Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Hanover 153, Atlee 166, Lee-Davis 175, Patrick Henry 180

Lee-Davis 3, Maggie Walker GS 0
Patrick Henry 3, Midlothian 2 (Patriots win tiebreaker 15-9)
Hanover 3, Mills Godwin 0
Atlee 3, Clover Hill 0

Hanover 3, Mills Godwin 0
Lee-Davis 3, Maggie Walker GS 1
Midlothian 3, Patrick Henry 0

Patrick Henry 7, Louisa 0
Lee-Davis 10, Hermitage 0

Monday, August 21, 2017

#amRVA Podcast; Tuesday August 22

Hanover and Atlee field hockey begin play Monday, the annual County Golf Quad is today, plus Patrick Henry boys volleyball among several teams opening play Tuesday night!

CLICK HERE for the Tuesday edition of #amRVA, the exclusive morning mini-podcast of The RVA Sports Network!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

#amRVA Returns!

CLICK HERE for the return of the morning mini-podcast of The RVA Sports Network, #amRVA, available weekdays at 5am throughout the 2017-18 high school sports season with the latest scores, schedules, news and much more!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Revised School Dress Code Approved

After multiple complaints at their July meeting, the Hanover County School Board revised and adopted a new dress code for the 2017-18 school year at their meeting Tuesday night.

The text is below:

2017-2018 Student Dress Code
Student dress is an important factor in maintaining a positive educational environment.  The School Board and school division staff rely on parents and students to support the division’s emphasis on safety and avoiding disruptions in the learning environment.  A student’s dress and appearance should not cause disruption, distract other students from their school work, or compromise health or safety.  This dress code applies to all school functions.  Note:  Principals can make exceptions to the student dress code at their discretion to account for age appropriateness and special events.

  1. For health and safety reasons, appropriate footwear, as determined by the building principal, must be worn at all times.
  2. Skirts, dresses, jumpers, and shorts must completely cover the pelvic area and extend to the mid-thigh at all times, including while students are standing, sitting, or engaging in physical activity.
  3. Clothing should not expose the student’s midriff, chest, or private areas at any time.
  4. Sleeveless garments must have 2 inch straps and not expose undergarments.  Spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter tops, camis, and tank tops may be worn under tops, shirts, and blouses that have at least 2 inch coverage across each shoulder.
  5. Yoga pants and leggings may be worn with tops that provide additional coverage of the pelvic area.
  6. Pants and shorts must be worn and secured to prevent the student’s undergarments from being exposed, to prevent the waistband from sagging below the student’s hips, and to prevent the garment from dragging on the floor.

Students MAY NOT WEAR the following:

  1. Clothing, jewelry, and other personal belongings displaying language or images that are vulgar, lewd, or obscene; that reflect adversely on or disparage another’s race, gender, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, national origin, ancestry, or disability; that promote the use of drugs, illegal substances, or alcohol; or that contain threats, gang symbols, symbols of groups associated with threatening or violent behavior, or groups that promote the unlawful use of weapons or other criminal behavior.
  2. Hats, hoods, face masks, or head coverings of any kind while inside school buildings during regular school hours, unless worn for religious or medical reasons or approved in writing in advance by the building principal.
  3. Sunglasses while inside school buildings unless required under a physician’s prescription.
  4. Chains of any type or studded/spiked jewelry.
  5. Pajamas, sleepwear, swim wear.
  6. Clothing that is constructed of see-through fabric, is revealing, or that resembles undergarments.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

COMMENTARY: How I Will Handle The Atlee Aftermath

(The following is an editorial by RVA Sports Network's Rob Witham concerning the situation involving the Atlee Junior Softball All-Stars that caused their disqualification from the World Series this weekend....)


Saturday August 5th, 2017 was the most difficult day of reporting I've experienced in 32 years of media. By late evening, I purposefully closed my laptop and phone, and walked away for a couple of hours so that I, as a person, could decompress from, not as much the news of the day involving the disqualification of the Atlee Junior Softball All-Stars from the World Series due to the now infamous Snapchat post, but from the myriad of reaction to it.

The reaction continues, from all directions, hot and heavy today, Sunday, just as these girls will return to what should be their safe haven. Home. 

Before I continue, readers should understand that there is, and always will be, a clear line between what I do as a reporter, and what I do as a private citizen. 

So, going forward, this is how the RVA Sports Network will handle this situation:

1) We will continue to follow, and report, the story and any other possible developments, if there are any. The outcome of the tournament will not be changing. Poland, Ohio won the World Series over Kirkland, Washington on Saturday and that will go into the record books. But if there are any follow-up stories or details that should be reported, we will endeavor to do so.

2) We will continue to treat this story the same way we do with all stories about student-athletes under the age of 18. We will never post the infamous picture in question. While TV stations and, now, national newspaper outlets, are posting it while blurring out faces and the inexcusable gesture, we have chosen not to post it at all. We've received complaints about it being "the center of the story", and, thus, we should post, and while that is true, a description of the picture suffices. 

Now, we're not naive. We know the picture has gone viral on phones and texts and via other channels over the past 24 hours. What private citizens do is their business. RVA Sports Network has never been about attempting to gain web hits at the expense of 12 to 14 year old children or any teenage student athlete. I can guarantee you that is part of the motivation of some national media to run with the story. We are in an age where long-time reputable media members have, at the bottom of their web pages, "click bait" with ridiculous headlines in the hopes of you clicking on it to better their page results so they can attract more advertisers. You don't see that here.

3) We are here to celebrate the achievements of our area's student-athletes, and in the case of this site, @hanoversports on Twitter, and our Facebook page, we also do our dead level best to report the truth. And sometimes the truth is very tough. This was the case on Saturday.


Now, let me explain to you how I will handle this situation as a person, taking off my media hat for a moment.

1) I choose to celebrate the on-field accomplishments of the Atlee Junior Softball All-Stars. They were clearly the best team at the World Series, and likely would have been bringing a championship trophy home today were it not for such poor judgment off the field. Their work on the field should be applauded.

2) I choose to use this as a teachable moment. I understand the perils of social media, and understand the platform I have in Hanover County that, perhaps, no other person has, on the very social media that is at the heart of this story. As we have spotlighted important issues over the past year from teenage depression and suicide (which is on the rise) to equality in athletic opportunity in this, the 45th anniversary year of Title IX legislation, we will also spotlight how to use social media in today's rapidly-changing world.

3) After talking long and hard with friends and family privately Saturday night, I spent hours trying to place myself as the parent of a player involved in the photograph. I've decided that there was no punishment I could give my child in this situation that could be any more effective or long-lasting than the one they've already received. 

When they turn on the TV or their smartphone to watch the World Series in October, or next year's College Softball World Series, they'll remember. When they step on the field in high school, they'll remember. I don't need to go further to prove my point.

The members of this team will have to deal with this forever. So I choose to support these young ladies, pray that they have and will continue to learn from this error so that they can turn it, both personally and in other ways, into a positive so that weeks, months, or years from now, they can help others in the position where they were Friday not make the same mistake. I'm praying this incident makes them stronger.

I'm very, very ready, as a person, to begin helping the process of letting these young ladies put this ordeal behind them, letting them grow from it, and letting them move on to the next adventures of their lives.

I'll support them. Fully

Did they let us down with a terrible lapse of judgment? Yes.

Will we suffer like they are because a trophy didn't come home to Atlee Little League? Absolutely not

They need us to move forward as a county, so they can, too. 

So let's get started.

Rob Witham
RVA Sports Network (@hanoversports)


NOTE: Have comments? They can be left here (and are monitored) or you can contact Rob directly at hcsmediallc@gmail.com.  

Saturday, August 05, 2017

WORLD SERIES: Atlee Disqualified

An inappropriate social media post has caused the disqualification of the Atlee Junior Softball All-Stars from today's World Series Championship Game in Kirkland, Washington.

Click HERE for the latest on the story from RVA Sports Network.

