Tuesday, June 16, 2015

All-5A North Region Teams Announced!

In their entirety here are the 2015 All-5A North Region Teams for Baseball, Softball, Boys and Girls Soccer. Patrick Henry players are noted in bold. Congratulations to all student-athletes on this honor!


Pitcher: Chesdin Harrington, Patrick Henry
Pitcher: Will Brooke, Marshall
Pitcher: Brett Kreyer, Stone Bridge
Catcher: Mitch Blackstone, Marshall
1st Base: William Strong, Patrick Henry
2nd Base: Justin Han, Marshall
3rd Base: Matt Borowski, Marshall
Shortstop: John Callahan, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Justin Robles, Potomac Falls
Outfield: Alex Burke, Potomac
Outfield: Andrew Abbott, Halifax
Outfield: Austin Gregory, North Stafford
DH: Arthur Watts, Halifax
Utility: Dave Mocabee, Stone Bridge

Pitcher: Steven Johel, Marshall
Pitcher: Dave Mocabee, Stone Bridge
Pitcher: Andrew Abbott, Halifax
Catcher: AJ Hart, Patrick Henry
Catcher: Alex Smith, Mountain View
1st Base: Will Kirwin, Freedom
2nd Base: Joey Skov, Tuscarora
2nd Base: Austin Meyer, North Stafford
3rd Base: Ben Davenport, Edison
Shortstop: DG Archer, Albemarle
Outfield: Chris Ginn, Mount Vernon
Outfield: Michael Ludowig, Briar Woods
Outfield: Michael Kuzbel, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Harry D'Antuano, Mountain View
DH: Drew Blevins, Potomac
Utility: Colby Grissom, Halifax


Pitcher: Candace Whittemore, Patrick Henry
Pitcher: Taylor Barnes, Halifax
Catcher: Grace Mattimore, Broad Run
Catcher: Tori Capllonch, Lee
Infield: Paige Mitchell, Patrick Henry
Infield: Arizona Ritchie, Brooke Point
Infield: Hannah Jones, Orange
Infield: Beth Ford, Patrick Henry
Infield: Emily Kenny, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Briana Woody, Patrick Henry
Outfield: Mackenzie Lawter, Halifax
Outfield: Olivia Sappington, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Caylin Spencer, Massaponax
Utility: Stormy Zyzyk, Mount Vernon

Pitcher: Madison Larsen, Marshall
Pitcher: Kayla Brennan, Briar Woods
Catcher: Kaitlin Kean, Albemarle
Catcher: Jordyn Stubbs, Potomac
Infield: Michelle Heinitz, Lee
Infield: Brooke McAllister, Albemarle
Infield: Hailey Mardsen, Brooke Point
Infield: An Smith, Jefferson
Infield: Grace Wild, Potomac Falls
Outfield: Michala Pelligrino, Tuscarora
Outfield: Perla Nichols, Mount Vernon
Outfield: Emily Ajello, Edison
Outfield: Halley McGookin, Brooke Point
Utility: Grayson Radcliffe, Patrick Henry

5A North Region Softball Player of The Year: Paige Mitchell, Patrick Henry
5A North Region Softball Coach of The Year: Shelby Foltz, Patrick Henry 


Forward: Caroline Kerns, Broad Run
Forward: Amy Thompson, Stone Bridge
Forward: Carmen Thomas, Albemarle
Forward: Kennedy Jakubek, Tuscarora
Forward: Mary Grace McGregor, Mountain View
Midfield: Sara Deutsch, Broad Run
Midfield: Jazzy Loredo, Albemarle
Midfield: Anna Heilferty, Stuart
Midfield: Ayan Adu, Briar Woods
Midfield: Kaitlin Bailey, Massaponax
Defense: Lexi Taylor, Broad Run
Defense: Chloe Beverina, Stuart
Defense: Brigitte Deel, Stone Bridge
Defense: Asia Pinckney, Massaponax
Defense: Lydia Hall, Patrick Henry
Goalkeeper: Courtenay Kaplan, Tuscarora

Forward: Alisa Holloway, Edison
Forward: Laura Malacane, Freedom
Forward: Emma Kerns, Broad Run
Forward: Amari Hopkins, Mountain View
Forward: Gabby Nelson, Halifax
Midfield: Carson Nizialek, Freedom
Midfield: Madison Phaneuf, Tuscarora
Midfield: Rayven Connor, Briar Woods
Midfield: Mackenzie Cox, Mountain View
Midfield: Sunny Gelnovatch, Albemarle
Defense: Miranda Rupp, Brooke Point
Defense: Lauren Short, Tuscarora
Defense: Nikki Batt, Briar Woods
Defense: Steph Stahl, Broad Run
Defense: Ashley Jacobs, Massaponax
Goalkeeper: CiCi Keppler, Mountain View


Forward: Abu Koroma, Broad Run
Forward: Marcel Berry, Albemarle
Forward: Justin Carey, Tuscarora
Forward: Milton Juarez, Freedom (Woodbridge)
Forward: Tyriq Wellman, Massaponax
Midfield: Hristo Bustamante, Mount Vernon
Midfield: Jorge Urias, Freedom (Woodbridge)
Midfield: Griffin Cyphers, Stone Bridge
Midfield: Peter Diawuo, Mount Vernon
Midfield: Brendan Moyers, Albemarle
Defense: Fino Essiam, Briar Woods
Defense: Will Mejia, Falls Church
Defense: Jose Ormeno, Edison
Defense: Julian Scoffield, Mountain View
Defense: Jordan Parks, Albemarle
Goalkeeper: Chris Shutler, Briar Woods

Forward: Ivan Rodriguez, Mount Vernon
Forward: Nelson Espinal, Edison
Forward: Andrew Rogers, Massaponax
Forward: Jesus Duran, Albemarle
Forward: Greg Paredes, Freedom (South Riding)
Midfield: Daniel Zeitoun, Briar Woods
Midfield: Arif Biyik, Marshall
Midfield: Tyler Hill, Orange
Midfield: Trent Bailey, Massaponax
Midfield: Karim Zebdi, Broad Run
Defense: Joey Hildebrand, Massaponax
Defense: Brian Weiss, Marshall
Defense: Noah Mazzatenta, Tuscarora
Defense: Nick Rios, Broad Run
Defense: Dennis Lazo, Freedom (Woodbridge)
Goalkeeper: Caleb Herrin, Massaponax

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