Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hall, Hoover Honored in 4A All-State Girls Volleyball...

Congratulations to Miranda Hall of the Hanover Hawks, named to the First Team Group 4A All-State Girls Volleyball team today by the Virginia High School League (VHSL) and to her teammate, libero Rebecca Hoover, for being named to the Second Team.

Hall and Hoover were mainstays of a Hanover team that won the Conference 20 regular season title and advanced all the way to the 4A South Region Semifinals this season. Both also will return for the Hawks in 2015. For a complete team list, click HERE.

        (Miranda Hall, First Team Group 4A All-State, Hanover)
    (Rebecca Hoover, Second Team Group 4A All-State, Hanover)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Patrick Henry's All-Conference 16 Fall Honors!

Congratulations to the following student-athletes who attained All-Conference 16 honors in football, field hockey and girls volleyball this past season!

Brooke Flexon (Forward)
Aidan Rossman (Midfield)
Blakemore Winston (Midfield)
Diana Sagal (Defense)
Logan Tinsley (Defense)


Laura Williamson
Kayla Hall

Michelle Jones
Grace Bullock


Eli Hanback (OL)
Zach Allen (OL)
Bender Vaught (RB)

Eli Hanback (DE)
Bender Vaught (LB)
Conall Cavanaugh (All-Purpose)

Brad Gholson (OL)
Kwatayvous Blackwell (RB)
Aaron Henry (WR)
Tyler Sikkar (WR)
Jake Morgan (TE)
Hunter Hart (All-Purpose)

Aubrey Pace (DL)
Neil Terrell (DL)
Keith Jackson (LB)
Jake Morgan (LB)
Cade Harris (DB)
Rashad Mallory (DB)

Conference 16 Player of The Year: Eli Hanback, Patrick Henry
Conference 16 Coach of The Year: Bryan Davis, Patrick Henry

Monday, November 24, 2014

HONORS: All-Conference 11 Football

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being honored with selections to the All-Conference 11 Football Team:


Center: Travon Carter, Hermitage
OL: Demetrius Arties, Highland Springs
OL: Austin Cannon, Atlee
OL: Truvelle Wilson, Henrico
OL: Kemmone Henderson, Hermitage
TE: James Blevins, Douglas Freeman
WR: Ricky Lewis, Mills Godwin
WR: Greg Dortch, Highland Springs
WR: Kaelin Snead, Hermitage
RB: Loumond Dandridge, Atlee
RB: Xavier Goodall, Henrico
RB: Johntae Wilson, Hermitage
QB: Rashad Robinson, Hermitage
Utility: Marcus Taylor, Highland Springs

DE: Tanner Ramey, Atlee
DE: Nic Jones, Hermitage
DL: Tavien Blackwell, Highland Springs
DL: Kevonte Demery, Henrico
DL: Sulaiman Kamara, Hermitage
DL: Daishawn Woodson, Hermitage
LB: K.C. Hinton, Highland Springs
LB: Chad Vanlandingham, Atlee
LB: Kadofi Wright, Henrico
LB: John Kinney, Hermitage
DB: Tramell Carey, Atlee
DB: Tre Heath, Highland Springs
DB: Deshawn Robinson, Henrico
DB: Jaden Miller, Hermitage
P: Jesus Rodriguez, Hermitage
K: Ethan Ratke, Atlee
PR: Greg Dortch, Highland Springs
KR: Marcus Taylor, Highland Springs
Utility: Dallas Carter-Taylor, Hermitage

Conference 11 Offensive Player of the Year: Johntae Wilson, Hermitage
Conference 11 Defensive Player of the Year: Sulaiman Kamara, Hermitage

Center: Thomas Sargeant, Atlee
OL: Malik Waddy, Highland Springs
OL: Cole Simms, Atlee
OL: John Kastner, Mills Godwin
OL: Corey Harris, Hermitage
TE: Isaiah Winstead, Henrico
WR: Tramell Carey, Atlee
WR: Nick Reisenweaver, Lee-Davis
WR: Felton Davis, Highland Springs
RB: K.C. Hinton, Highland Springs
RB: Evan Tyler, Douglas Freeman
RB: Wesley Dugger, Mills Godwin
RB: Kobe Chavis, Henrico
QB: Juwan Carter, Highland Springs