Friday, August 04, 2017

WORLD SERIES: Atlee Junior All-Stars Reach Championship Game

Atlee has owned the sixth inning this postseason, but things weren't going their way in the bottom of the sixth on Friday evening.

They found themselves in a gritty 1-0 battle with host Kirkland, Washington, a team they defeated in pool play by fourteen runs, and suddenly, a pair of errors gave Kirkland the chance to take the lead in the bottom of the sixth, turning the script on Atlee. But the hometown heroes found a way to get out of that inning, then pulled off the biggest double play in Hanover County since the Atlee Raiders pulled a 6-4-3 double play to win the 2016 VHSL Group 5A State High School Championship, as Kirkland left the field having the winning run on base, but not able to get the tying run to cross the plate.

The 1-0 win, as Leslie Currie strikes out five, puts Atlee in the Little League Junior Softball World Series Championship Saturday afternoon in Washington State where they will face the Central Region champions of Poland, Ohio, who handed the East Region champions from Warwick, Rhode Island their first and only loss 6-1 in the other semifinal, for the title at 3pm Eastern Time. The game will be televised live on ESPN2. Atlee defeated Ohio in pool play, but as the semifinal game showed, past results mean nothing when everything is on the line.

Congratulations to the Atlee Junior Softball All-Stars, one win away!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

WORLD SERIES: Atlee Junior Softball Sees Five-Year Dream Come True

(This story, on the Atlee Junior Softball Little League team winning the Southeast Region Tournament for the first time to clinch a berth in the Little League Junior Softball World Series, was originally published in the The Herald Progress in the July 27th edition.....)


It was more than just a victory. It was a dream come true, a dream, a vision over five years in the making. And, when the final out was made Sunday afternoon in Salisbury, North Carolina, the Atlee Junior Softball All-Stars finally added Southeast Region Champions to their long and impressive resume.

The team arrived back in Hanover County late Sunday night, and were back on the practice field at noon Monday.

"It was at noon because three of our players had basketball camp at 8:30 in the morning," noted Atlee head coach Chris Mardigian. 

The motors within these young ladies never quit, and now, they're headed to Kirkland, Washington and the Little League Junior Softball World Series, the culmination of the vision Mardigian had back when she first saw this group on a softball field.

"They were eight years old when we started playing All-Stars, and they had an understanding of the game and were extremely competitive," Mardigian recalled. "They wanted to win. They wanted to beat each other, too, when we played league against each other. They always did their best, but at the end of the game they were still friends. It's amazing. They play different positions, it doesn't matter to them. They go to another position, and it's seamless."

As these ladies have grown into teenagers, they've experienced great success, and a fair share of disappointment, including a runner-up finish at the Southeast Region Tournament just last season. But, rather than be discouraged, or worse, point fingers, every player has taken the lessons learned along the way, grown, and have played their role in putting Atlee where they are now, at the pinnacle of their sport at this level.

In the midst of the celebration, it's easy to forget some of the logistics the team will face over the next week, like how many players may be flying for the first time. But to get that experience, they had to get over the regional hump.

A 20-1 opening win over Tennessee set up a showdown with Florida last Saturday. Leslie Currie scattered five hits over seven innings and Atlee overcame two errors, scoring runs in the third and fifth innings to secure a berth in the title game with a 2-0 victory.

"They feed off each other. They're led, they lead. We'd been there before, we knew what to expect, and we knew we had to hold it together," Mardigian said of the tough semifinal win. "That's what brought us through that game, that and their chemistry."

Julia Mardigian doubled in the third inning, scoring on a Currie sacrifice fly to take the lead. Kelly Ayer scored in the fifth when a Currie groundball to shortstop was misplayed. 

Sunday's final brought Moorefield, West Virginia to the diamond. Currie was strong again in the circle, scattering six hits in the 7-0 title game win. Jessica Russell opened the scoring for Atlee with an RBI single in the third inning, followed by another RBI single, this one from Emma Keys for a 2-0 lead.

Atlee added two runs in the fourth, scored by Reagan Hill and Ayer, then broke the game open with three runs in the sixth. Hill, Ayer and Mardigian each singled to load the bases. Hill scored on a wild pitch, while Ayer and Mardigian plated on a single from Currie. 

In spite of multiple storm delays, the team kept focused and finished the shutout win to finally snare the region crown and bring it back to Hanover County.

Coach Mardigian, a second-generation Little Leaguer, has made a promise to herself to enjoy every moment of her team's journey to the Pacific Northwest. And now, with the trip of a lifetime about to start, she also took time to reflect on what this team, what these young ladies, have taught her.

"It's all about the love of the game. You can never lose the love of the game," Mardigian said in a moment of reflection. "You have to really want to be there and understand, get into your game knowledge and why you do what you do every day on the field. They taught me that. They showed me, quit being so competitive, love the game, let's get back to enjoying what we do."

You can be sure this group will enjoy every moment in the Pacific Northwest while doing everything they can to bring the ultimate trophy back home. But whether that happens or not, the Atlee Juniors have already learned a lesson many adults still seek to understand: never forget to love what you do, and do it for the love.

Atlee begins play Sunday in Pool A against the Asia-Pacific Region Champion at 5:45pm Eastern Time. They will face the Central Region champs Monday at 4:45, host Kirkland, Washington Tuesday at 2pm and the champions from Canada Wednesday at 1:45pm. Should they advance from pool play, single elimination games begin next Thursday.

Other members of the team are Alyssa Broaddus, Rylan Hubbard, Brylea Hicks, Aniston Martin, and Bella Pastore.

A GoFundMe page has been set up so individuals and businesses can help support the team by helping with expenses incurred for the trip. To learn more, and to donate, go to www.gofundme.com/atlee-little-league-allstars-2017.

(The Atlee All-Stars meet pilot, and Hanover resident, Phil Judson at Richmond International Airport Friday en route to Seattle, Washington for the Little League World Series which begins Sunday afternoon)

Friday, July 28, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: How Latest VHSL Changes Affect Hanover County High Schools

(This article first appeared in the July 27th issue of The Herald Progress, available on newsstands across Hanover County, including Walmart, Food Lion, and Wawa locations....)


Just as most fans have finally gotten used to the newest classifications and playoff formats for high school sports in the region, they are about to change again.

The Virginia High School League (VHSL) voted last year to make major adjustments to the reclassification project that was originally put into effect in the Fall of 2013. The biggest driving force behind the reclassification, the League's first since 1970, was to attempt to pair similar-sized schools in region and state playoff competition.

In the past, some Richmond schools found themselves facing teams from schools with much higher student populations, and thus, a competitive advantage, in state competition. While the newest changes continue the competitive balance at the region and state level, there are some major adjustments coming to all four county high schools, and one school in particular. Here is a look at what you need to know as fall sports tryouts begin next week.

1) Goodbye Conferences: The conferences, designed to replace the old district format in order to group schools better by enrollment size at the first level of competition, are dead. They lasted four seasons. In truth, the former districts never officially went away, as schools have continued to base the majority of their regular season schedules around district opponents.

All four county schools are part of the Capital District along with Varina, Henrico, Highland Springs and Armstrong. Patrick Henry "moved" from the Colonial District, where it had been for over 35 years, to the Capital two seasons ago so the Patriots could play home and home regular season series against county brethren, and, hopefully, increase both fan interest and ticket sales in sports like basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse.

With the conferences gone, all indications are the districts will not revive their postseason tournaments because, even if they did, they would have no bearing whatsoever on the actual playoffs governed by the VHSL, which brings us to....

2) New Regions, New Playoffs: Also gone are the days of classifications, or what used to be called groups, having two regions. Each classification, now referred to as a "Class", has four regions. 

For example, in the new Class 5 (formerly Group 5A), Atlee and Lee-Davis are part of the 15-member "Region B", consisting of Richmond-area schools of similar size. Other members are L.C. Bird, Deep Run, Douglas Freeman, Glen Allen, Mills Godwin, Henrico, Hermitage, Highland Springs, Matoaca, Meadowbrook, Prince George, J.R. Tucker, and Varina.

