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Monday, December 08, 2014

HONORS: All-4A South Region Football Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes named to the 4A South All-Region Football team! Central Region players are in bold...

C: Lorez Thacker (Lake Taylor)
OL: A.J. Williams (Lake Taylor)
OL: Ian Giddings (Heritage)
OL: Isaiah Fludd (Monacan)
OL: Darnell Ewell (Lake Taylor)
OL: Mac Patrick (Hanover)
TE: Carlos Hinton (Lake Taylor)
WR: Justin Moody (Monacan)
WR: Nhyre Quinerly (Lake Taylor)
WR: Marcus Vanhook (Heritage)
RB: DeShaun Wethington (King's Fork)
RB: Marcus Hawkins (Lake Taylor)
RB: Logan Allen (Powhatan)
QB: Shiheem Johnson (Lake Taylor) (named Player of The Year)
KR: Tyquan Weston (King's Fork)
Utility: Antwaun Hicks (Tabb)

DE: Marquis Poole (Lake Taylor)
DE: John Branch (Dinwiddie)
DL: Jalen Cufee (Lake Taylor)
DL: Isaiah Fludd (Monacan)
DL: Ian Giddings (Heritage)
DL: Malik Wilkins (Dinwiddie)
LB: Dimitri Holloway (Heritage)
LB: Shiheem Johnson (Lake Taylor)
LB: Anfrey Yancey (Lake Taylor)
LB: Jarod Goodwyn (Dinwiddie)
DB: Nhyre Quinerly (Lake Taylor) (named Player of The Year)
DB: Wayne Davis (Lake Taylor)
DB: Denzel Williams (Dinwiddie)
DB: Justin Moody (Monacan)
Utility: Tabb Patrick (Hanover)
P: Grant Keltchner (Tabb)
PR: Logan Allen (Powhatan)
K: Reid King (Grafton)

C: Steffen Bruce (King's Fork)
OL: MaTayis Mitchell (IC Norcom)
OL: Miles Scott (Dinwiddie)
OL: Harry Lewis (Phoebus)
OL: Nelson Sutton (Powhatan)
TE: John Atwood (Tabb)
WR: Cole Blackman (Glen Allen)
WR: Wayne Davis (Lake Taylor)
WR: K'Vaughan Pope (Dinwiddie)
RB: Charles Wiggs (IC Norcom)
RB: Baily Hicks (Tabb)
RB: Donald King (Smithfield)
RB: Malik Vanbrussel (J.R. Tucker)
QB: Clayton Cheatham (Hanover)
KR: Donte Coleman (Glen Allen)
Utility: Michael Warren (Midlothian)

DE: Robert Farmer (IC Norcom)
DE: Josh Bush (King's Fork)
DL: Harry Lewis (Phoebus)
DL: Kevin Sisson (Hanover)
DL: George Reid (King's Fork)
LB: Deandre Williams (Monacan)
LB: Omar Butler (IC Norcom)
LB: Zach Lechthaler (Grafton)
LB: T.J. Allen (Hanover)
DB: Kane Miskel (King's Fork)
DB: Robbie Robinson (Phoebus)
DB: Deverius Brown (IC Norcom)
DB: Tyquan Weston (King's Fork)
Utility/PR: Nhyre Quinerly (Lake Taylor)
Utility: Dimitri Holloway (Heritage)
P: Dakotah Hansen (Dinwiddie)
K: Cody Bell (Dinwiddie)

C: Aaron Gallagher (Hanover)
C: Zach Schiele (Tabb)
OL: Keon Odom (IC Norcom)
OL: Jarrett Hopple (Nansemond River)
WR: Kavani Francois (Heritage)
WR: Douglas Butts (Booker T. Washington)
WR: Elijah Nelson (Phoebus)
WR: Chris Pierce (Smithfield)
WR: Aaron Leonard (Grafton)
RB: Brooks Coombs (Hanover)
QB: Malik Deloatch (Heritage)
KR: James Green (Smithfield)
Utility: Robbie Robinson (Phoebus)
Utility: Terrence Shambry (Deep Creek)

DE: D.J. Peterson (Monacan)
DE: Antwan Hicks (Tabb)
DL: Nelson Sutton (Powhatan)
DL: Kevin Posey (Grafton)
LB: Justice Fauntleroy (Heritage)
LB: Breon Baskerville (Phoebus)
LB: Elijah Goode (Powhatan)
DB: Douglas Butts (Booker T. Washington)
DB: Convon'Tra Revell (Lakeland)
DB: Nick Hunter (Tabb)
DB: Tavaris Noel (Grafton)
DB: Chance Morris (Powhatan)
DB: Malik Scott (Dinwiddie)
DB: Ryan Mallory (Hanover)
PR: Camryn Little (King's Fork)
PR: Malik Vanbrussel (J.R. Tucker)

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