven Dinger, Patrick Henry: 25.23

Girls 50 Freestyle:
1) Sonora Baker, Atlee: 25.78
2) Ashley Zicafoose, Atlee: 25.97
3) Samantha Shuler, Patrick Henry: 29.20
4) Libbie Stone, Patrick Henry: 29.31
5) Emily Seay, Atlee: 29.34

Boys 100 Butterfly:
1) Dalton Nash, Patrick Henry: 58.89
2) Ryan Reutti, Atlee: 1:04.40
3) Ethan Spencer, Patrick Henry: 1:05.17
4) Ben Schubert, Patrick Henry: 1:06.22
5) Chris Isabelle, Atlee: 1:06.51

Girls 100 Butterfly:
1) Madeline White, Atlee: 1:04.28
2) Jaelyn Jones, Atlee: 1:09.40
3) Marielle Robinson, Patrick Henry: 1:10.90
4) Courtney Jones, Atlee: 1:20.12
5) Annika Cline, Patrick Henry: 1:20.73

Boys 100 Freestyle:
1) Andrew Newman, Atlee: 53.65
2) Jared Jones, Atlee, 55.80
3) Roger Humberson, Atlee: 56.34
4) Alex Jones, Atlee: 57.84
5) Ben Ford, Atlee: 58.92

Girls 100 Freestyle:
1) Olivia Fisher, Atlee: 56.68
2) Campbell Whyte, Atlee: 1:03.25
3) Emily Seay, Atlee: 1:04.09
4) Ellie Francis, Atlee: 1:04.53
5) Samantha Shuler, Patrick Henry: 1:05.87

Boys 500 Freestyle:
1) Scotty Mizelle, Patrick Henry: 4:58.78
2) Will Schroeder, Atlee: 5:18.61
3) Nathan Stephens, Atlee: 5:53.91
4) James Powell, Patrick Henry: 6:06.87

Girls 500 Freestyle:
1) Ashley Zicafoose, Atlee: 5:55.75
2) Mica Baker, Atlee: 6:08.90
3) Shannon Hons, Atlee: 6:43.71
4) Erin Gannon, Patrick Henry: 7:27.02

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay:
1) Atlee (Isabelle, Newman, Amatruda, Schroeder): 1:37.37
2) Atlee "B" (Duegaw, Humberson, Jones, Reutti): 1:40.74
3) Atlee "C" (Ford, Jacoby, Martin, Mudd): 1:47.09
4) Patrick Henry (B. Schubert, Spencer, Fraser, Cox): 1:47.43

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay:
1) Atlee (S. Baker, White, M. Baker, Fisher): 1:47.56
2) Atlee "B" (Hons, Francis, Stiles, Whyte): 1:54.54
3) Patrick Henry (Stone, Flinn, Shuler, Doyle): 2:02.21
4) Atlee "D" (Wade, J. Jones, Brown, C. Jones): 2:09.56

Boys 100 Backstroke:
1) Ryan Reutti, Atlee: 58.92
2) Steven Dinger, Patrick Henry: 1:03.47
3) Griffin Duegaw, Atlee: 1:10.40
4) Ethan Spencer: Patrick Henry: 1:12.28
5) Dylan Miller, Atlee: 1:18.31

Girls 100 Backstroke:
1) Olivia Fisher, Atlee: 1:02.12
2) Josephine Koren, Patrick Henry: 1:10.46
3) Kennedy O'Hanley, Atlee: 1:17.55
4) Shelby Nash, Patrick Henry: 1:17.59
5) Riley Wade, Atlee: 1:21.24

Boys 100 Breaststroke:
1) Dalton Nash, Patrick Henry: 1:07.76
2) Tristan Amatruda, Atlee: 1:08.51
3) Jared Jones, Atlee: 1:15.67
4) Derek Jacoby, Atlee: 1:18.15
5) Kyle Martin, Atlee: 1:20.27

Girls 100 Breaststroke:
1) Sonora Baker, Atlee: 1:13.91
2) Claire Evko, Patrick Henry: 1:14.45
3) Sarah Reutti, Atlee: 1:24.36
4) Alyssa Thompson, Patrick Henry: 1:29.12
5) Victoria Robinson, Patrick Henry: 1:32.17

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay:
1) Atlee (Newman, Isabelle, Amatruda, Schroeder): 3:31.62
2) Patrick Henry (Dinger, Powell, Nash, Mizelle): 3:40.67
3) Atlee "B" (Gammon, Stephens, J. Jones, A. Jones): 3:50.34
4) Patrick Henry "B" (Nichols, Boschen, Pimblett, Spencer): 4:31.37

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay:
1) Atlee (Hons, Jones, Francis, Zicafoose): 4:10.59
2) Atlee "B" (Reutti, Seay, O'Hanley, Stiles): 4:24.82
3) Patrick Henry (Shuler, Stone, Koren, Doyle): 4:27.10
4) Patrick Henry "B" (Nash, Evko, Flinn, Robinson): 4:40.34

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

SWIMMING: Hanover Defeats Colonial Heights

TEAM FINAL: Hanover 243.5, Colonial Heights 89.5
GIRLS FINAL: Hanover 107, Colonial Heights 61
BOYS FINAL: Hanover 136.5, Colonial Heights 28.5

Boys 200 Medley Relay:
1) Hanover "B" (Gauntt, Moss, Sizemore, Brooks): 1:50.91
2) Hanover (Gulas, Newton, Townsend, Henry): 1:52.63
3) Col. Hts. (Rosser, Garcia-Otero, Kaseloo, Rowe): 2:00.87

Girls 200 Medley Relay:
1) Hanover (Walters, Tanner, M. Grant, Sherry): 2:03.89
2) Col. Hts. (DiSanto, Warro, McBryde, Page): 2:04.59
3) Hanover "B" (C. Grant, Seip, Johnson, Townsend): 2:15.75

Boys 200 Freestyle:
1) Ross Newton, Hanover: 2:00.18
2) Christian Kaseloo, Colonial Heights: 2:00.57
3) Luke Daley, Hanover: 2:01.65
4) Seth Gulas, Hanover: 2:04.53
5) Chandler Foster, Hanover: 2:11.16

Girls 200 Freestyle:
1) Ellie Sherry, Hanover: 2:11.47
2) Kayleigh Gordon, Hanover: 2:25.12
3) Rhane Elder, Hanover: 2:41.34
4) Aubrey Rowe, Colonial Heights: 2:41.69
5) Kathryn Davis, Colonial Heights: 2:51.65

Boys 200 IM:
1) Marshall Brooks, Hanover: 2:18.41
2) Christian Kaseloo, Colonial Heights: 2:19.00
3) Carson Sizemore, Hanover: 2:28.13
4) Josh Chadwick, Hanover: 2:42.37

Girls 200 IM:
1) Madison Walters, Hanover: 2:19.84
2) Camilla DiSanto, Colonial Heights: 2:21.91
3) Brittany Johnson, Hanover: 2:43.72
4) Quinn Tanner, Hanover: 2:54.09

Boys 50 Freestyle:
1) Patrick Townsend, Hanover: 23.72
2) Garrett Gauntt, Hanover: 24.77
3) Hank Rosser, Colonial Heights: 24.79
4) Michael Neller, Hanover: 25.94
5) Kyle Henry, Hanover: 26.28
6) Gus Hubbard, Hanover: 26.35

Girls 50 Freestyle:
1) Kellie Brown, Hanover: 28.67
2) Claire Grant, Hanover: 29.25
3) Alexis Page, Colonial Heights: 30.18
4) Sarah Bracewell, Colonial Heights: 30.41
5) Aubrey Rowe, Colonial Heights: 30.75
6) Brooke Foster, Hanover: 31.06

Boys 100 Butterfly:
1) Luke Daley, Hanover: 1:01.97
2) Chandler Foster, Hanover: 1:04.18
3) Josh Altman, Hanover: 1:05.47
4) Jack Hufner, Hanover: 1:11.59
5) Kyle Henry, Hanover: 1:14.63

Girls 100 Butterfly:
1) Cassie McBryde, Colonial Heights: 1:07.81
2) Claire Grant, Hanover: 1:09.47
3) Kylie Green, Colonial Heights: 1:19.09
4) Bella Seip, Hanover: 1:31.27
5) Hannah Madren, Colonial Heights: 1:35.05

Boys 100 Freestyle:
1) Jonathan Moss, Hanover: 53.50
2) Jack Iglehart, Hanover: 58.28
3) Michael Neller, Hanover: 58.35
4T) Reese Tunstall, Hanover: 1:01.33
4T) Jacob Marks, Colonial Heights: 1:01.33
6) Delaney Kassab, Hanover: 1:02.35

Girls 100 Freestyle:
1) Emyle Warro, Colonial Heights: 58.75
2) Mattie Grant, Hanover: 58.78
3) Cassie McBryde, Colonial Heights: 1:04.94
4) Alexis Page, Colonial Heights: 1:10.45
5) Montana Bowman, Hanover: 1:13.58
6) Rhane Elder, Hanover: 1:13.75

Boys 500 Freestyle:
1) Patrick Townsend, Hanover: 5:06.97
2) Garrett Gauntt, Hanover: 5.32.60
3) Aidan Loftus, Hanover: 7:10.44

Girls 500 Freestyle:
1) Kayleigh Gordon, Hanover: 6:20.68
2) Brittany Townsend, Hanover: 6:40.09
3) Jennifer Tignor, Hanover: 7:51.47
4) Cameron Williams, Colonial Heights: 7:55.76