Still to be unveiled by the VHSL, however, even at this late date, is how the new region tournaments will take place. For example, with fifteen teams in Region B described above, how many teams qualify for the postseason? It could be eight as it is in football, or more, since there is time to play a 12-team region tourney as the old 5A North Region has done for the last four years.

3) Patrick Henry Moves To 'Class 4': Taking into account enrollment figures, the VHSL moves schools up or down a classification every two years, and for the 2017-19 cycle, the Patriots are now in the same classification as Hanover. 

The new Class 4, Region B has thirteen schools. Joining Patrick Henry and Hanover are Caroline, Chancellor, Courtland, Dinwiddie, Eastern View, Huguenot, King George, Louisa, Midlothian, Monacan and Powhatan. Hanover has played teams such as Midlothian, Monacan, and Powhatan in the past in the former Conference 20.

Patrick Henry Activities Director Matt Crowder says the changes created challenges in getting schedules ready for Patriot teams for 2017-18.

"Scheduling was much more difficult this year. Due to the latest changes in the classification system, many schools waited to see how regions were going to advance teams to the postseason before completing their out-of-district schedules," Crowder explained. "I believe some schools hesitated to schedule fearing they would be penalized for playing lower classification (schools). We usually have the bulk of our scheduling done by March or April. This year, we are still looking for games in a few sports."

Crowder says Patrick Henry will play some Region 4B schools in regular season games, but those closer in proximity, and is excited as to how being in the same region as the neighboring Hawks could affect fan interest.

"I think the potential of PH and Hanover facing off in the postseason will make some of our regular season contests more meaningful, Crowder said. "Hopefully, it will translate into more people coming out to games. We have several 4B schools that are closer drives that what we experienced in 5A North. I hope this will translate into a stronger traveling 'PHanbase' come playoff time."

A region semifinal, even at a Fredericksburg-area school like Chancellor or Courtland, is more attractive than past trips Patriot teams have made deep into Northern Virginia at the region level. Those trips are over, at least at the region level.

4) Welcome Back State Quarterfinals: Prior to 2013, to win a state championship, many sports required teams win three games at the state level. However, most VHSL-sponsored sports dropped the quarterfinals over the past four years. The League, needing to make up multiple six-figure annual losses since 2013, reinstated state quarterfinals in basketball recently, and now, other sports will do the same thing.

The quarterfinal round is usually played early of each sport's state tournament week by Tuesday, while semifinals and championships are later in the week. Different sports have different championship sites, depending upon Class.

So, the school most affected by the changes is Patrick Henry, moving from Class 5 to Class 4. Atlee returns to a region within Class 5 where they will see teams from Richmond early in postseason play. Things change little for Hanover in Class 4 and Lee-Davis in Class 5. We will continue to keep you informed as various sports announce their postseason schedules as high school sports begins, yet again, another "new era" in this most tumultuous decade.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Top 10 of 2016-17: #9

The Hanover Girls Tennis team is named the #9 team of 2016-17 by The RVA Sports Network, while Lee-Davis' thrilling 5-4 softball victory over Patrick Henry in early April was named the #9 game of the year.

CLICK HERE to read about Hanover Girls Tennis.

CLICK HERE to relive the final out in the L-D/PH thriller.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Salute To The Class of 2017!

From the pages of The Herald Progress (available Thursday June 22 on newsstands), our comprehensive coverage of Commencement 2017 and a salute to at least some of the student-athletes and moments that we won't soon forget.

CLICK HERE to read and enjoy!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

HONORS: Atlee Lacrosse Players Named To All-State Team

Congratulations to the Atlee Raiders named to the 2017 Group 5A All-State Lacrosse Teams by the Virginia High School League on Thursday (names in bold):



Ben Winicour, George Marshall
Kyle Brickerd, Broad Run
Cole McDowell, Thomas Edison
Dylan Rice, Atlee
Nick Cole, Stone Bridge

Brice Johnson, PH-Roanoke
Ted Palmer, Douglas Freeman
Will Stockhausen, Atlee
Kyle Mollica, PH-Roanoke
Aaron Casteel, Briar Woods

Phoenix Hines, Stone Bridge
Patrick Cline, Tuscarora
Nick Pace, PH-Roanoke
Andrew Hamilton, PH-Roanoke
DJ Hazell, Briar Woods

Ikie Smith, PH-Roanoke


Cole Pearsall, Briar Woods
Brooks Waskey, PH-Roanoke
Kenyon John, PH-Roanoke
Drew Miller, Atlee
Collin Beebe, Mills Godwin

Ryan Braithwaite, Broad Run
Ian Samuelson, Thomas Edison
Ned Mize, Douglas Freeman
Luke Capace, Stone Bridge
Dan McMinn, Briar Woods

Walker Everhart, Atlee
Nick Gariepy, George Marshall
Donovan Quinn, Atlee
Brandon Huynh, Falls Church
John Bryson, Mills Godwin

Will Juneau, Briar Woods



Savannah Callan, Massaponax
Kylie Eastman, Atlee
Kelsey Curl, Potomac Falls
Carley Moore, Stone Bridge
Rebecca Winicour, George Marshall

Tori Birks, Potomac Falls
Morgan Whitaker, Deep Run
Maria Keener, Stone Bridge
Lauren Deaver, George Marshall
Molly DeCarli, Potomac Falls

Kellyn McGlamery, Atlee
Hannah Smith, George Marshall
Karis Roberts, Potomac Falls
Malley McFarlane, Stone Bridge
Amanda Tooke, George Marshall

Fiona Rickels, George Marshall


Emily LaBorne, Deep Run
Morgan Rose, Albemarle
Gracie Douglas, Douglas Freeman
Miranda Grier-Sprately, Thomas Edison
Sophia Omar, Falls Church

Faith Anna, Atlee
Madison Callan, Massaponax
Jenn Wendelken, Albemarle
Annie Ellis, Stone Bridge
Anna Smith, Deep Run

Jenna Corvin, Massaponax
Madelyn Decarli, Potomac Falls
Jane Pinnata, Albemarle
Ally Parlantieri, Deep Run
Rachel Riley, Stafford

Savannah Clarke, Atlee

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

HONORS: #5A All-State Softball Team Announced

Congratulations to Peyton St. George of Atlee for being named Group 5A State Softball Player of The Year by the Virginia High School League (VHSL) Wednesday, and to head coach Tom McIntyre, named State Coach of The Year.

Three Atlee Raiders and three Lee-Davis Confederates were named First Team, while a fourth Confederate and fourth Raider earned Second Team honors. The complete team is listed below:

Pitcher: Peyton St. George, Atlee
Pitcher: Kayley Scott, Lee-Davis
Pitcher: Bre McDowell, Hickory
Catcher: Sophie Wools, Tuscarora
1st Base: Caroline Helmer, Hickory
2nd Base: Katelyn Biando, Nansemond River
3rd Base: Arizona Ritchie, Brooke Point
Shortstop: Lauren Taylor, Lee-Davis
Outfield: Hannah Crist, Princess Anne
Outfield: Kelly Warren, Atlee
Outfield: Sydney Guess, Lee-Davis
Outfield: Ashlyn Rogers, Nansemond River
DP/Flex: Bailey Roberts, Hickory
Utility: Casey Barrett, Atlee

Pitcher: Nicole Lucia, Brooke Point
Pitcher: Jess Osborne, Stone Bridge
Pitcher: Madison Rhoads, Nansemond River
Catcher: Cammie Brummitt, Glen Allen
1st Base: Libby Griffis, Broad Run
2nd Base: Jordan Durbin, Atlee
3rd Base: Sarah Thompson, Prince George
Shortstop: Amelia Ely, Marshall
Outfield: Morgan Bettinger, Albemarle
Outfield: Amber Clements, Edison
Outfield: Lauren Fox, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Heather Childress, Lee-Davis
DP/Flex: Lexi Lomax, Orange
Utility: Jenna Harlow, Menchville

5A STATE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Peyton St. George, Atlee

Friday, June 09, 2017

Finally! Atlee, Lee-Davis Battle For State Title

With Lee-Davis' 11-1 win over Stone Bridge and Atlee's 7-1 win over Nansemond River Friday in the 5A State Softball Semifinals, the stage is set for the long-awaited County vs County battle for a state championship.

