Thursday, June 05, 2014

CONFERENCE 16 HONORS: All-Conference Teams!

Here they are!  The 2014 All-Conference 16 Teams for Baseball, Softball, and Soccer!


Pitcher: William Strong (Patrick Henry)
Pitcher: Chase Wilkerson (Halifax)
Catcher: Tristan Howerton (Halifax)
1st Base: Jacob Nash (Albemarle)
2nd Base: Tyler Starling (Patrick Henry)
3rd Base: Colby Mills (Patrick Henry)
Shortstop: Andrew McCann (Halifax)
Outfielder: D.G. Archer (Albemarle)
Outfielder: Ryan Powell (Halifax)
Outfielder: Trevor Coleman (Orange)
Outfielder: A.J. Hart (Patrick Henry)
DH: Kaleb Campbell (Albemarle)
Utility: Drew Shifflett (Albemarle)

Pitcher: Antonio Murphy (Orange)
Pitcher: Anthony Wood (Albemarle)
Catcher: Tanner Wood (Albemarle)
1st Base: Joe Buehren (Patrick Henry)
2nd Base: Richie Deloria (Albemarle)
3rd Base: Dustin Crews (Halifax)
Shortstop: Chesdin Harrington (Patrick Henry)
Shortstop: Ty Pittman (Albemarle)
Outfielder/DH: Garrett Johnson (Orange)
Outfielder: Josh Irby (Halifax)
Outfielder: Tripp Bennett (Halifax)
Outfielder: Connor Porco (Albemarle)
Utility: Jacob Haney (Orange)

Conference 16 Player of The Year: William Strong, Patrick Henry
Conference 16 Coach of The Year: Kelvin Davis, Halifax


Pitcher: Candace Whittemore (Patrick Henry)
Pitcher: Taylor Barnes (Halifax)
Catcher: Ashley Samuels (Patrick Henry)
Catcher: Ashley Watts (Halifax)
Infielder: Beth Ford (Patrick Henry)
Infielder: Brooke McAllister (Albemarle)
Infielder: Kirsten Doss (Halifax)
Infielder: Kaitlyn Johnson (Orange)
Infielder: Grayson Radcliffe (Patrick Henry)
Outfielder: Kendall Thomas (Patrick Henry)
Outfielder: Kye-Neisha Logan (Halifax)
Outfielder: Ashleigh Williams (Orange)
Outfielder: Briana Woody (Patrick Henry)
Utility: Gabby Spainhour (Halifax)

Pitcher: Hannah Jones (Orange)
Pitcher: Emily McAllister (Albemarle)
Catcher: Kaitlin Kean (Albemarle)
Catcher: Lexy Bledsoe (Orange)
Infielder: Paige Mitchell (Patrick Henry)
Infielder: Katie Taylor (Albemarle)
Infielder: Taylor Hensley (Orange)
Infielder: Tearra Goode (Orange)
Infielder: Michaela Cowell (Orange)
Outfielder: Khouri Turner (Albemarle)
Outfielder: Taylor Prokopis (Patrick Henry)
Outfielder: Alexis Williams (Orange)
Outfielder: Megan Puckett (Halifax)
Utility: Haley Brown (Albemarle)

Conference 16 Player of The Year: Ashley Samuels, Patrick Henry
Conference 16 Coach of The Year: Shelby Webb, Patrick Henry


Forward: Sophia Basso (Patrick Henry)
Forward: Gabby Nelson (Halifax)
Forward: Gabby Medley (Halifax)
Forward: Hannah Eiden (Albemarle)
Forward: Megan Schnell (Albemarle)
Midfielder: Anna Meyers (Patrick Henry)
Midfielder: Lucy Morrison (Halifax)
Midfielder: Jazzy Loredo (Albemarle)
Midfielder: Anne Brady (Albemarle)
Midfielder: Brooke Bauman (Albemarle)
Defender: Johanna Fallin (Patrick Henry)
Defender: Miranda Cowardin (Patrick Henry)
Defender: Lydia Hall (Patrick Henry)
Defender: Abby Davison (Albemarle)
Defender: Raigan Tarkington (Albemarle)
Goalkeeper: Grace Leytham (Albemarle)

Forward: Taylor Lemay (Patrick Henry)
Forward: Hailey McGrain (Patrick Henry)
Forward: Devin Petty (Orange)
Forward: Zahra Boukhari (Orange)
Forward: Jamie Barr (Orange)
Midfielder: Kelsey Nuckols (Patrick Henry)
Midfielder: Anna Bosworth (Orange)
Midfielder: Laine Harrington (Orange)
Midfielder: Mary Popek (Halifax)
Midfielder: Sheila Ford (Albemarle)
Defender: Rebecca Harvey (Orange)
Defender: Maddie Tingen (Halifax)
Defender: Hannah Glass (Halifax)
Defender: Madison Keck-Wilson (Albemarle)
Defender: McKenna Rohm (Albemarle)
Goalkeeper: Sabrina Amos (Halifax)

Conference 16 Player of The Year: Jazzy Loredo, Albemarle
Conference 16 Coach of The Year: Amy Sherrill, Albemarle


Forward: Hunter Johnson (Patrick Henry)
Forward: James Shaw (Patrick Henry)
Forward: Marcel Berry (Albemarle)
Forward: Kevin Salazar (Albemarle)
Forward: Colin Kashmer (Halifax)
Midfielder: Isaac Waggoner (Patrick Henry)
Midfielder: Kyle Vaughan (Patrick Henry)
Midfielder: Griffin Coffey (Albemarle)
Midfielder: Briggs Moyers (Albemarle)
Midfielder: Brendan Moyers (Albemarle)
Defender: Drew Lovinger (Patrick Henry)
Defender: Stephen Spencer (Patrick Henry)
Defender: Kyle Lacks (Halifax)
Defender: Jordan Parks (Albemarle)
Defender: Zach Mayo (Albemarle)
Goalkeeper: Matt Natale (Albemarle)

Forward: Logan Bulthuis (Patrick Henry)
Forward: Dylan Mullican (Patrick Henry)
Forward: Keith Jackson (Patrick Henry)
Forward: Tristan Hynson (Patrick Henry)
Forward: Adonis Krasniqi (Albemarle)
Midfielder: Clay Thomas (Patrick Henry)
Midfielder: Jake Mullican (Patrick Henry)
Midfielder: Keith Crews (Halifax)
Midfielder: Julien Rigaldies (Albemarle)
Midfielder: Tyler Hill (Orange)
Defender: Hunter Davis (Patrick Henry)
Defender: Peter Graf (Patrick Henry)
Defender: Brennan Hynson (Patrick Henry)
Defender: Brandon Claiborne (Halifax)
Defender: Shep Walker (Albemarle)
Goalkeeper: Isak Schafer (Halifax)

Conference 16 Player of The Year: Marcel Berry, Albemarle
Conference 16 Coach of The Year: Jeff Balnave, Albemarle

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