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay:
1) Hanover "C" (Iglehart, Brooks, Townsend, Neller): 1:39.89
2) Hanover "B" (Gulas, Altman, Moss, Kassab): 1:41.70
3) Col. Hts. (Rowe, Garcia-Otero, Marks, Rosser): 1:47.04

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay:
1) Hanover (Sherry, M. Grant, Walters, Brown): 1:52.11
2) Col. Hts. (Page, McBryde, DiSanto, Warro): 1:54.16
3) Hanover "B" (Gordon, C. Grant, Townsend, Elder): 2:03.27

Boys 100 Backstroke:
1) Jonathan Moss, Hanover: 1:00.60
2) Josh Altman, Hanover: 1:03.51
3) Seth Gulas, Hanover: 1:03.56
4) Hank Rosser, Colonial Heights: 1:04.50
5) Carson Sizemore, Hanover: 1:07.34

Girls 100 Backstroke:
1) Camilla DiSanto, Colonial Heights: 1:05.37
2) Madison Walters, Hanover: 1:08.46
3) Mattie Grant, Hanover: 1:12.22
4) Kellie Brown, Hanover: 1:12.35
5) Bella Seip, Hanover: 1:15.22

Boys 100 Breaststroke:
1) Ross Newton, Hanover: 1:11.88
2) Marshall Brooks, Hanover: 1:12.39
3) James Garcia-Otero, Colonial Heights: 1:19.39
4) Michael Greenwald, Colonial Heights: 1:22.94
5) Reese Tunstall, Hanover: 1:24.21

Girls 100 Breaststroke:
1) Emyle Warro, Colonial Heights: 1:16.91
2) Ellie Sherry, Hanover: 1:21.93
3) Madison Grubb, Colonial Heights: 1:23.85
4) Brittany Townsend, Hanover: 1:29.84
5) Madeline Atkinson, Hanover: 1:30.37

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay:
1) Hanover "C" (Newton, Tunstall, Neller, Loftus): 4:03.94
2) Hanover "B" (Altman, Henry, Kassab, Wilson): 4:04.13
3) Col. Hts. (Kaseloo, Murdock, Marks, Kiser): 4:32.84

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay:
1) Hanover (Elder, Bowman, Brown, Gordon): 4:41.15
2) Hanover "B" (Atkinson, Tanner, Seip, Johnson): 4:49.00
3) Col. Hts. (Davis, Madren, Proffitt, Williams): 5:11.44

Friday, December 11, 2015

Rivalry Night Finals:


Atlee 61, Lee-Davis 48 (RJ Jenkins scores 26 as the Raiders use full-court press to wilt the Confederates....)

Hanover 71, Patrick Henry 55 (27 points for Jason Wade, 23 for Alan Dabney as Hawks improve to 4-2)

Patrick Henry 52, Hanover 25 (Patriots pull away second half to move to 6-0, to Atlee Monday night)

Atlee 61, Lee-Davis 34 (Ashley Weaver scores 22, Alyse Armentrout adds 21 as Raiders win their first of season...)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

SWIMMING: RVA Sports Network To Broadcast Hawk Invitational Championshipsp

RVA Sports Network is proud to announce today confirmation of our first-ever high school swimming broadcast, providing live online radio coverage of the inaugural Hanover Hawk Invitational Swimming Championship on Saturday, December 19th.

The meet, which will bring in VHSL-sanctioned teams from across the Commonwealth from as far away as Winchester, Charlottesville and Williamsburg, will be an all-day event at the Collegiate School Aquatic Center in Chesterfield, home of SwimRVA. RVA Sports Network will offer live coverage of the championship heats in the evening. Qualifying heats will take place that morning.

The Hawk Invitational is designed to bring a top-notch regular season meet to the Richmond area to rival that of the Kecoughtan Invitational, which has been one of the most popular in-season meets on the calendar for more than two decades.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

SWIMMING: Atlee Outlasts Hanover....

The Raiders defeat the Hawks Tuesday night at Randolph-Macon College 188-152, as the Atlee girls were victorious 101-69, while the boys nipped the Hawks 87-83. Top results are posted:

Boys 200 Medley Relay:
1) Hanover (Gulas, Moss, Sizemore, Henry): 1:51.81
2) Hanover "B" (Altman, Kassab, Foster, Newton): 1:53.28
3) Atlee (J. Jones, Reutti, A. Jones, Humberson): 1:56.60

Girls 200 Medley Relay:
1) Atlee (S. Baker, White, Zicafoose, M. Baker): 1:58.63
2) Hanover (Gordon, Tanner, Grant, Brown): 2:07.00
3) Atlee "B" (Stiles, Seay, Jones, O'Hanley): 2:11.50

Boys 200 Freestyle:
1) Garrett Gauntt, Hanover: 1:55.72
2) Andrew Newman, Atlee: 1:57.41
3) Josh Altman, Hanover: 2:02.53
4) Chris Isabelle, Atlee: 2:02.72

Girls 200 Freestyle:
1) Madison Walters, Hanover: 2:07.40
2) Mica Baker, Atlee: 2:17.37
3) Jaelyn Jones, Atlee: 2:18.09
4) Brittany Johnson, Hanover: 2:21.84

Boys 200 IM:
1) Will Schroeder, Atlee: 2:08.09
2) Jonathan Moss, Hanover: 2:08.19
3) Ross Newton, Hanover: 2:15.36
4) Jared Jones, Atlee: 2:22.56

Girls 200 IM:
1) Ashley Zicafoose, Atlee: 2:20.81
2) Claire Graaant, Hanover: 2:28.38
3) Campbell Whyte, Atlee: 2:39.62
4) Madison Moser, Atlee: 2:53.78

Boys 50 Freestyle:
1) Tristan Amatruda, Atlee: 24.09
2) Marshall Brooks, Hanover: 24.71
3) Griffin Duegaw, Atlee: 25.09
4) Seth Gulas, Hanover: 25.12

Girls 50 Freestyle:
1) Madeline White, Atlee: 27.16
2) Mattie Grant, Hanover: 27.46
3) Shannon Hons, Atlee: 28.06
4) Kellie Brown, Hanover: 28.61

Boys 100 Butterfly:
1) Patrick Townsend, Hanover: 53.06
2) Alex Jones, Atlee: 1:01.03
3) Carson Sizemore, Hanover: 1:01.72
4) Jared Jones, Atlee: 1:05.32

Girls 100 Butterfly:
1) Sonora Baker, Atlee: 1:00.66
2) Madison Walters, Hanover: 1:04.50
3) Jaelyn Jones, Atlee: 1:09.91
4) Emily Seay, Atlee: 1:12.94

Boys 100 Freestyle:
1) Will Schroeder, Atlee: 52.09
2) Tristan Amatruda, Atlee: 53.16
3) Garrett Gauntt, Hanover: 53.47
4) Marshall Brooks, Hanover: 54.06

Girls 100 Freestyle:
1) Ashley Zicafoose, Atlee: 57.06
2) Mica Baker, Atlee: 1:01.75
3) Cassie Stiles, Atlee: 1:04.97
4) Kellie Brown, Hanover: 1:05.22

Boys 500 Freestyle:
1) Ryan Reutti, Atlee: 5:06.10
2) Ross Newton, Hanover: 5:30.29
3) Roger Humberson, Atlee: 5:50.76
4) Alex Jones, Atlee: 6:10.20

Girls 500 Freestyle:
1) Sonora Baker, Atlee: 5:26.97
2) Mattie Grant, Hanover: 5:34.43
3) Ellie Sherry, Hanover: 6:00.32
4) Kennedy O'Hanley, Atlee: 6:49.28

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay:
1) Atlee (Isabelle, Newman, Amatruda, Schroeder): 1:34.23
2) Hanover: (Brooks, Moss, Townsend, Gauntt): 1:34.56
3) Atlee "B" (Ford, Gammon, Stephens, Duegaw): 1:41.87

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay:
1) Atlee (M. Baker, Zicafoose, White, S. Baker): 1:45.28
2) Hanover (Sherry, Walters, C. Grant, M. Grant): 1:50.03
3) Atlee "B" (Hons, Jones, Francis, Whyte): 1:50.78

Boys 100 Backstroke:
1) Patrick Townsend, Hanover: 54.62
2) Ryan Reutti, Atlee: 1:00.47
3) Luke Daley, Hanover: 1:01.43
4) Seth Gulas, Hanover: 1:04.27

Girls 100 Backstroke:
1) Ellie Sherry, Hanover: 1:06.17
2) Claire Grant, Hanover: 1:07.22
3) Shannon Hons, Atlee: 1:16.72
4) Courtney Jones, Atlee: 1:18.06

Boys 100 Breaststroke:
1) Jonathan Moss, Hanover: 1:07.31
2) Andrew Newman, Atlee: 1:10.25
3) Delaney Kassab, Hanover: 1:12.04
4) Trevor Gammon, Atlee: 1:15.72

Girls 100 Breaststroke:
1) Madeline White, Atlee: 1:17.87
2) Emily Seay, Atlee: 1:20.59
3) Quinn Tanner, Hanover: 1:23.16
4) Campbell Whyte, Atlee: 1:24.11

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay:
1) Atlee (Newman, Isabelle, Amatruda, Schroeder): 3:27.66
2) Hanover (Brooks, Gulas, Townsend, Gauntt): 3:29.03
3) Atlee "B" (A. Jones, Humberson, J. Jones, Reutti): 3:42.94