In each of the last two years, county rivals battled in the state semifinals, Atlee defeating Patrick Henry in 2015, then Lee-Davis last year en route to state championships. Saturday, the Raiders seek their third consecutive state title, while the Confederates look for their first title since 2011, a game won on the site of Saturday's game, Westfield High School in Chantilly.

LISTEN LIVE! Use the embedded player below to listen to RVA Sports Network's live and exclusive coverage of the 5A State Championship Saturday beginning at 12:45pm.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

HONORS: All 5A North Region Teams Announced

Peyton St. George is named Softball Region Player of The Year from Atlee, while her coach, Tom McIntyre, takes Coach of The Year honors. All four All 5A North Region teams are posted below with county honorees in bold.


Pitcher: Wilson Ayers, Briar Woods
Pitcher: Andrew Abbott, Halifax
Pitcher: Bradley Hanner, Orange
Catcher: Clay Lloyd, Halifax
1st Base: Casey Johnson, Stone Bridge
2nd Base: Robert Guenther, Marshall
3rd Base: Tannor Sullivan, Stafford
Shortstop: Jake Kleifges, Briar Woods
Outfield: Michael Ludowig, Briar Woods
Outfield: Trevon Smith, Orange
Outfield: Andrew Abbott, Halifax
Outfield: Blake Elliot, North Stafford
DH: Evan Antonellis, Potomac
Utility: Colton Poythress, Wakefield

Pitcher: Justin Cherry, North Stafford
Pitcher: Tanner Sullivan, Stafford
Pitcher: Gary Fuller, Stone Bridge
Catcher: Zach Buck, Broad Run
Catcher: Kevin Leford, North Stafford
1st Base: Brody Mack, Potomac
2nd Base: Matthew Ritchie, Broad Run
3rd Base: Ethan Heckler, Wakefield
Shortstop: DJ Lardge, Stafford
Shortstop: Jake Karton, Wakefield
Outfield: Garrett Reams, Mountain View
Outfield: Cole Sowers, Stafford
Outfield: Casey Lauer, Marshall
Outfield: Jonathan Hough, Stone Bridge
DH: Zach Beach, Atlee
Utility: Matt House, Stone Bridge

5A NORTH REGION COACH OF THE YEAR: Jason Miller, Briar Woods


Pitcher: Peyton St. George, Atlee
Pitcher: Nicole Lucia, Brooke Point
Pitcher: Jess Osborne, Stone Bridge
Catcher: Sophie Wools, Tuscarora
1st Base: Libby Griffis, Broad Run
2nd Base: Jordan Durbin, Atlee
3rd Base: Arizona Ritchie, Brooke Point
Shortstop: Amelia Ely, Marshall
Outfield: Kelly Warren, Atlee
Outfield: Lauren Fox, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Amber Clement, Edison
Outfield: Morgan Bettinger, Albemarle
DP/Flex: Lexi Lomax, Orange
Utility: Casey Barrett, Atlee

Pitcher: Charlotte Mitchell, Patrick Henry
Pitcher: Kyleigh Richardson, North Stafford
Pitcher: Mary Pauly, Tuscarora
Catcher: Victoria Capilonch, Lee
1st Base: Kasie Pace, Albemarle
2nd Base: Kari Jacobson, Tuscarora
3rd Base: Madison Stemer, Edison
Shortstop: Grayson Radcliffe, Patrick Henry
Outfield: Erin Cassidy, Broad Run
Outfield: Kara Tokarchic, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Caroline Adams, Stafford
Outfield: Logan Friesen, Albemarle
DP/Flex: Maddy Carpe, Stone Bridge
Utility: Elena Gonzalez, Stone Bridge




Irakoze Donasiyano, PH-Roanoke
Riley Croce, Mountain View
Alex Corado, Stone Bridge
Daniel Crespo, Tuscarora

Endjick Albert, PH-Roanoke
Alejandro Barrancos, Potomac
Joaquin Sanchez, Edison
Noah Mazzatenta, Tuscarora

Jake Nash, Thomas Jefferson S&T
Nate Albrecht, Briar Woods
Michael Vaughn, Albemarle
Sam Knisely, PH-Roanoke
Andy Mensah, Lee
Bryan Scoffield, Mountain View
Gadsoni Abel, Massaponax

Micah Scott, Briar Woods


Kalefa Boyar, PH-Roanoke
Tareq Al-Jumalli, Massaponax
Attila Burl, Broad Run
Ben Bae, Thomas Jefferson S&T
Vagner Marquez, Falls Church

Andrew Weber, Albemarle
Brandon Mahon, Albemarle
Aidan Sullivan, Briar Woods
Rohit Chhatre, Stone Bridge
Chris McGhan, Lee
Jorge Borrayo, Falls Church

Michael Woodard, Atlee
Bo Keppeler, Mountain View
Corey Long, Potomac
Kaz Gootee, Massaponax

Nabil Milani, George Marshall

5A NORTH REGION PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Irakoze Donasiyano, PH-Roanoke
5A NORTH REGION COACH OF THE YEAR: Francois Bernard, Briar Woods.



Megan Watts, Mountain View
Fizzy Gonzalez, Albemarle
Tyria Smalls, Massaponax
Jordan Beverina, JEB Stuart
Catie Bryant, Briar Woods

Anna Heliferty, JEB Stuart
Anna Deutsch, Broad Run
Brooke Bauman, Albemarle
Jensen Margheim, Mountain View
Margaret Lister, George Marshall

Olivia Bolton, Mountain View
Leah Deutsch, Broad Run
Chloe Beverina, JEB Stuart
Caroline Jones, Atlee
Taylor Laine, Massaponax

Alyanah Tyler-Cooper, Albemarle


Peyton Emory, George Marshall
CeeCee Harris, Atlee
Emma Kerns, Broad Run
Carly Lane, Mountain View
Katie Schnell, Albemarle

Alexa Anderson, Falls Church
Riley Cook, Atlee
Marianna Hershner, JEB Stuart
Caitlin Kirtley, Massaponax
Alyssa White, Stone Bridge

Kylie Clark, Falls Church
Emma Dize, Stone Bridge
Selena Kaup, George Marshall
Madison Kersey, Albemarle
Nicole Morrow, Massaponax
Kaela Price, Briar Woods
Megan Schantz, Albemarle

Jenny Bullers, Mountain View
Miranda Walker, Broad Run

5A NORTH REGION PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Alyanah Tyler-Cooper, Albemarle
5A NORTH REGION COACH OF THE YEAR: Amy Sherrill, Albemarle

Monday, June 05, 2017

HONORS: All 4A East Region Baseball Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes honored by being named to the 2017 All 4A East Region Baseball team:

Pitcher: Ryan Devine, Jamestown
Pitcher: Antonio Balducci, Hanover
Pitcher: Caleb Elder, Great Bridge
Catcher: Kevin Mooney, Jamestown
1st Base: Dalton Jackson, Great Bridge
2nd Base: Colin Glenny, Eastern View
Shortstop: Zach Thomas, Eastern View
3rd Base: Andrew Barrow, Jamestown
Outfield: Andruw Harman, Great Bridge
Outfield: Justin Bowers, Grafton
Outfield: Shane Reviello, King George
Outfield: Zack Donovan, Dinwiddie
DH: Burghie Miller, Great Bridge
Utility: Matt Carter, Caroline

