Wednesday, March 28, 2018

NEWS: Herald-Progress Ceases Publication: Our Work Moves Forward

Late Tuesday, employees of Lakeway Publishers, the owner of both the Herald-Progress of Hanover County and The Caroline Progress of Caroline County, were informed that this week's editions would be the last ever published.

Without warning, 137 years of service to Hanover County, and 99 years of service to Caroline County ends. This is the current start reality of the dying world of print journalism. 

As many of you may know, I wrote the sports section for The Herald Progress since December, 2011. Out of that work came an idea to go on Twitter, which merged with this blog to become a website, which begat many other things which are all now under the umbrella of The RVA Sports Network.

So, for the time being, here's what will change, and what won't:

1) Obviously, our sports writing will no longer appear in print in The Herald Progress after the March 29 edition.

2) We will, however, continue to write about the sports of Hanover County, and be free to publish those stories online in a much, much quicker fashion. Rather than collect stories, send them in Monday nights, then have them published on Thursdays, if a game happens Friday night, you can expect a story on it either late Friday night or when you wake up Saturday morning here at This website is about to get very, very busy.

3) Watch for more game and other stories, too, outside Hanover on 

We are committed to you and the stories in Hanover County that deserve to be told for as long as we're able to do so. More news later. 

It goes without saying, but should be shouted: THANK YOU for your incredible support all these years, dating back to the 2002 debut of high school football on WHAN Radio.

Now, onward and forward!

If you'd like to read my personal blog on this issue, just click here.  :)

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