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay:
1) Hanover (Sherry, Brown, Walters, C. Grant): 4:09.57
2) Atlee (Francis, Stiles, Seay, Hons): 4:20.47
3) Hanover "B" (Gordon, Townsend, Seip, Johnson): 4:31.51

Saturday, December 05, 2015

SWIMMING: Hanover 176, Lee-Davis 164

Team Split Scores:
Boys: Hanover 102, Lee-Davis 68
Girls: Lee-Davis 96, Hanover 74

Boys 200 Medley Relay:
1: Hanover (Gauntt, Moss, Townsend, Gulas): 1:44.71
2) Lee-Davis (Griffiths, A. Farrar, Carneal, B. Farrar): 1:46.03
3) Hanover "B" (Altman, Kassab, Foster, Sizemore): 1:51.63

Girls 200 Medley Relay:
1) Lee-Davis (Ikenberry, Gaston, Sheffield, Kramer): 1:55.44
2) Lee-Davis "B" (Boyle, Carlton, Hargreaves, Courter): 2:04.79
3) Hanover (Gordon, Tanner, Townsend, Evans): 2:11.81

Boys 200 Free:
1) Brendan Farrar, Lee-Davis: 1:52.09
2) Marshall Brooks, Hanover: 1:57.16
3) Tyler Carneal: Lee-Davis: 1:57.25

Girls 200 Free:
1) Hannah Ikenberry, Lee-Davis: 2:00.66
2) Mattie Grant, Hanover, 2:02.87
3) Claire Grant, Hanover: 2:16.94

Boys 200 IM:
1) Patrick Townsend, Hanover: 2:00.94
2) Austin Farrar, Lee-Davis: 2:02.75
3) Garrett Gauntt: Hanover: 2:12.18

Girls 200 IM:
1) Sara Gaston, Lee-Davis: 2:17.94
2) Kayleigh Gordon, Hanover: 2:37.90
3) Bella Seip, Hanover: 2:44.03

Boys 50 Free:
1) Ryan Griffiths, Lee-Davis: 23.25
2T) Kyle Henry, Hanover
      Josh Altman, Hanover
      Seth Gulas, Hanover: 25.47

Girls 50 Free:
1) Ellie Sherry, Hanover: 26.58
2) Madison Walters, Hanover: 26.85
3) Morgan Boyle, Lee-Davis: 27.47

Boys 100 Butterfly:
1) Brendan Farrar, Lee-Davis: 57.94
2) Tyler Carneal, Lee-Davis: 58.35
3) Ross Newton, Hanover: 58.82

Girls 100 Butterfly:
1) Molly Sheffield, Lee-Davis: 1:01.41
2) Mattie Grant, Hanover: 1:04.06
3) Analiese Hargreaves, Lee-Davis: 1:06.06

Boys 100 Free:
1) Patrick Townsend, Hanover: 52.65
2) Seth Gulas, Hanover: 55.70
3) Carson Sizemore, Hanover: 57.03

Girls 100 Free:
1) Elizabeth Kramer, Lee-Davis: 56.00
2) Ellie Sherry, Hanover: 57.50
3) Morgan Boyle, Lee-Davis: 1:00.31

Boys 500 Free:
1) Austin Farrar, Lee-Davis: 4:53.59
2) Ryan Griffiths, Lee-Davis: 5:08.62
3) Marshall Brooks, Hanover: 5:27.47

Girls 500 Free:
1) Sara Gaston, Lee-Davis: 5:16.66
2) Hannah Ikenberry, Lee-Davis: 5:16.90
3) Madison Walters, Hanover: 5:36.92

Boys 200 Free Relay:
1) Hanover (Sizemore, Moss, Brooks, Gulas): 1:39.22
2) Hanover "B" (Henry, Iglehart, Altman, Newton): 1:43.28
3) Lee-Davis (Allard, Bernstein, Cordle, Simmons): 1:45.53

Girls 200 Free Relay:
1) Hanover (Walters, C. Grant, Sherry, M. Grant): 1:50.31
2) Lee-Davis (Carlton, Courter, Kramer, Boyle): 1:56.94
3) Lee-Davis "B" (McMillion, Santelli, Hargreaves, Kreynus): 2:01.03

Boys 100 Backstroke:
1) Garrett Gauntt, Hanover: 1:01.47
2) Ross Newton, Hanover: 1:06.64
3) Bailey Cordle, Lee-Davis: 1:10.18

Girls 100 Backstroke:
1) Elizabeth Kramer, Lee-Davis: 1:06.66
2) Brittany Townsend, Hanover: 1:14.26
3) Kayleigh Gordon, Hanover: 1:16.25

Boys 100 Breaststroke:
1) Jonathan Moss, Hanover: 1:07.44
2) Delaney Kassab, Hanover: 1:12.18
3) Matthew Simmons, Lee-Davis: 1:19.97

Girls 100 Breaststroke:
1) Molly Sheffield, Lee-Davis: 1:16.84
2) Claire Grant, Hanover: 1:20.45
3) Meryl Carlton, Lee-Davis: 1:20.53

Boys 400 Free Relay:
1) Lee-Davis (B. Farrar, A. Farrar, Carneal, Griffiths): 3:29.00
2) Hanover (Gauntt, Brooks, Newton, Townsend): 3:33.19
3) Hanover "B" (Kassab, Iglehart, Henry, Foster): 4:09.37

Girls 400 Free Relay:
1) Lee-Davis (Sheffield, Kramer, Gaston, Ikenberry): 3:53.68
2) Hanover (Sherry, Walters, Tignor, M. Grant): 4:16.50
3) Hanover "B" (Townsend, Johnson, C. Grant, Gordon): 4:29.32

Friday, December 04, 2015

SWIMMING: Patrick Henry Defeats Colonial Heights To Open Season....

Here are the results of Friday night's Patrick Henry swimming victory over Colonial Heights.

Boys 200 Medley Relay:
1) PH (Mizelle, Nash, Cox, Dinger): 1:49.44
2) CH (Rosser, Marks, Kaseloo, Rowe): 2:00.25
3) PH "B" (Cox, Nichols, Pimblett, Pelham): 2:09.18

Girls 200 Medley Relay:
1) CH (DiSanto, Warro, Madren, Page): 2:11.22
2) PH (Koren, Doyle, Robinson, Nash): 2:13.72
3) CH "B" (Green, Grubb, Rowe, Davis): 2:19.44

Boys 200 Free:
1) Scotty Mizelle, PH: 1:55.31
2) Steven Dinger, PH: 2:15.41
3) Barrett Smith, CH: 2:23.72

Girls 200 Free:
1) Camilla DiSanto, CH: 2:06.59
2) Madeline Enderle, PH: 2:26.31
3) Libbie Stone, PH: 2:34.56

Boys 200 IM:
1) Christian Kaseloo, CH: 2:20.34
2) Ethan Spencer, PH: 2:28.16
3) Jacob Cox, PH: 2:30.32

Girls 200 IM:
1) Jamie Doyle, PH: 2:43.65
2) Marielle Robinson, PH: 2:52.37
3) Aubrey Rowe, CH: 3:08.21

Boys 50 Free:
1) Dalton Nash, PH: 23.22
2) Hank Rosser, CH: 25.28
3) Chris Rowe, CH: 27.79

Girls 50 Free:
1) Emyle Warro, CH: 27.47
2) Shelby Nash, PH: 30.00
3) Alexis Page, CH: 30.62

Boys 100 Butterfly:
1) James Powell, PH: 1:05.31
2) Jacob Cox, PH: 1:05.59
3) Hank Rosser, CH: 1:07.55

Girls 100 Butterfly:
1) Marielle Robinson, PH: 1:15.40
2) Rachel Walsh, PH: 1:27.56
3) Grace Brooks, PH: 1:32.22

Boys 100 Free:
1) Steven Dinger, PH: 55.22
2) Barrett Smith, CH: 1:03.53
3) Parker Pelham, PH: 1:04.19

Girls 100 Free:
1) Libbie Stone, PH: 1:08.44
2) Annika Cline, PH: 1:12.25
3) Aubrey Rowe, CH: 1:12.81

Boys 500 Free:
1) Christian Kaseloo, CH: 5:34.34
2) William Pimblett, PH: 6:42.32
3) Jared Nichols, PH: 7:09.75

Girls 500 Free:
1) Camilla DiSanto, CH: 5:36.85
2) Madeline Enderle, PH: 6:34.43
3) Samantha Shuler, PH: 7:29.97

Boys 200 Free Relay:
1) PH (Mizelle, Cox, Spencer, Nash): 1:40.50
2) CH (Marks, Rowe, Rosser, Murdock): 1:46.72
3) PH "B" (Pelham, Fraser, Boschen, Powell): 1:54.44

Girls 200 Free Relay:
1) CH (Green, Page, Warro, DiSanto): 1:54.09
2) PH (Doyle, Stone, Robinson, Nash): 1:59.03
3) CH "B" (Davis, Grubb, Williams, Proffitt): 2:16.31

Boys 100 Back:
1) Scotty Mizelle, PH: 59.66
2) James Powell, PH: 1:12.47
3) Christian Knight, CH: 1:15.60

Girls 100 Back:
1) Josephine Koren, PH: 1:13.19
2) Kylie Green, CH: 1:18.03
3) Sarah Bracewell, CH: 1:19.18

Boys 100 Breast:
1) Dalton Nash, PH: 1:10.09
2) Ethan Spencer: PH: 1:15.69
3) Michael Greenwald, CH: 1:22.75