Pitcher: Liam Grubbs, Louisa
Pitcher: Seth Mayberry, Dinwiddie
Pitcher: Jack Dragum, Hanover
Catcher: Ray Tricarico, Eastern View
1st Base: Mike Schmidt, Jamestown
2nd Base: Will Driskill, Dinwiddie
Shortstop: Brelon Harden, Great Bridge
Shortstop: Cameron Ochsenfeld, Denbigh
3rd Base: Stephen Bowen, Courtland
Outfield: Ethan Fletcher, Louisa
Outfield: Donnell Sparrow, Deep Creek
Outfield: Tomas Sanchez, Dinwiddie
Outfield: Chase Bauer, Lafayette
DH: A.J. Hart, King George
Utility: Noah Floyd, King's Fork

Pitcher: Ray Tricarico, Eastern View
Pitcher: John Reynolds, Louisa
Pitcher: Andrew Barrow, Jamestown
Catcher: Logan Amiss, Powhatan
2nd Base: Tyrese Ruff, Denbigh
3rd Base: Alex Ziemke, Great Bridge
Outfield: Jeffery Pates, Chancellor
Outfield: Nate Coley, Lafayette
Outfield: Ross Lewis, Powhatan
Outfield: Spencer Pietruzynski, Jamestown
DH: Robert Martinez, Denbigh
Utility: Brayden Hodges, Grafton

Dalton Jackson, Great Bridge
Jack Dragum, Hanover

4A EAST COACH OF THE YEAR: Charlie Dragum, Hanover

HONORS: All 4A East Region Girls Soccer Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the 2017 All 4A East Region Girls Soccer team. County players are noted in bold:


Cydney Nichols, King's Fork
Sofie Fox, Jamestown
Emily Wells, Monacan
Alex Struder, Monacan
Kate Ignudo, Courtland

Anja Wilson, Monacan
Kennedy Mills, Jamestown
Rebecca Washburn, King's Fork
Kylie Devine, Jamestown
Hannah Marston, King's Fork

Page Frantz, Jamestown
Skylar Wall, King's Fork
Jaymie Bollman, Courtland
Shannon Huskey, Monacan
Ashley Bido, King's Fork

Haley Eiser, Monacan


Rachel Andrezejewski, Hanover
Ayanna Kelley, Deep Creek
Hannah Potter, Lafayette
Sarah Aud, Midlothian
Mikala Dean, Smithfield

Maggie Glass, Monacan
Onika Hammond, Churchland
Kylie Reid, Courtland
Abby Snead, Midlothian
Madeline Bauman, Smithfield

Summer Haag, Jamestown
Erin Flamm, Courtland
Elizabeth Wickersham, Monacan
Sydney Zari, Smithfield
Paige Summers, King's Fork

Alicia Jacobs, Courtland
Jordan Fransee, King's Fork


Joeli Stewart, Great Bridge
Julia Larsen, Grafton
Caedyn Berg, Chancellor
Sierra Leppell, Great Bridge
Taylor Gubler, Lafayette
Jordan Schuetz, Grafton
Katherine Healy, King George
Emily Brett, Chancellor
Nia Nickerson, King's Fork
Alaina McKnight, Lafayette
Cardyn Winn, Courtland
Erin Junkerman, Midlothian

4A EAST REGION COACH OF THE YEAR: Michelle Dawson, Kevin Dawson, Jamestown

HONORS: All-5A South Region Softball Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All 5A South Region Softball team:

Pitcher: Kayley Scott, Lee-Davis
Pitcher: Bre McDowell, Hickory
Pitcher: Madison Rhoads, Nansemond River
Pitcher: Julia Fritz, Glen Allen
Catcher: Cammie Brummitt, Glen Allen
1st Base: Caroline Helmer, Hickory
2nd Base: Kaitlyn Biando, Nansemond River
3rd Base: Sarah Thompson, Prince George
Shortstop: Lauren Taylor, Lee-Davis
Outfield: Hannah Crist, Princess Anne
Outfield: Ashlyn Rogers, Nansemond River
Outfield: Heather Childress, Lee-Davis
Outfield: Sydney Guess, Lee-Davis
DP/Flex: Bailey Roberts, Hickory
Utility: Jenna Harlow, Menchville

Pitcher: Laura Thompson, Prince George
Pitcher: Angela Sperandeo, Deep Run
Pitcher: Olivia Webster, L.C. Bird
Pitcher: Katie Higgins, Matoaca
Catcher: Alyssa Swords, Prince George
1st Base: Lauren Golmon, Glen Allen
2nd Base: Ella Alvis, Lee-Davis
3rd Base: Dominique King, Hermitage
Shortstop: Bree Huggins, Hickory
Outfield: Caitlyn Abernethy, Prince George
Outfield: Daylah Sawyer, Hickory
Outfield: Allison Iezzi, Deep Run
Outfield: Kamryn Steinruck, Glen Allen
DP/Flex: Katie Bareford, Lee-Davis
Utility: Jessica Pittman, Kempsville

Catcher: Fetuliana Iosefa, Green Run
Catcher: Bridget Motley, Gloucester
2nd Base: Haley Howerin, Princess Anne
3rd Base: Leslie Whitiing, Menchville
Outfield: Kelly Lafferty, Nansemond River
Outfield: Mikayla Wessel, Kempsville
Outfield Tyra Byrd, Warwick
DP/Flex: Myla Mundie, Matoaca

5A SOUTH REGION PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Hannah Crist, Princess Anne
5A SOUTH REGION COACH OF THE YEAR: Layne Nuckols, Glen Allen

Saturday, June 03, 2017

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Lacrosse Teams Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the 2017 All-Conference 20 (Richmond Conference) Boys and Girls Lacrosse Teams!



Dylan Carlson, Hanover
Dillon Crytser, Hanover
Jason Goodwin, Midlothian
Peyton Grubbs, Hanover
Dillon Powell, Midlothian
Will Sayegh, Midlothian

Chandler Attkisson, Hanover
Josh Blue, Hanover
Bryson Miller, Midlothian
Will Pomeroy, Midlothian
Coleman Rock, Midlothian

Jacob Atkins, Hanover
Tim Dubec, Hanover
David Foster, Midlothian
Palmer Martin, Hanover
Tyler Schrimpsher, Midlothian

Casey Joyce, Midlothian


Troy Bischoff, Monacan
Benjamin Leamer, Monacan
Parker Massengill, Powhatan
Matt Mauro, Monacan
Corey Palmore, Powhatan
Jarred Summerville, Powhatan

Trevor Christmas, Midlothian
Kyle Dailey, Monacan
Sterling Mason, Midlothian
Ward Smith, Hanover
Keegan Smither, Hanover
Mark White, Monacan

Brayden Gordy, Midlothian
Eric Overby, Midlothian
Dylan Schork, Monacan
Caleb Seiders, Hanover
Dominic Stage, Powhatan
Mac Whitten, Midlothian

Tyler Cook, Hanover

CONFERENCE 20 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Jason Goodwin, Midlothian
CONFERENCE 20 COACH OF THE YEAR: Greg Bernard, Midlothian



Olivia Coleman, Midlothian
Jenna Kyte, Midlothian
Taylor Wayne, Hanover
Natalie Webster, Midlothian
Natalie Willett, Hanover

Ciarra Ashworth, Hanover
Katie Badgerow, Monacan
Brenna Everette, Hanover
Melanie Stender, Monacan
Caroline Wilkes, Midlothian

Isobel Harrison, Midlothian
Lexie Heath, Monacan
Kora Kane, Hanover
Katie Oakey, Midlothian
Emma Will, Monacan

Olivia Hunter, Hanover


Hailey Camp, Powhatan
Madison Gould, Hanover
Amanda Lane, Monacan
Brandilyn Williamson, Hanover
Julia Yeager, Hanover

Katie Call, Midlothian
Keri Kane, Hanover
Nicole Mann, Monacan
Reagan Thomas, Powhatan
Ashley Van Buskirk, Powhatan
Jennifer Yeager, Hanover

Camryn Carter, Monacan
Anna Dockum, Hanover
Alexis Evans, Powhatan
Addison Michaels, Hanover
Annika Rocchiccioli, Hanover

Alexa Battle, Midlothian

CONFERENCE 20 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Natalie Webster, Midlothian
CONFERENCE 20 COACH OF THE YEAR: Devoe Reagan, Midlothian

HONORS: All-Conference 16 Teams Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to All-Conference 16 teams for spring sports! County honorees are in bold.....