DE: Jordan Owens, Highland Springs
DE: Khris Smith, Henrico
DL: Jake Hendricks, Douglas Freeman
DL: Mason Cooper, Atlee
DL: Aarin Henderson, Highland Springs
DL: Immanuel Lee, Henrico
LB: Tyson Tillar, Highland Springs
LB: Ricky DeBerry, Atlee
LB: Ben Carroll, Mills Godwin
LB: Xavier Goodall, Henrico
DB: Terell Cisneros, Douglas Freeman
DB: Travis Stackhow, Douglas Freeman
DB: Tank Scott, Highland Springs
DB: Dallas Carter, Hermitage
P: Garrett Morgan, Atlee
KR: Ricky Lewis, Mills Godwin
PR: Brandon Crosby, Atlee

Center: Mike Green, Highland Springs
OL: Saije Daniel, Highland Springs
OL: C.J. Tilton, Atlee
OL: Ryan Walter, Douglas Freeman
OL: Jacob Smith, Mills Godwin
WR: Andrew Oostdyk, Douglas Freeman
WR: Zach Jacobs, Atlee
WR: Brandon Crosby, Atlee
RB: Marcus Taylor, Highland Springs
RB: Nathan Evans, Lee-Davis
RB: A.J. Zollar, Atlee
QB: Rashard Harris, Atlee

DE: C.J. Bynum, Highland Springs
DE: Sam Tanner, Lee-Davis
DL: Ben Hinkle, Deep Run
LB: Max Palkovics, Deep Run
LB: Chalin Fairly, Atlee
LB: Nathan Evans, Lee-Davis
LB: Zach Carter, Douglas Freeman
DB: Blake Stattelman, Lee-Davis
DB: D'Andre Walker, Henrico
P: Tank Scott, Highland Springs
K: Andrew Ryan, Douglas Freeman
PR: Kaelin Snead, Hermitage

Friday, November 21, 2014

4A SOUTH FOOTBALL: Directions to Todd Stadium, Newport News

If you're going with RVA Sports Network to Newport News to cheer the Hanover Hawks on in the 4A South Region 2nd Round tonight, directions are below!  REMINDER: the game kicks off, like last week, at 7:30pm.

Hanover High School
10307 Chamberlayne Rd, Mechanicsville, VA 23116
Get on I-295 S in Mechanicsville from US-301 S/VA-2 S/Chamberlayne Rd and Shady Grove Rd
4.9 mi / 7 min
Take I-64 E to VA-143 E/Jefferson Ave in Newport News. Take exit 255-255A-255B from I-64 E
64.0 mi / 56 min
Drive to Warwick Blvd
4.0 mi / 7 min
Merge onto VA-143 E/Jefferson Ave
0.7 mi
Turn right onto Oyster Point Rd
1.0 mi
Turn left onto Warwick Blvd
Destination will be on the right
2.3 mi
Todd Stadium
12465 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, VA 23606

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Football

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 20 Football Team this season:


DE: John Branch, Dinwiddie
DE: D.J. Peterson, Monacan
DE: Blake Johansen, Hanover
DL: Malik Milkins, Dinwiddie
DL: Isaiah Fludd, Monacan
DL: Kevin Sisson, Hanover
LB: Jarod Goodwyn, Dinwiddie
LB: Deandre Williams, Monacan
LB: T.J. Allen, Hanover
LB: Taj Conway, J.R. Tucker
DB: Denzel Williams, Dinwiddie
DB: Malik Scott, Dinwiddie
DB: Justin Moody, Monacan
DB: Ryan Mallory, Hanover
P: Dakotah Hansen, Dinwiddie
PR: Malik VanBrussel, J.R. Tucker
UTILITY: Tabb Patrick, Hanover
                Michael Warren, Midlothian

DE: Dakotah Hansen, Dinwiddie
DL: Juwan Addison, Monacan
DL: Alex Dillard, Hanover
DL: Bryant Bonzali, J.R. Tucker
LB: Cecil Parham, Dinwiddie
LB: Tabb Patrick, Hanover
LB: Nick Parrish, Glen Allen
LB: Michael Warren: Midlothian
DB: Reggie Williams, Dinwiddie
DB: Diontae Bruce, Monacan
DB: Cole Bordonie, Hanover
DB: Isaiah Kneeland, J.R. Tucker
DB: Keyan Gant, Midlothian
PR: Reggie Williams, Dinwiddie