Girls 100 Yard Breast:
1) Emyle Warro, CH: 1:16.50
2) Madison Grubb, CH: 1:25.91
3) Jamie Doyle, PH: 1:29.16

Boys 400 Free Relay:
1) PH (Pimblett, Powell, Spencer, Dinger): 3:59.78
2) CH (Kaseloo, Smith, Greenwald, Knight): 4:16.37
3) PH "B" (Boschen, Cox, Fraser, Nichols): 4:41.84

Girls 400 Free Relay:
1) PH (Enderle, Stone, Koren, Shuler): 4:48.94
2) PH "B" (Gannon, Walsh, Cline, Hicks): 5:16.97
3) CH (Boyd, Proffitt, Funda, Stutz): 5:43.50

Thursday, December 03, 2015

FOOTBALL: All-Conference 16 Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 16 Football Team:


Quarterback: Qushion Calfee, PH-Roanoke
Center: Thomas Sargeant, Atlee
OL: Raymond Gillespie, Atlee
OL: Bradley Gholson, Patrick Henry
OL: Jon Prinz, Orange
OL: R.J. Scott, Halifax
RB: Tre'von Smith, Orange
RB: DeAngelo Hunt, Orange
RB: A.J. Zollar, Atlee
WR: Cole Blackman, Atlee
WR: Andrew Harris, PH-Roanoke
WR: Ethan Blundin, Albemarle
TE: Matthew Chatten, Orange
Kicker: Ethan Ratke, Atlee
Kick Returner: Tyquan Rose, Albemarle
All-Purpose: Kwatayvous Blackwell, Patrick Henry

DL: Nehemia Lesesane, Albemarle
DL: Mason Cooper, Atlee
DL: Davon Carter, Patrick Henry
DE: Dakota Jones, PH-Roanoke
DE: Chris Cuchiara, Albemarle
LB: Jake Benson, Atlee
LB: Conall Kavanagh, Patrick Henry
LB: Brandon Braxton, Patrick Henry
LB: Zykal Foster, Albemarle
DB: J.J. Givens, Atlee
DB: Sean Scott, Albemarle
DB: Darius Minor, Orange
DB: Keith Jackson, Patrick Henry
Punter: Garrett Morgan, Atlee
Punt Returner: Sean Scott, Albemarle
All-Purpose: Matthew Chatten, Orange

Conference 16 Player of The Year: J.J. Givens, Atlee
Conference 16 Coach of The Year: Roscoe Johnson, Atlee


Quarterback: Rasharrd Harris, Atlee
Center: Jesus Lazo, Albemarle
OL: Caleb Baker, PH-Roanoke
OL: Andrew Tilton, Atlee
OL: Devin Washington, Orange
OL: Christian Cundiff, PH-Roanoke
RB: Josh Guerrero, Patrick Henry
RB: Jamal Thompson, Albemarle
RB: Arun Turay, Albemarle
WR: Kwatayvous Blackwell, Patrick Henry
WR: J.J. Givens, Atlee
WR: Justin Hall, Atlee
TE: Dayvon Green, Orange
Kicker: Logan Bulthuis, Patrick Henry
Kick Returner: J.J. Givens, Atlee
All-Purpose: Tyquan Rose, Albemarle

DL: Zavier Johnson, Halifax
DL: Elijah Cook, PH-Roanoke
DL: Neil Terrell, Patrick Henry
DE: Cameron Blunt, Halifax
DE: Issac Abel, Atlee
LB: J.T. Shorten, Albemarle
LB: Taray Kasey, PH-Roanoke
LB: Cameron Carden, Halifax
LB: Ryan Horton, Orange
DB: Wesley Richer, PH-Roanoke
DB: Dontae Woodfolk, Albemarle
DB: Zach Hall, Albemarle
DB: Xavier Aguilar, Halifax
Punter: Isak Schafer, Halifax
Punt Returner: Cole Blackman, Atlee
All-Purpose: Ethan Manuel, Patrick Henry

All-Conference 16 Volleyball Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 16 Volleyball Team:

Molly Jarvis, Atlee
Miranda Westbrook, Atlee
Laura Williamson, Patrick Henry
Ellie Benning, Albemarle
Taylor Eichelberger, PH-Roanoke
Cindy Yu, Albemarle
Stephanie Lugus, Albemarle
Taylor Barnes, Halifax
Lauren Stanford, Atlee (Libero)

Grace Bullock, Patrick Henry
Brooke Winston, Patrick Henry
Alexis Duday, Albemarle
Cecilie Elliott, Halifax
Olivia Newman, PH-Roanoke
Madison Warlick, Albemarle
Laine Harrington, Orange
Madison Puryear, Halifax
Annalee Lowman, PH-Roanoke (Libero)

Conference 16 Player of The Year: Ellie Benning, Albemarle
Conference 16 Coach of The Year: Curtis Carpenter, Atlee

All-Conference 16 Field Hockey Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 16 Field Hockey team:

Forward: Sydney Baldwin, Atlee
Forward: Faith Anna, Atlee
Forward: Morgan Stilly, Albemarle
Forward: Hayley Anna, Atlee
Forward: Holli Foster, Orange
Midfield: Aidan Rossman, Patrick Henry
Midfield: Kathryn Mayo, Albemarle
Midfield: Kathleen Bianchetto, Albemarle
Midfield: Jamie Fedock, Atlee
Midfield: Grace Bailey, Atlee
Defender: Abby Meistrell, Albemarle
Defender: Emily Fulk, Atlee
Defender: Regan McKay, Orange
Defender: Abigail Vayette, Atlee
Defender: Nyla Lewis, Albemarle
Goalkeeper: Numa Rehmani, Atlee

Forward: Katelyn Spain, Atlee
Forward: Diana Sagal, Patrick Henry
Forward: Caroline Quigley, Patrick Henry
Forward: Brittany Cramer, Albemarle
Forward: Anna Murray, Albemarle
Midfield: Harini Mody, Atlee
Midfield: Reaghan Kolb, Atlee
Midfield: Taylor Hensley, Orange
Midfield: Clover Cooper, Orange
Midfield: Courtney Yancey, Orange
Defender: Claire Reagan, Atlee
Defender: Olivia Trent, Patrick Henry
Defender: Jane Pinnata, Albemarle
Defender: Kelsey Myers, Albemarle
Defender: Caitlyn Brusherd, Patrick Henry
Goalkeeper: Makayla Baxter, Orange

Conference 16 Player of The Year: Numa Rehmani, Atlee
Conference 16 Coach of The Year: Katie Robinson, Albemarle

Wednesday, December 02, 2015


Lynchburg 94, Randolph-Macon 77 (Yellow Jackets 0-1 in ODAC, 1-5 overall)


Caroline 63, Patrick Henry 61
Atlee 48, James River 42 (Rebel Invitational Tournament)
#6 Deep Run 86, Lee-Davis 22

James River 45, #6 Atlee 43
Patrick Henry 47, Caroline 27
Deep Run 58, Lee-Davis 34

Birthday Girl Continues Hot Shooting For Randolph-Macon

So #23 drops 22 on her 22nd birthday.

Not bad, Hannah Livermon.

The senior from Powhatan continued her hot start to the 2015-16 season Tuesday night, leading Randolph-Macon to a 78-57 win over Roanoke in the team's home Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) opener to improve to 2-0 in conference play, 5-2 overall.

Katie Anderson (Patrick Henry) earned another double-double with 17 points and 12 rebounds. The Yellow Jackets surged to an early 10-0 lead, and led 21-6 at one point in the first half before Roanoke cut the deficit to three at 35-32. But in the final two minutes of the second period, Randolph-Macon enjoyed a 7-0 run to enter the break ahead 42-32, and the Maroons never seriously threatened in the second half.

Head Coach Carroll LaHaye was pleased with the effort, but looks ahead to a choppy schedule and is concerned about one area of her team.

"Conditioning is important," LaHaye noted. "We got out to that early lead and then for a time we looked a little tired. With exams next, we'll need to keep working on conditioning."

Livermon agreed with LaHaye, noting she had worked on it over her Thanksgiving break, and knows it makes a difference as to whether she is able to continue shooting consistenly deep into the second half.

The Yellow Jackets don't play again until they reach San Juan, Puerto Rico for a holiday tournament December 17th where they will face in-state foe Mary Washington at 11am, the first of two games on the trip. (Photo Courtesy of Nick Liberante)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

4A State Quarterfinal: Lake Taylor 37, Hanover 22

A despondent Hanover Hawks football team, leaving the field down 22-3 at the half Friday night to unbeaten Lake Taylor in Norfolk, returned to the field adjusted, desperate, and opportunistic, gaining 218 of their 273 yards of total offense, scoring 19 points and recovering two onside kicks. But two huge plays from scrimmage kept Lake Taylor ahead in the second half for a 37-22 victory to end the Hawks' season at 9-4.

Clayton Cheatham ran for 99 yards and two one-yard second half touchdowns, while Marcus Bazala added 65 yards rushing and two two-point conversion completions, one to Kirkland Shaffner, the other on a leaping catch by Jakob Schneider.

Hanover is now 13-10 all-time in postseason play, 2015 being the tenth consecutive year the Hawks made the playoffs, a remarkable accomplishment for a program in just its 13th year of existence.

Friday, November 27, 2015


CLICK HERE to listen live as the Hanover Hawks battle defending 4A state champion Lake Taylor tonight in the 4A State Quarterfinals exclusively on WHAN Radio, 102.9 FM, 1430 AM, and online from The RVA Sports Network!