Pitcher: Andrew Abbott, Halifax
Pitcher: Bradley Hanner, Orange
Pitcher: John Kish, Atlee
Catcher: Clay Lloyd, Halifax
1st Base: Ryan McEachern, PH-Roanoke
2nd Base: Ryan Porter, Albemarle
3rd Base: JT Fitzpatrick, Atlee
Shortstop: Andrew Porter, Albemarle
Outfield: Trevon Smith, Orange
Outfield: Andrew Abbott, Halifax
Outfield: Brayden Moore, Halifax
Outfield: Kaleb Smith, Patrick Henry
DH: Zach Beach, Atlee
Utility: Hunter Hart, Patrick Henry

Pitcher: Noah Zook, Patrick Henry
Pitcher: Scott Reid, Albemarle
Pitcher: Jacob Smither, Atlee
Catcher: Jake Browning, Albemarle
1st Base: Christian Amos, Orange
1st Base: Clay Naff, Atlee
2nd Base: Chase Mills, Patrick Henry
2nd Base: Tyler Duffer, Halifax
3rd Base: Drew Harlow, Halifax
3rd Base: Carter Mason, PH-Roanoke
Shortstop: Jonathan Spaulding, Patrick Henry
Shortstop: Adam Jewell, Atlee
Outfield: Nathan Toney, Albemarle
Outfield: Ian Haney, Albemarle
Outfield: Cam Harris, Atlee
Outfield: Kamari Davis, Atlee
Outfield: Dalton Davis, Atlee
DH: Holt Powell, Halifax
DH: Allen Seeley, Orange
Utility: Eric Mendelowitz, PH-Roanoke
Utility: Scott Reid, Albemarle

CONFERENCE 16 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Andrew Abbott, Halifax


Pitcher: Peyton St. George, Atlee
Pitcher: Charlotte Mitchell, Patrick Henry
Pitcher: Ellie Cain, Albemarle
Catcher: Mackenzie Lawter, Halifax
1st Base: Kasie Pace, Albemarle
2nd Base: Jordan Durbin, Atlee
3rd Base: Ashlee Brassart, Orange
Shortstop: Grayson Radcliffe, Patrick Henry
Outfield: Kelly Warren, Atlee
Outfield: Morgan Bettinger, Albemarle
Outfield: Autumn Slemaker, Patrick Henry
Outfield: Logan Friesen, Albemarle
DP/Flex: Lexi Lomax, Orange
Utility: Casey Barrett, Atlee

Pitcher: Carol Fears, Halifax
Pitcher: Hannah Meadows, Orange
Catcher: Megan Powell, Patrick Henry
Catcher: Amanda Bohannon, Atlee
1st Base: Amya Ferguson, Orange
2nd Base: Lindsey Slaughter, Orange
2nd Base: Delaney Nuckols, Patrick Henry
3rd Base: Meghan Watts, Halifax
Outfield: Erin O'Flaherty, Atlee
Outfield: Jeri Lynn Tyler, Halifax
Outfield: Anna Clowdis, Halifax
Outfield: Jamie Hughes, Patrick Henry
DP/Flex: Meghan Brown, Albemarle
Utility: Quinn Graves, Albemarle

CONFERENCE 16 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Peyton St. George, Atlee



Irakoze Donasiyano, PH-Roanoke
Kalefa Boyar, PH-Roanoke
Jason Ferrufino, Orange
Nick Rosche, Halifax
Coleman Cheeley, Patrick Henry

Endjick Albert, PH-Roanoke
Andrew Weber, Albemarle
Ford Morrison, Halifax
Brandon Mahon, Albemarle
Corey Finchum, Patrick Henry

Michael Vaughn, Albemarle
Sam Knisely, PH-Roanoke
Michael Woodard, Atlee
Trey Hill, Orange
Axel Bax, Atlee

Eli Sanchez, PH-Roanoke


Stanley Alexis, PH-Roanoke
Daniel Starr, Albemarle
Cameron Smith, Atlee

Jax Bosiger, Halifax
Bonere Ndayizeye, PH-Roanoke
Henri Bohdal, Orange
Matt Baicells, Albemarle
Jason Peay, Atlee

Tristin Yesaiavich, Halifax
Matt Bain, Halifax
Peyton Luck, Patrick Henry
Collin Vaughan, Patrick Henry
Felix Counihan, PH-Roanoke
Ethan Tribastone, Albemarle
Drew Klesat, Atlee

Brody Phillips, Patrick Henry

CONFERENCE 16 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Irakoze Donasiyano, PH-Roanoke



Fizzy Gonzalez, Albemarle
Katie Schnell, Albemarle
Leticia Freitas, Albemarle
CeeCee Harris, Atlee
Hannah Eiden, Albemarle

Brooke Bauman, Albemarle
Elle Prillaman, PH-Roanoke
Marie King, PH-Roanoke
Riley Cook, Atlee
Alyse Armentrout, Atlee

Madison Kersey, Albemarle
Caroline Jones, Atlee
Megan Schantz, Albemarle
Cameron Koviak, PH-Roanoke
Caitlin Rutherford, Patrick Henry

Alyanah Tyler-Cooper, Albemarle


Ella Higgins, PH-Roanoke
Louisa Prillaman, PH-Roanoke
Makinna Winterton, Albemarle
Grace Gompers, Atlee
Laine Harrington, Orange

Anna Meyers, Patrick Henry
Brooke Namack, Orange
Mary Pat McCombs, Atlee
Keeley Nelson, Halifax
Katherin Brady, Albemarle

Jessica Hudson, Halifax
Gracie Williams, Albemarle
Sydney Sears, Atlee
Olivia Offermann, PH-Roanoke
Caroline Joyce, Patrick Henry

Katie Pierson, Atlee

CONFERENCE 16 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Alyanah Tyler-Cooper, Albemarle
CONFERENCE 16 COACH OF THE YEAR: Any Sherrill, Albemarle

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Teams Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for earning All-Conference honors in Conference 20 spring sports!


Pitcher: Ali Celiberti, Powhatan
Pitcher: Holly Naylor, Dinwiddie
Pitcher: Emily Morrison, Midlothian
Catcher: Madison Foster, Powhatan
1st Base: Emma Casey, Hanover
2nd Base: Kaytlin Durham, Dinwiddie
3rd Base: Breanne Turner, Dinwiddie
Shortstop: Karleigh Morgan, Dinwiddie
Outfield: Taylor Johnson, Dinwiddie
Outfield: Toni Gilbert, Powhatan
Outfield: Cameron Murry, Hanover
Outfield: Emily Morrison, Midlothian
Outfield: Sami Pleasants, Powhatan
DP/Flex: Holly Naylor, Dinwiddie
Utility: Mason Basdikis, Powhatan

Pitcher: Savannah Thorne, Hanover
Catcher: Macy Beville, Dinwiddie
1st Base: Amy Goodman, Midlothian
2nd Base: Lauren Hughes, Hanover
3rd Base: Madison Whitney, Monacan
Shortstop: Kylie Reikel, Midlothian
Outfield: Lauren Lindsay, Dinwiddie
Outfield: Maggie McDermott, Midlothian
DP/Flex: Madeline Peloke, Powhatan
Utility: Leslie Currie, Hanover
Utility: Morgan Gilbert, Midlothian

Catcher: Cameron Long, Midlothian
1st Base: Samantha Ayers, Huguenot
2nd Base: Haley Young, Midlothian
3rd Base: Jenna Ways, Hanover
3rd Base: Mackenzie Fuller, Midlothian
DP/Flex: Ellen Palya, Hanover