DE: Tahlik Banks, J.R. Tucker
DE: Xavier Bryson, Hanover
DL: Zach Pettit, Midlothian
LB: Robert Gerber, III, Caroline
LB: Kelvin Azanama, Monacan
LB: Tyler Leyden, Monacan
LB: Tanner Lacey, Hanover
DB: JaQuan Monroe, Caroline
DB: Tyree Dorsey, J.R. Tucker
DB: Tristen May, Midlothian
UTILITY: Cecil Parham, Dinwiddie


C: Aaron Gallagher, Hanover
OL: Miles Scott, Dinwiddie
OL: Mac Patrick, Hanover
OL: Isaiah Fludd, Monacan
OL: Dylan Roberts, Caroline
TE: DeAndre Christopher, Caroline
WR: Cole Blackman, Glen Allen
WR: Justin Moody, Monacan
WR: K'Vaughan Pope, Dinwiddie
RB: Denzel Williams, Dinwiddie
RB: Malik VanBrussel, J.R. Tucker
QB: Clayton Cheatham, Hanover
K: Cody Bell, Dinwiddie
KR: Dante Coleman, Glen Allen
UTILITY: Michael Warren, Midlothian

C: Canaan Mills, Dinwiddie
OL: Joe Fishpaw, Hanover
OL: Ethan Boeding, Hanover
OL: Ryan Ripley, Glen Allen
OL: Juwan Addison, Monacan
TE: Bryant Bonzali, J.R. Tucker
WR: Dakarai Wilson, Dinwiddie
WR: Marcus Bazala, Hanover
WR: JaQuan Monroe, Caroline
RB: Khalik Hamlin, Monacan
RB: Taj Conway, J.R. Tucker
RB: Michael Warren, Midlothian
QB: Bryce Witt, Dinwiddie
UTILITY: Marcus Bazala, Hanover

C: Daulton DeMay, Monacan
WR: Le'Ron Gales, Monacan
WR: T.J. Little, Monacan
RB: James Johnson, Glen Allen
RB/KR: Travaughan Cooper, Dinwiddie
QB: Syour Fludd, Monacan
KR: Keyan Gant, Midlothian
UTILITY: JaQuan Monroe, Caroline
                Khalik Hamlin, Monacan

Conference 20 Offensive Player of The Year: Clayton Cheatham, Hanover
Conference 20 Defensive Player of The Year: Denzel William, Dinwiddie
Conference 20 Coach of The Year: Jim Henderson, Monacan

HONORS: All-5A South Region Boys and Girls Volleyball Teams

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for their achievement on being named to the 2014 All-5A South Region Boys and Girls Volleyball Teams!


Alex Toben, Princess Anne
Kendyll Brown, Lee-Davis
Emily Plumlee, Hickory
Elizabeth Britton, Clover Hill
Melanie Snyder, Atlee
Alyssa Presto, Princess Anne
Reilly King, Kellam
Jordan Martin, Lee-Davis
Margaret Latchford, Princess Anne (Libero)

Anna Soroka, Lee-Davis
Maddie French, Atlee
Katie Piper, Kellam
MacKenzie Brewer, Mills Godwin
Abby Bottomley, Princess Anne
Leah Dillard, Douglas Freeman
Christina Booth, Great Bridge
Lache Harper, L.C. Bird
Rianna Riccardi, Lee-Davis (Libero)

Tatum Kendall, Deep Run
Erin Parks, Hickory
Savannah Marshall, Kellam
Jessica Calvert, Salem
Ashley Williams, Green Run
Michelle Holtje, Great Bridge
Elli Lawrence, Warwick
Emily Sutton, Hickory
Angelica Brooks-Taylor, Warwick
Ally Evans, Manchester
Erica Wilson, Prince George
Jerrica Fegans, L.C. Bird
Cheyenne Eaglin, Clover Hill
Taylor Patterson, Matoaca
Lexi Lyons, Prince George
Hannah Znotes, Clover Hill (Libero)

5A South Region Co-Players of The Year: Alex Toben (Princess Anne) & Kendyll Brown (Lee-Davis)
5A South Region Coach of The Year: Craig Dooren (Princess Anne)