For directions to Lake Taylor, click here!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

SWIMMING: Major In-Season Meet Comes To Richmond December 19

Last year, the Hanover High School swim team stepped it up by winning the 4A Conference Champs for both girls and boys.  A significant achievement for a team that had not even won a single meet the previous two seasons.  This year, Hanover High School is once again stepping it up by hosting a statewide invitational swim meet.

On Saturday, December 19th, Hanover High School swim team will welcome eighteen swim teams to the first Hawk Holiday High School Invitational Swim Meet.  The meet is the first ever of its kind in the Richmond area and will be held at the Collegiate School Aquatic Center, located at SwimRVA, in Chesterfield.  

Eighteen teams from all over the state of Virginia will beattending the championship-style swim meet that provides preliminary action in the morning, with the fastest 16 swimmers in each event returning for finals that night.  Local high school teams committed to the meet include Atlee, Colonial Heights, Goochland, Hanover, Lee-Davis, Maggie Walker, New Kent, Patrick Henry, Benedictine, and St Gertrude.

Teams from as far away as Blacksburg (Blacksburg HS) and Winchester (John Handley HS) are attending.  Additional teams attending including Bishop Sullivan, Bruton, Greenbriar Christian Academy, Hampton Roads Academy, Jamestown, King George, and Western Albemarle.

“This is going to be an outstanding meet," said Hanover Coach George Massey.  “We have all of the area public schools attending, public schools from just about every part of the Commonwealth attending, along with a number of private schools. We have large teams, small teams, and teams from the various classifications. This is an opportunity for swimmers to compete against other high school swim teams that they would otherwise never compete against.”

One of the unique aspects of the Hanover Hawk Holiday Invitational is that it will bring together the Girl’s State Champions from 2A, 3A, and 4A, and the second place team from 5A. Maggie Walker (2A), Western Albemarle (3A), and Jamestown (4A) were state champions while Atlee finished second. “When you bring great teams together, in one of the elite swim pools on the east coast, you are going to experience great competition and fast swimming”, said Coach Massey. “Throw in that there team awards for Best Holiday Dressed and Most Spirited, this should be an outstanding meet for spectators.” 

The idea for the swim meet was the result of conversations Coach Massey had with other area coaches such as Karen Seeber (Atlee), Stuart Bernstein (Lee-Davis) and Bob Flanagan (Patrick Henry). Seeber believes the meet is a great addition to the schedule and high school swimming in the area.  

“For years we have been attending a similar meet, the Kecoughtan Invitational, in January down in Newport News. Now we are bringing similar teams to a championship meet right here in Richmond," Seeber notes. "It is meets like this where we normally get our best times and this gives us one more opportunity to make qualifying times for the Kecoughtan meet.”

The meet is open for the general public. The cost of admission is $10.00 for the morning preliminaries and $5.00 at night. As part of the effort to host this swim invitational, the Hanover High School swim team is looking for financial sponsors and food/drink donations. All funds and donations will go first to support the Hawk Invitational and then to the Hanover High swim teams.  

If you are interested in getting involved with this event please contact either Beth Voelkel at or George Massey at 852-8639 /

For more information on this event visit

Saturday, November 21, 2015

THE WRAP: Hanover Survives Dinwiddie Comeback, Lee-Davis, Atlee Fall Short

Marcus Bazala, called upon again to lead the Hanover offense in the absence of Clayton Cheatham, rushed 35 times for 196 yards and a touchdown, passing for 99 yards and a score, while the Hanover defense held a high-powered Dinwiddie offense to just three points in the first 39 minutes, then registered two huge stops at the one-yard line to run critical time off the clock, stopping the Generals' comeback to hold on for a 23-17 win Friday in the 4A East Region Second Round at Hanover High School.

The Hawks (9-3), held Dinwiddie to 99 first half yards, and led 23-3 with 8:49 left, but the Generals scored back-to-back touchdowns to cut the lead to six. On the second drive, though, after a Bryce Witt completion to Tye Freeland at the Hanover one, the Hawks stopped two Dinwiddie rushing plays, forcing a minute to go off the clock.

Dinwiddie finally scored on a one-yard pass, but with 1:38 to go. Hanover recovered an onside kick and, with the Generals out of timeouts, Hanover didn't need a first down, and ran out the clock.

Hanover next travels to Lake Taylor next weekend in a 4A State Quarterfinal, date and time to be determined.

Meanwhile, a courageous Lee-Davis effort fell just short as the Confederates put a scare into 5A South top seed Highland Springs before falling 41-34 at Kreiter Stadium. Lee-Davis, who lost to Highland Springs 42-0 six weeks earlier, stayed score for score most of the night with the Springers. Lee-Davis ends their renaissance season at 9-3.

Atlee, too, saw its season end as Tuscarora shut down the Raiders offense in the second half, turning a 21-20 halftime deficit into a 42-27 victory in 5A North Region second round play. The Raiders finish their season with a 7-5 record.

NOTE: We will broadcast the Hanover/Lake Taylor game on The Game of The Week on WHAN Radio and online with RVA Sports Network, date and time to be determined.

Friday, November 20, 2015


4A East Region Second Round: #6 Dinwiddie (8-3) at #2 Hanover (8-3), 7:30pm

--Listen LIVE on 102.9 FM, WHAN Radio or online by CLICKING HERE!
--The On The Sidelines Pre-Game Show powered by Sheehy Ford of Ashland begins at 7pm with Rob Witham and Marc Davis of NBC12!
--Tickets are $8, available at the gate.
--Hanover quarterback Clayton Cheatham, ejected for two unsportsmanlike penalties in last week's win over Louisa, will serve a one-game suspension tonight. Conference 20 Offensive Player of The Year Marcus Bazala will be under center.

5A South Region Second Round: #5 Lee-Davis (9-2) at #1 Highland Springs (10-1), 7pm

--LIVE Tweet coverage of the game available on @hanoversports
--Tickets are $8, available at the gate at 5:45pm
--Lee-Davis trying to avenge a 42-0 loss at the hands of the Springers on October 16th.

5A North Region Second Round: #10 Atlee (7-4) at #2 Tuscarora (11-0), 7pm

--LIVE Tweet coverage of the game available on @hanoversports
--Tickets are $8, available at the gate.
--DIRECTIONS to Tuscarora are available HERE.
--Raiders on four-game winning streak, Tuscarora is defending 5A North Region Champion.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ticket, Travel Information For Playoff Football Friday

HANOVER (vs. Dinwiddie, 7:30pm): Advance tickets on sale Friday during lunches (11:50am--1:45pm). Tickets are $8.

LEE-DAVIS (at Highland Springs, 7pm): Advance tickets on sale Friday during lunches (12pm--2pm) in Commons. On-site ticket sales at Highland Springs begin at 5:45pm. Tickets are $8.

ATLEE (at Tuscarora in Leesburg, VA, 7pm): No advance ticket sales Friday. Tickets are $8, available at the event. For directions to the stadium, CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Football Team

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for their selection to the All-Conference 20 Football Team.

Center: Aaron Gallagher, Hanover
OL: Miles Scott, Dinwiddie
OL: Mac Patrick, Hanover
OL: Juwan Addison, Monacan
OL: Will Schwartz, Powhatan
TE: Jameko Coleman, Huguenot
WR: K'Vaughan Pope, Dinwiddie
WR: Jack Chenault, Hanover
WR: Dakarai Wilson, Dinwiddie
WR: Gee Ross, Monacan
WR: Jacob Oglesby, Powhatan
RB: Zyan Sturdivant, Dinwiddie
RB: Khalik Hamlin, Monacan
RB: Marcus Bazala, Hanover
QB: Bryce Witt, Dinwiddie
Utility: Marcus Bazala, Hanover
K: Zack Staton, Dinwiddie
KR: Joey Doherty, Midlothian

DE: Timothy Fields, Dinwiddie
DE: Juwan Addison, Monacan
DL: Miles Scott, Dinwiddie
DL: T.J. Jones, Monacan
DL: Jamil Mason, Huguenot
DL: Will Schwartz, Powhatan
LB: Cecil Parham, Dinwiddie
LB: De'Andre Williams, Monacan
LB: Tabb Patrick, Hanover
LB: T.J. Allen, Hanover
DB: Reggie Williams, Dinwiddie
DB: Tyler Flora, Hanover
DB: Diontae Bruce, Monacan
DB: Jacob Oglesby, Powhatan
P: Ivan Jackson, Midlothian
PR: Gee Ross, Monacan
Utility: Marcus Bazala, Hanover

Conference 20 Offensive Player of The Year: Marcus Bazala, Hanover
Conference 20 Defensive Player of The Year: De'Andre Williams, Monacan
Conference 20 Coach of The Year: Derek Stoudt, Hanover

Center: Canaan Mills, Dinwiddie
OL: Joe Fishpaw, Hanover
OL: Jordan Foster, Dinwiddie
OL: Zach Nolan, Midlothian
OL: Ethan Boeding, Hanover
OL: Noah Williams, Huguenot
TE: Tanner Lacey, Hanover
WR: Nate Millar, Midlothian
WR: De'Andre Williams, Monacan
WR: Freddie Vincent, Huguenot
RB: James Lyons, Dinwiddie
RB: Ben Mahone, Hanover
RB: Justin DeLeon, Powhatan
QB: Syour Fludd, Monacan
K: John Dustin, Hanover
KR/Utility: Dakarai Wilson, Dinwiddie
Utility: Freddie Vincent, Huguenot
Utility: Bryce Moore, Midlothian