CONFERENCE 20 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Mason Basdikis, Powhatan
CONFERENCE 20 COACH OF THE YEAR: Rich Johann, Midlothian



Eric Hogge, Midlothian
Taron Dickson, Monacan
James Elder, Dinwiddie
Jarod Fisher, Dinwiddie
Grant Davis, Hanover

Conner Gilchrest, Hanover
Cody Brugos, Dinwiddie
Johnny Watters, Monacan
Peti Koppanyi, Midlothian
Jay Gonzalez, Midlothian

Michael South, Midlothian
Aaron Eiser, Monacan
Isaac Saneda, Monacan
Alex LePeter, Hanover
Grayson Harmon, Dinwiddie

Tanner Staton, Dinwiddie


Max Miller, Midlothian
Max Mahoney, Monacan
Ashton Poythress, Hanover
Will Chesley, Hanover
Beau Miskimen, Dinwiddie

Davis West, Midlothian
Matthew Natale, Monacan
Josh Lambour, Hanover
Daniel Row, Hanover
Ricardo Alfaro, Huguenot

Jorge Lopez, Huguenot
John Dustin, Hanover
Jack Montgomery, Hanover
Marcus Wrenn, Dinwiddie
Chase Herbert, Midlothian

Connor Bartal, Hanover
Hemza Ababneh, Midlothian


Trey Henry, Monacan
Matthew Hohman, Monacan
Alex Betancourt, Monacan
Noah Carter, Monacan
Jacob Mast, Hanover
Isaiah Mathews, Hanover
Jonathan Hutson, Hanover

CONFERENCE 20 COACH OF THE YEAR: Casey Dooley, Dinwiddie



Nicole Czyzewski, Midlothian
Sarah Aud, Midlothian
Alex Struder, Monacan
Emily Wells, Monacan
Rachel Andrezejewski, Hanover

Logan Georgel, Midlothian
Abby Snead, Midlothian
Anja Wilson, Monacan
Maggie Glass, Monacan
Courtney Rosser, Hanover

Erin Junkman, Midlothian
Mallory Turner, Midlothian
Shannon Husky, Monacan
Elizabeth Wickersham, Monacan
Olivia Adams, Hanover

Haley Eiser, Monacan


Lauren Didlake, Hanover
Sabrina Hernandez, Hanover
Gilma Portillo, Huguenot
Madelyn Jimerson, Midlothian
Kailyn Baker, Monacan

Erin Fogle, Midlothian
CeCe Hohman, Monacan
Jill Nix, Hanover
Maggie Sobel, Hanover
Girlanis Brenes, Huguenot

Summer Hansen, Hanover
Emma Williams, Hanover
Georgia Butler, Monacan
Marissa Boutin, Monacan
Carley Elliott, Monacan

Zoe Long, Midlothian


Rachel Tripp, Hanover
Alisson Martinez, Huguenot
Sarah Wall, Midlothian

CONFERENCE 20 COACH OF THE YEAR: Jessica Kramer, Midlothian

HONORS: All-Conference 11 Boys Lacrosse Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 11 Boys Lacrosse Team:


Dylan Rice, Atlee
Drew Miller, Atlee
Collin Beebe, Mills Godwin
Mikey Krongaard, Mills Godwin
Murphy Flickinger, Deep Run

Will Stockhausen, Atlee
Andrew Cook, Atlee
Ted Palmer, Douglas Freeman
Ned Mize, Douglas Freeman
Brendan Fischer, Deep Run

Donovan Quinn, Atlee
Walker Everhart, Atlee
John Bryson, Mills Godwin
Thomas Gentry, Douglas Freeman
Trevor Tan, Deep Run

Jack Wilson, Atlee


Elijah Elliott, Lee-Davis
Harrison Peacock, Douglas Freeman
Thomas Kowal, Deep Run
Garrett Keogh, Mills Godwin
Preston Tribble, Atlee

Kevin Dunne, Atlee
William Abbott, Mills Godwin
Andrew Wheeler, Deep Run
Trey Laughlin, Douglas Freeman
Chris Green, Atlee

Quinn Broughton, Deep Run
Matt Birken, Deep Run
Brent Blackmon, Mills Godwin
Jack Drimer, Mills Godwin
Alex Moss, Douglas Freeman

Joe Hoskins, Douglas Freeman


Randy White, Lee-Davis
Mason Walczak, Lee-Davis
Parker Davis, Patrick Henry
Will Gerndt, Mills Godwin

Gabe Offenback, Mills Godwin
Chris Ribeiro, Mills Godwin
Brian Hufnagle, Glen Allen
Ian Shirey, Atlee
Mitchell Broughton,
Adam Rigsby, Lee-Davis
Colby Daniels, Mills Godwin
Carson Ayers, Deep Run
Ben Schubert, Patrick Henry
Brandon Smith, Douglas Freeman

Ian Courter, Lee-Davis
Jacob Lovins, Atlee
Mason Purdue,
Tate Smith, Lee-Davis
Hayden Moore, Atlee

Robbie Milla, Mills Godwin
Kyle Ishler, Patrick Henry
Zach Rodriguez, Deep Run

CONFERENCE 11 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Ted Palmer, Douglas Freeman
CONFERENCE 11 COACH OF THE YEAR: Jimmy Hovis, Douglas Freeman

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

HONORS: All-Conference 11 Girls Lacrosse Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 11 (5A South/East Group) Girls Lacrosse team:


Ceara Nolan, Mills Godwin
Emily LaBorne, Deep Run
Kylie Eastman, Atlee
Gracie Douglas, Douglas Freeman
Emily Flinn, Patrick Henry

Leanne Larkin, Douglas Freeman
Faith Anna, Atlee
Morgan Whitaker, Deep Run
Anna Smith, Deep Run
Ryann Peebles, Patrick Henry

Haley Woods, Mills Godwin
Ally Parlantieri, Deep Run
Kellyn McGlamery, Atlee
Natalie Nichols, Patrick Henry
Madison Ulm, Lee-Davis

Savannah Clarke, Atlee


Libbie Smith, Mills Godwin
Kelly Wyman, Deep Run
Claire Reagan, Atlee
Jessie Peffer, Atlee
Piper Mullins, Patrick Henry

Karoline Nease, Douglas Freeman
Stephanie Bunce, Mills Godwin
Lauren Heffron, Deep Run
Reaghan Kolb, Atlee
Hope Butler, Lee-Davis

Tess Himelspach, Mills Godwin
Elizabeth Mauck, Douglas Freeman
Arie Wheeler, Atlee
Sophia Pawela, Deep Run
Katheryn Super, Atlee

Trudie Grattan, Douglas Freeman


Emily Karn, Atlee
Brynne Elrod, Lee-Davis

Ann Riley Goldschmidt, Mills Godwin
Lucy Pelham, Patrick Henry

Brynn Gibson, Lee-Davis
Jillian Slayded, Mills Godwin
Ashley Bocklet, Mills Godwin
Lily Domalik, Patrick Henry

Andrea Lindgren, Patrick Henry
Bridget Bartley, Mills Godwin
Harley Steger, Lee-Davis

CONFERENCE 11 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Morgan Whitaker, Deep Run
Taylor Huber, Patrick Henry
Christina Dobson, Atlee

Sunday, May 21, 2017

2017 All-Conference 11 Teams Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for earning All-Conference honors in the following sports:


Catcher: Zach Lass, Lee-Davis
1st Base: Ryan Skadra, Glen Allen
2nd Base: Patrick Reardon, Glen Allen
3rd Base: Braden Lambert, Lee-Davis
Shortstop: Chase Muir, Mills Godwin
Outfield: Dallas Jackson, Lee-Davis
Outfield: Nick Noonan, Deep Run
Outfield: Mark Buisson, Mills Godwin
Outfield: Austin Dehner, Glen Allen
Outfield: Jonathan Smith, J.R. Tucker
Utility: Luis Barrios, Douglas Freeman
DH: Hunter Beck, Lee-Davis
Pitcher: Matthew Holler, Lee-Davis
Pitcher: Kenny Jackson, Glen Allen

