Friday, November 07, 2008

PH must win! Well, almost.....

It's simple going into tonight's game against Hermitage.

PH must win in order to live to play another day. Well.....

A win over Hermitage will put them into the Division 5 Playoffs, most likely at the #4 seed, jumping over Douglas Freeman.

BUT, there is ONE gleam of hope if PH loses tonight.

If Mills Godwin upsets Douglas Freeman tonight at Godwin, PH would slide in as the #4 seed.

My calculations on VHSL points (which will make your hair hurt, BTW) show me Cosby, the current #6 seed, cannot rise above 25.9 in the ratings after tonight, and PH cannot go below 26.2.

So, root for the Patriots; and in the back of your mind as Plan B, root for the Eagles!

Just pretend you are rooting for a team over at Liberty Middle. They're the Eagles, too. :)

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