DE: Michael Wilcox, Hanover
DE: DaVon Clayton, Dinwiddie
DE: Cameron Kerr, Powhatan
DL: Donzell Patterson, Dinwiddie
DL: Alex Dillard, Hanover
DL: Noah Williams, Huguenot
DL: Justin Stoner, Powhatan
LB: Kelvin Azanama, Monacan
LB: Jameko Coleman, Huguenot
LB: K'Vaughan Pope, Dinwiddie
LB: Elijah Johnson, Huguenot
DB: Tye Freeland, Dinwiddie
DB: Gee Ross, Monacan
DB: Brad Barto, Midlothian
DB: Cole Bordonie, Hanover
P: Dakota Hansen, Dinwiddie
PR: Reggie Williams, Dinwiddie
Utility: Dakarai Wilson, Dinwiddie
Utility: Freddie Vincent, Huguenot
Utility: Bryce Moore, Midlothian

Center: Blair Page, Huguenot
OL: Dalton DeMay, Monacan
OL: Travon Wilkerson, Dinwiddie
OL: Chris Bethea, Powhatan
WR: Tye Freeland, Dinwiddie
QB: Clayton Cheatham, Hanover
DE: Xavier Bryson, Hanover
DE: NiQuan Crews, Huguenot
LB: Tanner Lacey, Hanover
LB: Tony Miller, Monacan
DB: Derrick Jones, Dinwiddie
K: Wes Livermon, Powhatan
P: Greg Walker, Huguenot

Saturday, November 14, 2015

R-MC Super Saturday: Football, Volleyball, Women's Basketball With Wins

Randolph-Macon football's defense delivered their best performance of the season, holding off Hampden-Sydney time after time and scoring the eventual game-winning touchdown on a pick six from freshman J.J. Hill in the first quarter, as the Yellow Jackets ended a disappointing 2015 season with a third straight victory, 14-9 over the Tigers in the 121st edition of The Game.

The Yellow Jackets end 2015 with a 4-6 record, their first losing season since 2006, and while they lose 26 seniors, including tailback John Byrd, who finished with 2,317 career rushing yards, they will return a core on both sides of the ball, including a host of now rising sophomores on offense baptized by fire this season.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, Yellow Jacket volleyball avenges a five-set loss to fifth-ranked Christopher Newport September 26th with a five-set win Saturday in the NCAA Division III Tournament Second Round. ODAC Player of The Year Courtney Lowers had 25 kills and 25 digs as the Yellow Jackets won the tiebreaker 15-13 to advance to third round play Sunday at 2pm against host Stockton University. Randolph-Macon is now in the final sixteen of the national tournament.

In women's basketball, Katie Anderson (pictured below, courtesy Nick Liberante) was named Most Outstanding Player of the R-MC Tip-Off Classic, scoring 17 points and grabbing 17 rebounds as Randolph-Macon held off Mount St. Vincent 72-67 Saturday evening at Crenshaw Gymnasium to move to 2-0. Lauren Vugteveen also had a double-double with 11 points and a matching 17 rebounds, while Hannah Livermon, named to the All-Classic Team with Anderson, led all scorers with 26 points.

Randolph-Macon hosts Marymount on Tuesday at 6pm, and opens ODAC play at Washington & Lee on Tuesday, November 24th.

NOTE: Sunday at 2pm, Josh Merkel debuts as Randolph-Macon men's basketball coach as the Yellow Jackets open their season hosting Mary Washington.

All-Conference 20 Volleyball Teams

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for earning All-Conference 20 Volleyball honors! Those with (*) are also All-Academic where eligible.


Miranda Hall, Hanover*
Leila Haynesworth, Hanover*
Kendall Pully, Hanover*
Rebecca Hoover, Hanover*
Maddie Reynolds, Midlothian*
Ashley Condrey, Midlothian*
Kellie Nee, Powhatan*
Julia Goodman, Powhatan*
Abby Nee, Powhatan*

Megan Kratzer, Hanover
Ashton Hughes, Hanover*
Kylie Tuxford, Hanover*
Amber Arnold, Midlothian*
Rachel Trebour, Midlothian*
Erin Edwards, Monacan*
Valerie Johnson, Monacan*
Celina Oliver, Powhatan*

Tori Cooke, Monacan*
Lyndsey Smith, Monacan*

Conference 20 Girls Player of The Year: Leila Haynesworth, Hanover
Conference 20 Coach of The Year: Karl Lippa, Hanover


Lee Olenyik, Hanover*
Brian Stephen, Hanover*
Austin Power, Midlothian
Nick Spichiger, Midlothian*
Mason Rawls, Monacan*
Garrett Carson, Monacan*
Drew Buckley, Monacan*
Zach Morrison, Monacan*

Turner Cole, Hanover*
Giles Van Huss, Hanover*
Taylor Rudd, Hanover*
Tyler Gregory, Midlothian*
Matt Lewandowski, Midlothian*
Tanner Fogelsong, Midlothian
Lance Johnson, Monacan*

Conference 20 Boys Player of The Year: Nick Spichiger, Midlothian
Conference 20 Boys Coach of The Year: Randy Cox, Midlothian

Football First Round Miracle: Atlee Stuns Mountain View as County goes 3-0

A frantic final 2:41 saw Atlee and Mountain View trade touchdown for touchdown, and, when the dust finally settled, it was Cole Blackman reaching high for a pass in the back right corner of the end zone, holding on, and getting a foot inbounds with 6.6 seconds to go give Atlee the 38-35 win in Stafford as the tenth-seeded Raiders eliminated the stunned seventh-seeded Wildcats in 5A North Region first round action Friday.

Rasharrd Harris threw for 295 of his 418 yards in the second half, as Blackman had 177 receiving yards and three touchdowns (and a fourth called back due to a penalty), while JJ Givens had 211 receiving yards and two scores

The Raiders, now 7-4, move on to face #2 Tuscarora (11-0), last year's 5A North Region Champion, next Friday night.

Meanwhile, Nathan Evans led an early Lee-Davis assault, as the Confederates built a 28-7 halftime lead en route to defeating Douglas Freeman 41-14 in 5A South Central first round play. With the win, Lee-Davis, now 9-2, gets a rematch with Highland Springs in second round action next Friday on the road. The Springers handed the Confederates their first loss of the year October 16th by a score of 42-0 in Mechanicsville.

At Hanover, Clayton Cheatham accounted for six touchdowns as Hanover pulled away from Louisa for a 47-28 victory to set up a rematch with rival Dinwiddie in 4A East Region second round play next Friday. Hanover defeated Dinwiddie back on September 4th, and this will be the fifth time since 2008 the Generals and Hawks have met in postseason play.

Cheatham was ejected from the game in the second half, and his status for next week's game is in doubt. We will update you on this stiuation as we get new information.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

First Round LIVE Football Playoff Coverage!

RVA Sports Network will provide coverage for ALL three Hanover County teams as the first round of the VHSL football playoffs begins!

5A North Region First Round: Atlee at Mountain View:

This is our radio Game of The Week! Rob Witham will be live in Stafford to broadcast the Raiders in their first-ever 5A North Region postseason game on both WHAN Radio (102.9 FM/1430 AM) and online BY CLICKING HERE . Our coverage, as always, begins with the "On The Sidelines Pre-Game Show Powered By Sheehy Ford of Ashland" at 6:30, as Rob and Marc Davis of NBC12 will break down all the playoff action across the Central Region!

4A East Region First Round: Louisa at Hanover:

RVASN is happy to partner with Evan and Kelly Hughes of "Patriot Talk Live", who join our broadcast team for postseason action!  Evan and Kelly will provide live coverage of the Lions and Hawks Friday starting at 7:15pm. CLICK HERE to listen to this game!

5A South Region First Round: Lee-Davis at Douglas Freeman:

Our correspondent Taylor Luck, on Twitter at @TaylorRVASN, will be live at William E. Long Stadium to live tweet the Confederates as they battle the Rebels in first round action. Real-time Twitter updates will begin just before 7pm kickoff!

iHeart Media (Fox Sports 910) selected this game for their Game of The Week broadcast, which is why WHAN/RVA Sports Network is unable to broadcast this game. If you would like to listen to their coverage, click here.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Monday Regional Volleyball Schedule


4A East Region Quarterfinal:
King George at Hanover, 7pm


5A South Region Quarterfinal:
Atlee vs. Deep Run, 7pm at Meadowbrook HS

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Playoff Projections

The regular season has completed, unofficial numbers are shaking out, and here is where we believe our county teams are headed for first round playoff action.

LEE-DAVIS (8-2): By virtue of their 29-18 win over Patrick Henry in The 57th Tomato Bowl, and Hanover's win over Henrico, Lee-Davis moved up to the #5 seed in 5A South Central, finishing just a tenth of a point behind Douglas Freeman. The Confederates are projected to travel to the Rebels next Friday in round one, the winner to face the winner of Meadowbrook/Highland Springs on November 20th.

HANOVER (7-3): A huge win over Henrico, 24-21, in Clayton Cheatham's return (pictured above), propels the Hawks to the #2 seed in 4A East (Conferences 19/20), giving them a home game next Friday against #7 Louisa according to our projections. The winner there gets the winner of Dinwiddie/Monacan, the projected #6 vs #3 game. The good news for Hanover is, with a win, they get to host that second round game November 20th.

