Tuesday, November 17, 2015

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Football Team

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for their selection to the All-Conference 20 Football Team.

Center: Aaron Gallagher, Hanover
OL: Miles Scott, Dinwiddie
OL: Mac Patrick, Hanover
OL: Juwan Addison, Monacan
OL: Will Schwartz, Powhatan
TE: Jameko Coleman, Huguenot
WR: K'Vaughan Pope, Dinwiddie
WR: Jack Chenault, Hanover
WR: Dakarai Wilson, Dinwiddie
WR: Gee Ross, Monacan
WR: Jacob Oglesby, Powhatan
RB: Zyan Sturdivant, Dinwiddie
RB: Khalik Hamlin, Monacan
RB: Marcus Bazala, Hanover
QB: Bryce Witt, Dinwiddie
Utility: Marcus Bazala, Hanover
K: Zack Staton, Dinwiddie
KR: Joey Doherty, Midlothian

DE: Timothy Fields, Dinwiddie
DE: Juwan Addison, Monacan
DL: Miles Scott, Dinwiddie
DL: T.J. Jones, Monacan
DL: Jamil Mason, Huguenot
DL: Will Schwartz, Powhatan
LB: Cecil Parham, Dinwiddie
LB: De'Andre Williams, Monacan
LB: Tabb Patrick, Hanover
LB: T.J. Allen, Hanover
DB: Reggie Williams, Dinwiddie
DB: Tyler Flora, Hanover
DB: Diontae Bruce, Monacan
DB: Jacob Oglesby, Powhatan
P: Ivan Jackson, Midlothian
PR: Gee Ross, Monacan
Utility: Marcus Bazala, Hanover

Conference 20 Offensive Player of The Year: Marcus Bazala, Hanover
Conference 20 Defensive Player of The Year: De'Andre Williams, Monacan
Conference 20 Coach of The Year: Derek Stoudt, Hanover

Center: Canaan Mills, Dinwiddie
OL: Joe Fishpaw, Hanover
OL: Jordan Foster, Dinwiddie
OL: Zach Nolan, Midlothian
OL: Ethan Boeding, Hanover
OL: Noah Williams, Huguenot
TE: Tanner Lacey, Hanover
WR: Nate Millar, Midlothian
WR: De'Andre Williams, Monacan
WR: Freddie Vincent, Huguenot
RB: James Lyons, Dinwiddie
RB: Ben Mahone, Hanover
RB: Justin DeLeon, Powhatan
QB: Syour Fludd, Monacan
K: John Dustin, Hanover
KR/Utility: Dakarai Wilson, Dinwiddie
Utility: Freddie Vincent, Huguenot
Utility: Bryce Moore, Midlothian

DE: Michael Wilcox, Hanover
DE: DaVon Clayton, Dinwiddie
DE: Cameron Kerr, Powhatan
DL: Donzell Patterson, Dinwiddie
DL: Alex Dillard, Hanover
DL: Noah Williams, Huguenot
DL: Justin Stoner, Powhatan
LB: Kelvin Azanama, Monacan
LB: Jameko Coleman, Huguenot
LB: K'Vaughan Pope, Dinwiddie
LB: Elijah Johnson, Huguenot
DB: Tye Freeland, Dinwiddie
DB: Gee Ross, Monacan
DB: Brad Barto, Midlothian
DB: Cole Bordonie, Hanover
P: Dakota Hansen, Dinwiddie
PR: Reggie Williams, Dinwiddie
Utility: Dakarai Wilson, Dinwiddie
Utility: Freddie Vincent, Huguenot
Utility: Bryce Moore, Midlothian

Center: Blair Page, Huguenot
OL: Dalton DeMay, Monacan
OL: Travon Wilkerson, Dinwiddie
OL: Chris Bethea, Powhatan
WR: Tye Freeland, Dinwiddie
QB: Clayton Cheatham, Hanover
DE: Xavier Bryson, Hanover
DE: NiQuan Crews, Huguenot
LB: Tanner Lacey, Hanover
LB: Tony Miller, Monacan
DB: Derrick Jones, Dinwiddie
K: Wes Livermon, Powhatan
P: Greg Walker, Huguenot

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