Catcher: Connor Hicks, Glen Allen
1st Base: Drew Frank, Douglas Freeman
1st Base: Drew Mumphry, Henrico
2nd Base: Bryce Safferwich, Mills Godwin
3rd Base: Sam Essex, Mills Godwin
Shortstop: Connor Dopp, Glen Allen
Outfield: Liam Simpson, Douglas Freeman
Outfield: Brock Berringer, Mills Godwin
Outfield: Lucas Carlisle, Deep Run
Utility/DH: Ian Weimer, Glen Allen
Pitcher: Camden Lazar, Douglas Freeman
Pitcher: Jonathan Smith, J.R. Tucker

Catcher: Theo Roman, Douglas Freeman, Micah Cohen, J.R. Tucker, Mason Hardy, Deep Run
1st Base: Caleb Word, J.R. Tucker
3rd Base: Marvin Castro, Hermitage; Eli Weisner, Deep Run
Shortstop: Carlos Santos, Hermitage, Jamari Baylor, Deep Run
Utility: Caleb Word, J.R. Tucker, Justin Hood, Deep Run, Hunter Beck, Lee-Davis, Cory O'Shea, Mills Godwin
DH: Kyle Adams, Douglas Freeman, Noah Cornwell, Mills Godwin
Pitcher: Michael Coggeshall, Mills Godwin, Spencer Rife, Mills Godwin, Anthony Proctor, J.R. Tucker, Ryan Skadra, Glen Allen

CONFERENCE 11 COACH OF THE YEAR: Dave Savino, Glen Allen


Catcher: Cammie Brummitt, Glen Allen
1st Base: Lauren Golmon, Glen Allen
2nd Base: Ella Alvis, Lee-Davis
3rd Base: Dominique King, Hermitage
Shortstop: Lauren Taylor, Lee-Davis
Outfield: Allison Iezzi, Deep Run
Outfield: Kamryn Steinruck, Glen Allen
Outfield: Sydney Guess, Lee-Davis
Outfield: Heather Childress, Lee-Davis
Utility: Taylor Pawlowski, J.R. Tucker
DP/Flex: Katie Bareford, Lee-Davis
Pitcher: Angela Sperandeo, Deep Run
Pitcher: Julia Fritz, Glen Allen
Pitcher: Kayley Scott, Lee-Davis

Catcher: Logan Hawker, Lee-Davis
1st Base: Meg Allen, Mills Godwin
2nd Base: Isabelle Clyde, Mills Godwin
3rd Base: Brittany Street, Glen Allen
Shortstop: Carmen Betts, Glen Allen
Shortstop: Maddy Myers, Mills Godwin
Outfield: Ellen Korey, Glen Allen
Outfield: Cameron Cisik, J.R. Tucker
Outfield: Alexis Mills, Hermitage
Outfield: Lauren Murphy, Mills Godwin
Utility: Virginia Ozolins, Deep Run
DP/Flex: Ashley Wilson, Glen Allen
Pitcher: Kayla Shaffer, Mills Godwin
Pitcher: Emerson Collins, J.R. Tucker
Pitcher: Savanah Henley, Lee-Davis

Claire Hoover, J.R. Tucker
Sequoia Wingfield, J.R. Tucker
Emily Jones, Hermitage
Lauren Lemelin, Mills Godwin
Faith Adams, Douglas Freeman
Gabby Barnes, Douglas Freeman
Hanna Cinella, Deep Run
Maddie Gutermuth, Deep Run
Ashley Hailey, Glen Allen
EB Hudson, Lee-Davis

CONFERENCE 11 COACH OF THE YEAR: Layne Nuckols, Glen Allen




Caleb Huber, Lee-Davis
Leonardo Escobar, J.R. Tucker
Jonathan Solanke, J.R. Tucker
Colton Howell, Glen Allen
Tyler Schardein, Deep Run
Prabin Khulal, J.R. Tucker

Jack Bobitz, Deep Run
Holden Fisher, Mills Godwin
Vahdet Maletic, Douglas Freeman
Sam Beckman, Glen Allen
Michael Ellis, Deep Run

Zach Washburn, Deep Run
Gavin Schlebusch, Glen Allen
Daniel Ahrens, Mills Godwin
Eric Garcia, Deep Run
Chris Ondoua, Mills Godwin

Nick Jordan, Deep Run


Jin Kim, Mills Godwin
Alberto Macias, Lee-Davis
Alex Lowman, Deep Run
Isaiah Charnichart, Glen Allen
Mammahdo Bah, Hermitage

Pema Dukpa, Douglas Freeman
Will Killius, Mills Godwin
Carlos Nieto, J.R. Tucker
Justin Hakizimana, Douglas Freeman
Dillon Owens, Mills Godwin
Todd Harris, Glen Allen

Ashwath Malaisamy, Henrico
Mitchell Smith, Mills Godwin
Majd Hatoum, Hermitage
Cam Lohmann, Lee-Davis

Sam Alburger, Hermitage


Jack Casey, Lee-Davis
Marcus Wisch, Mills Godwin

Patterson Smith, Lee-Davis
Zack Long, Henrico
Parker Lawson, Deep Run
Henry Baird, Douglas Freeman
Kyle Shope, Lee-Davis
Luis Mendoza, J.R. Tucker

Spencer Weisner, Deep Run
Davis Buckbee, Douglas Freeman
Abdulla Bushra, Henrico
Logan Pheng, J.R. Tucker
Ryan Hall, Deep Run
Nico Cavallo, Douglas Freeman
Nathan Gaspar, Glen Allen
Ben Earle, J.R. Tucker
Christian Aleman, Glen Allen

Ryan Koch, Glen Allen

CONFERENCE 11 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Holden Fisher, Mills Godwin
Danny Conway, Glen Allen
Jim Dorton, J.R. Tucker


Lauren Burns, Douglas Freeman
Jackie Kemp, Douglas Freeman
Juliana McKean, Douglas Freeman
Sam Fee, Douglas Freeman
Maggie Beckman, Glen Allen
Sara Concepcion, Glen Allen
Lucy Grochulska, Henrico
Hannah York, J.R. Tucker
Paige Strandahl, J.R. Tucker
Lyndsey Gutzmer, Mills Godwin
Caroline Cipolla, Mills Godwin
Paige Franks, Mills Godwin
Morgan Hall, Mills Godwin
Sara Puglisi, Mills Godwin
Meghan Skevington, Deep Run
Lexi Long, Deep Run
McKenna Maier, Deep Run
Maddie Mertsch, Douglas Freeman (GK)

Karson Girvin, Douglas Freeman
Shannon Galt, Douglas Freeman
Renee Jervey, Douglas Freeman
Laine Mumford, Douglas Freeman
Meredith Given, Douglas Freeman
Jeanne Rockwell, Douglas Freeman
Sydney Gore, Glen Allen
Kaylee Anderson, Henrico
Kayla Rose, J.R. Tucker
Caitlin Jaeger, J.R. Tucker
Brittany Bessette, Lee-Davis
Katie Davis, Lee-Davis
Meredith Higginbotham, Mills Godwin
Olivia Isley, Mills Godwin
Emily Fair, Deep Run
Morgan Epperson, Deep Run
Melissa Mancuso, Deep Run
Emma Schwarz, Deep Run
Hannah McLaughlin, Deep Run (GK)

Abby Charleston, Glen Allen
Lauryn Johnson, Henrico
Sarah Halsey, Douglas Freeman
Madison Bradley, Mills Godwin
Emily Gothard, J.R. Tucker
Haven Lakey, Deep Run
Madison Williams, Lee-Davis
Abby Cook, Glen Allen
Ashlyn Doane, Lee-Davis

CONFERENCE 11 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Caroline Cipolla, Mills Godwin
Bill Bartoczek, Douglas Freeman
Ali Toole, Mills Godwin