ATLEE (6-4): Despite a 70-0 win at Armstrong to close the regular season on a three-game winning streak, the Raiders remain 10th in the projected standings in 5A North. Mountain View fell from a tie for fifth into seventh with a loss Friday, meaning the Raiders are projected to head to Stafford County next Friday to face the Wildcats. Mountain View beat Lee-Davis in the 2014 season opener 21-16. A win could mean Atlee gets defending 5A North Region champion Tuscarora, the #2 seed, in round two November 20th.

Due to their loss in the Tomato Bowl, Patrick Henry (4-6) saw its season come to an end on Friday, unable to jump past Potomac and Halifax County into the 5A North Region playoffs. The Patriots, however, will have the vast majority of their starters returning next season, and a year's experience of life in the Capital District with them, and will be poised to return to postseason action.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Football Friday and Playoff Primer!

We've made it to the end of the regular season tonight with three big games and with three teams in the postseason, and a fourth needing a win and some help to join them.

GAME OF THE WEEK: The 57th Tomato Bowl: Patrick Henry (4-5) at #9 Lee-Davis (7-2), 6:30pm LIVE on WHAN Radio (102.9 FM/1430 AM) and online at the link on the right of our page.

It's simple: Patrick Henry must win the Tomato Bowl to keep their playoff hopes alive. They enter tonight at 197 points. A win earns the Patriots 38 points and would be enough to overtake #17 Potomac, eliminating them from the 5A North Region playoff race regardless of how they fare against Stafford. Then, the Patriots need to leapfrog current #16 seed Halifax County, whose season is over. They begin with 231 points. They will earn two points from the Patrick County/Martinsville winner, one from the winner of Magna Vista/George Washington. That is 234 points. Halifax earns two points if Person (NC) beats Hillside (NC), one if Hillside wins, two more if Tunstall beats Bassett, but one point if the other way around.

The most Halifax can finish with is 239 points.

The Patriots will get a point each from the winners of Highland Springs/Varina and Hanover/Henrico. That's 237. An Atlee win over Armstrong is another point, up to 238. If Armstrong upsets the Raiders, that's two points and the Patriots hit 239. But let's assume Atlee wins. The Patriots would need one of these results for two points, 240 total, and the #16 seed:
--Mills Godwin to beat John Marshall
--Glen Allen to upset J.R. Tucker
--Caroline to upset Courtland

Of the three, the Eagles provide the Patriots their best hope. So, while it's a long road, the road is still open for Patrick Henry. But they must win tonight, or the season, for sure, is over.

For Lee-Davis, it's all about seeding. The Confederates begin tonight in sixth place in 5A South Central, falling two slots after last week's loss at Henrico, who are fifth by a mere point. Lee-Davis needs the win, a Hanover win over Henrico, and a Hermitage win over Douglas Freeman. If these things happen, before rider points, the teams would look like this:

Douglas Freeman: 289
Henrico: 277
Lee-Davis: 289

The Confederates would then need wins from Prince George over Hopewell, Hanover over Henrico, and possibly even Varina to beat Highland Springs. The fourth seed is unlikely, but mathematically possible. Either way, a move to fifth is a reprieve, as the Confederates would be better off with either a trip to Douglas Freeman in Round One rather than a trip to one of the "Big 3": L.C. Bird, Hermitage, and Highland Springs.

NOTE: To read about the tiebreaker scenarios at the top of 5A South Central, CLICK HERE to visit our sister website.

Also in 5A North are the Atlee Raiders, entering tonight in 10th place, hoping to move up two spots to grab one home game as the #8 seed. While possible, they need major help.

1) First, they must beat Armstrong.
2) They need current #8 and #9 seeds Wakefield and Potomac Falls to lose. Each play 3-6 teams tonight and are favored.
3) They need Western Albemarle to knock off Albemarle, hot on Atlee's heels at #11. A Fluvanna upset of Orange (#12) would help as well.

In 4A East, Hanover begins tonight the #3 seed in the Conference 19/20 Sub-Region. Ahead of them is top-seeded Courtland, who plays winless Caroline. While possible that Hanover could slip into the top seed even with a Courtland win, it would take some upsets, like Varina and Armstrong winning.

If Courtland somehow lost, then it's a battle between the Hawks and Monacan for #1. The Chiefs (279 points) are done at 9-1. They can add a guaranteed seven rider points tonight, but no more than twelve. If Hanover wins, then has Dinwiddie, J.R. Tucker and Hopewell post victories, the Hawks are at 291 points, which is the maximum number the Chiefs can hit, and that includes James River upsetting L.C. Bird.

Thus, Hanover needs to take care of business in Clayton Cheatham's return from his week one injury at Dinwiddie by defeating Henrico. Remember, the Hawks are 1-3 at home this year. But Cheatham didn't play in any of those games. With Marcus Bazala back at tailback, and also a very valid quarterback option, a win tonight for Hanover could give them major momentum entering the postseason.

However, looming if the Hawks lose are both Eastern View and Chancellor, who began tonight just two points behind Hanover at 245 points. One or both could overtake the Hawks if Hanover loses and things like Meadowbrook beating Dinwiddie happens.

--Patrick Henry must win, then get help, for their season to continue.
--Atlee has clinched, likely hit the road next week, outside shot at #8 seed in 5A North.
--Lee-Davis has clinched, clings to hope they could return to #4 seed, more likely at #5 or #6, needing #5 for a better first round matchup.
--Hanover has clinched and could conceivably finish anywhere between the #1 seed and #5, the difference between home field through Thanksgiving, and no home games, possibly, at all.

--Our Taylor Luck at @TaylorRVASN on Twitter will LIVE tweet the Henrico/Hanover game tonight.
--After your game, tune to our Game of The Week around 9:30 for the RVA Sports Network Scoreboard Show for ALL the scores and latest playoff projections! Listen on WHAN Radio, 102.9 FM, or online at the link at the top right of this page!

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Monday Playoff Schedule


5A North Region Quarterfinals:
Atlee at Thomas Jefferson S&T, 6:30pm in Alexandria (CLICK HERE for directions)

5A South Region Quarterfinals:
Prince George vs. Lee-Davis, 6:30pm at River City SportsPlex in Chesterfield.
(CLICK HERE for directions)


Conference 12 Tournament Quarterfinals (at LC Bird High School, Chester)
#1 Atlee vs. #8 Highland Springs, 5:45pm
#4 Patrick Henry vs. #5 L.C. Bird, 7:15pm

Conference 20 Tournament First Round
#6 Huguenot at #3 Hanover, 7pm


Conference 16 Tournament First Round
#5 Patrick Henry-Roanoke at #4 Patrick Henry-Ashland, 6pm (LIVE Tweet coverage on @hanoversports ...)


Atlee at Deep Run, 6pm (make-up of game postponed from September 2nd)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Conference 20 Volleyball Tournament Brackets

Here's the complete schedule for Conference 20 Boys and Girls Volleyball Tournaments!


QUARTERFINALS: (Monday at Higher Seed)
#6 Huguenot at #3 Hanover, 7pm
#5 Dinwiddie at #4 Maggie Walker, 7pm

SEMIFINALS: (Wednesday at Top Two Seeds)
Dinwiddie/MWGS winner at #1 Midlothian, 7pm
Huguenot/Hanover winner at #2 Monacan, 7pm

CHAMPIONSHIP (Thursday at Higher Seed)
Semifinal Winners, 7pm


QUARTERFINALS: (Monday at Higher Seed)
#5 Monacan at #4 Dinwiddie, 6pm

SEMIFINALS: (Wednesday at Top Two Seeds)
Monacan/Dinwiddie winner at #1 Hanover, 7pm
#3 Midlothian at #2 Powhatan, 7pm

CHAMPIONSHIP (Thursday at Highest Seed)
Semifinal Winners, 7pm

NOTE: All Championship participants earn berths in the 4A East Region Tournament for Girls, the 4A East Western Section Tournament for Boys.

Conference 12 Boys Volleyball Tournament Schedule

Atlee and Patrick Henry move to Conference 12 for the postseason, beginning their quests for the 5A State Championship in tournament quarterfinal action on Monday in Chester.

The complete tournament schedule is below:

QUARTERFINALS: (Monday November 2nd)

#1 Atlee vs. #8 Highland Springs, 5:45pm at LC Bird
#4 Patrick Henry vs. #5 LC Bird, 7:15pm at LC Bird
#2 Matoaca vs. #7 Meadowbrook, 5:45pm at Prince George
#3 Prince George vs. #6 Varina, 7:15pm at Prince George

SEMIFINALS: (Wednesday November 4th)

Atlee/HSHS winner vs PH/LCBird winner, 5:45pm at Prince George
Matoaca/MBK winner vs PG/Varina winner, 7:15pm at Prince George

CHAMPIONSHIP: (Thursday November 5th)

Semifinal Winners, 7:15pm at Prince George

NOTE: Both championship match participants clinch berths in 5A South Region Tournament the week of November 9th.

Monday, October 26, 2015

New VHSL Football Standings

Some more clarity for the four county schools with just two games left in the regular season as the new VHSL Football standings were released Monday morning. Here's the analysis:

A) Lee-Davis takes fourth in 5A South Central, but only by a quarter point over 8-0 Douglas Freeman. The Confederates are being rewarded for playing a tougher schedule (Capital District) versus the Rebels (Colonial District). Lurking two points below Lee-Davis in sixth is their opponent Friday when they travel to #6 Henrico (in a game you'll hear live on our "Game of The Week"). If Lee-Davis wins out, they could, repeat, could, host a first-round playoff game. But if they win out and Douglas Freeman upsets Hermitage on November 6th, Lee-Davis could find themselves the fifth seed, and on the road in round one on November 13th.

B) Atlee solidifies position in 5A North, while Patrick Henry falls further behind. The Raiders now hold 13th place alone after being tied for it a week ago before their home win over the Patriots, who drop from 17th to 18th place in a region where the top sixteen teams make the postseason. Atlee is over two and a half points ahead of the 17th seed, Potomac, but a loss to Varina Friday, coupled with a Potomac upset of #3 seed Brooke Point could all but erase their 21-point lead, and bring Atlee back towards the cut line. Wins over Varina and Armstrong all but assures Atlee a postseason berth.

The Patriots can easily vault into the top sixteen if they win their final two games, but that's a huge "if". They must try to stop the Highland Springs express Friday at home on Senior Night, then they must travel to Lee-Davis for the 57th Tomato Bowl November 6th (to be heard live on our "Game of The Week"). Two wins, and Patrick Henry is in. One win, and it depends on the fate of other teams like Halifax, Potomac, George Marshall and Patrick Henry-Roanoke. The Patriots likely must win once if they want to play on November 13th.

C) Hanover stays right where they were in 4A West in the Conference 19/20 subregion, despite their loss to Lee-Davis Friday. The Hawks are second, three-quarters of a point behind top-seeded Courtland, who were upset by #8 seed King George. Monacan is just behind the Hawks in 3rd, but just have one game left, this Friday hosting Manchester. One point behind Hanover in a tie for fifth are Chancellor and Eastern View. The Hawks go to Armstrong Friday, then host Henrico to finish the regular season. Two wins should give Hanover that second seed they now own, unless Courtland loses their final two games, highly unlikely since they close at hapless Caroline. But a loss in the next two weeks, depending on results from the other teams noted, could put the Hawks anywhere from second to fifth. A fifth place finish means a road trip November 13th, while a second place finish assures them of two home games to start the postseason.

To see the complete VHSL standings, visit our main network website by CLICKING HERE!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Conference 16 Field Hockey Tournament Schedule

Tuesday (Semifinals)
#4 Orange at #1 Atlee, 6pm (game at football stadium)
#3 Patrick Henry at #2 Albemarle, 6pm

Championship: Semifinal Winners, 6pm at higher seed*

*--If Atlee wins Tuesday, they host as top seed. Only way Patrick Henry can host is if they beat Albemarle and Orange beats Atlee.

NOTE: Semifinal winners currently scheduled to clinch berths in the 5A North Region Tournament.


#10 Lee-Davis 20, #9 Hanover 12: The Confederates' defense bends, but never breaks, holding the Hawks to four field goals as Nathan Evans scores with 54 seconds left to turn a one-point lead into an eight-point win. Lee-Davis is 7-1, Hanover falls to 5-3.

Atlee 34, Patrick Henry 20: AJ Zollar has two touchdown runs, including a 79-yarder, while Rasharrd Harris threw two touchdown passes as the Raiders pulled away from the Patriots in the second half. Both teams are now 4-4.


Lee-Davis: Now 7-1, could move ahead of their next opponent, Henrico, in the 5A South Central subregion standings when released Monday. Have outside chance at the #4 seed, which would mean a home game in round one. Plenty to play for.

Hanover: Now 5-3, lost a golden opportunity to become #1 seed in their eight-team subregion (Conferences 19/20) when King George upset top-seeded Courtland. Hawks must again regroup, head to Armstrong, then finish at home with Henrico. Hanover is 1-3, though, in front of the home crowd, 4-0 on the road. Still in good shape for postseason.

Atlee: Now 4-4, much-needed win, trying to move higher than 13th in 5A North. Could be 12th when new standings release. Host Varina, then at Armstrong, the easier part of Capital District schedule, but both teams will be desperate for a win for their own playoff hopes. That's dangerous.

Patrick Henry: Now 4-4, started tonight 17th, 1/10th of a point out of the playoffs. #16 Briar Woods won, as did #18 Halifax. The Patriots may drop to 18th. They must win one of last two to be in the playoff conversation, really need both to solidly earn a postseason bid in 5A North. As we feared in August, the 2015 Patriots could be better than the 2014 Patriots, but the new Capital District, rather than Colonial District schedule, could end up producing a worse record (Patriots went 6-4 in regular season a year ago).

Friday, October 23, 2015

LISTEN LIVE LINK: Patrick Henry at Atlee on Game of The Week

CLICK HERE to listen live to the Patriots and Raiders fight for a playoff berth in 5A North starting at 6:30 with the On The Sidelines Pre-Game Show Powered By Sheehy Ford of Ashland with Rob Witham and NBC12 Sports Director Marc Davis!

NOTE: The game is heard locally on WHAN Radio, 102.9 FM and 1430 AM! We also will have LIVE updates from RVA Sports Network Correspondent Taylor Luck from the Lee-Davis/Hanover game on air and on Twitter all evening long! Follow us at @hanoversports and at @TaylorRVASN !

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Field Hockey Finals: (Updated Information in BOLD)

#4 Atlee 3, Hanover 0 (Raiders finish regular season 13-3, clinch #1 seed in Conference 16 Tournament, will host #4 Orange in semifinal Tuesday at 6pm. Hawks finish 7-7-1, face Powhatan in Conference 20 semifinal Monday at 7pm at River City SportsPlex in Chesterfield.)

Glen Allen 2, Patrick Henry 1 (OT; Jaguars win 2-1 in shootout): Aidan Rossman had the regulation goal and penalty shot in shootout. Patriots finish 6-7, will travel to Albemarle in Conference 16 Tournament semifinals on Tuesday at 6pm.

Field Hockey: Hanover Third Seed in Conference 20

The Hanover Hawks are the #3 seed in the Conference 20 Tournament which begins Monday.

Hanover will face #2 Powhatan in one semifinal at 7pm on Field #4 at River City SportsPlex in Chesterfield, while top-seeded Midlothian faces #4 Monacan in the 5:30pm semifinal.

Winners clinch berths in the 4A East Region Tournament and play for the Conference 20 Championship on Tuesday at 6pm, also at River City.

VOLLEYBALL: Atlee Boys Remain #1, Three Wins in Three Nights....

Atlee celebrated Senior Night on Wednesday with a three-set sweep of Armstrong to improve to 19-2 on the season. The Raiders, top-ranked in the RVA Sports Network Super 6 Boys Volleyball Poll, knocked off fourth-ranked Mills Godwin Monday in four sets.

In between, the Raiders handled county rival Patrick Henry. RVASN correspondent Taylor Luck was there and filed this report:

Tuesday saw the Atlee Raiders boys volleyball team, currently the top seeded team in the Super 6 Poll, take on their county rival Patrick Henry Patriots in what may well be a preview of a first round match in the Conference 12 tournament. Patriots came into the night with a 13-6 record, and planned on using the game as a measuring stick to see how far they had progressed over the season. But the Raiders wanted to show why they've earned their top ranking, bringing a dominating performance in all aspects of the game for a 3-0 victory over the Patriots.

Atlee jumped out to a 5-0 lead early in set 1 and only increased that lead before taking the set, and the 1-0 match lead, 25-16. The first 10 points of set 2 were close, but Atlee rallied for another 25-16 win after being tied 9-9 earlier in the set. Set 3 was never close, as Atlee gained a 5-2 advantage early on and never looked back. Patrick Henry made a last ditch effort to come back with their backs against the wall down 24-15, but their 4 point rally wouldn’t be close to enough as Atlee finished their dominating sweep with a 25-20 set 3 victory.

Patrick Henry had no answer to Atlee's control of the net, including powerful kills from Eric Rohr and Jake French. Rohr led the way for Atlee, with 11 kills on the night. Owen Ward totaled 33 assists and Jacob Rehmer-Stephens had 18 digs against the Patriots. The Raiders finish their regular season away Tuesday against Henrico.

Patrick Henry is now 13-7, and is trying to earn as high a seed as possible in the upcoming Conference 12 Tournament. The Patriots came into tonight without senior Dalton Nash, and lost senior Austin Spencer to what appeared to be an ankle injury after the second set. With injuries spreading them thin, and familiar issues of letting close balls go and poor serving plaguing the team; Patrick Henry faces an uphill battle as the postseason draws near. The Patriots finish off their season with a final home game on Thursday against Highland Springs, and two away games next Tuesday and next Wednesday against Varina and Armstrong. A 3-0 record in the final stretch should help the Patriots boost their seeding for the following week's tournament.

Atlee and Patrick Henry join Conference 12 for the postseason because no other team in their regular conference, Conference 16, plays boys volleyball. The tournament brackets are available on our sister website by CLICKING HERE.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

FOOTBALL: PH Falls Out of Playoff Spot in Revised Standings

Updated VHSL playoff standings released Tuesday morning have placed Briar Woods ahead of Patrick Henry into the 16th and final playoff berth in the 5A North Region.
Briar Woods (2-6) is at 22.375 points, with the Patriots (4-3) at 22.143. Patrick Henry does have a game in hand, with three left to play, while the Falcons have two, against Chantilly and Stone Bridge.
Patrick Henry goes to Atlee, currently tied for 13th in 5A North, this Friday in a game that can be heard LIVE on the Game of The Week on WHAN Radio, 102.9 FM and online by CLICKING HERE

NOTE: To see ALL area VHSL Playoff Standings, CLICK HERE!