Kyle Barnes, Princess Anne
James Knight, Hickory
Craig Nelms, Deep Run
Patrick Sanders, Clover Hill
Courtland Scharenborg, Princess Anne
Shane Linbaugh, Maury
Chase Howard, Princess Anne
Christian Taylor, Deep Run
Tyler Mead, Deep Run (Libero)

Jeremy Eye, Atlee
Coleman McClellan, Douglas Freeman
Julian Young, Clover Hill
Charlie Seerden, Maury
Alex Rae, Atlee
Spencer West, Mills Godwin
Collin Scott, Kellam
Davis King, Maury
Joseph Atkins, Kellam (Libero)

Bryce Gatling, Norview
Lance Marshall, Lee-Davis
Chase Buchanan, Patrick Henry
Edward Carbaugh, Indian River
Zach French, Indian River
Mitchell Kangas, Great Bridge
Matt Montague, Hickory
Jackson Parker, Great Bridge
Jack Popelka, Great Bridge
Brace Brillhart, Indian River
Nick Murphy, Manchester
Sam Burch, Prince George
Alex Flickinger, Prince George
Teddy Lutge, Clover Hill
Andrew Price, Clover Hill
Brian McGee, Clover Hill

5A South Region Player of The Year: Kyle Barns, Princess Anne
5A South Region Coach of The Year: Jeff Pye, Maury

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Lee-Davis heads north, while Atlee and Hanover go east for 5A State Volleyball Semifinal action on Tuesday night. Here's what you need to know if you're going!

5A STATE GIRLS VOLLEYBALL SEMIFINAL: Lee-Davis at Briar Woods, 7pm, Ashburn, VA

TICKETS: $10 (available at the match, or check with the Lee-Davis office)

--Take I-295 to the I-95 interchange, get on I-95 North, proceed 76 miles
--Take Exit 160B for VA-123 North (Gordon Blvd.) in Woodbridge, proceed 10.3 miles
--Exit right onto VA-286 North (Fairfax County Pkwy) in Burke, proceed 8.1 miles
--After crossing I-66, Exit right onto US-50 West (Lee-Jackson Memorial Highway), proceed 8.3 miles
--Turn right onto VA-606 East (Loudoun County Parkway), proceed 0.9 miles
--Turn left onto VA-621, proceed 1.1 miles. During this time, 621 and 659 merge.
--Turn right to stay on VA-659, proceed 2.7 miles
--Take two additional lefts to get into the school parking lot

Address of Briar Woods HS is 22525 Belmont Ridge Rd, Ashburn, VA 20148

5A STATE BOYS VOLLEYBALL SEMIFINAL: Atlee at Princess Anne, 5pm, Virginia Beach, VA

TICKETS: $10 (available at the match, or check with the Atlee office)

--Take I-295 to Exit 28, merge onto I-64 East, proceed for 84 miles
--Take Exit 284 for I-264 East, proceed 3 miles
--Take Exit 17B for South Independence Blvd, proceed half-mile
--Turn right on Virginia Beach Blvd, proceed .6 mile, make U-Turn

Address of Princess Anne HS is 4400 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

4A STATE BOYS VOLLEYBALL SEMIFINAL: Hanover at Deep Creek, 7pm, Chesapeake, VA

TICKETS: $10 (available at the match, or check with the Hanover office)

--Take I-295 to Exit 28, merge onto I-64 East, proceed for 64 miles
--Take Exit 264 for I-664 South, proceed through tunnel, stay on 664 until it meets up with the back end of I-64 in Chesapeake at mile marker 299.
--Go three miles on I-64 to Exit 296, then turn right on US Business 17, stay in right lane
--Immediately turn right on Margaret Booker Drive, drive 1/3 mile to the school.

Address of Deep Creek HS is 2900 Margaret Booker Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23323

Saturday, November 15, 2014


4A South Region First Round: Hanover 32, Tabb 14

Clayton Cheatham runs wild again, this time for 257 yards and four scores, including a 97-yard second half touchdown run as the #7 seeded Hawks defeated #10 Tabb. The victory, in which the Hawks led the entire game, propels Hanover into a showdown at #2 Heritage/Newport News next week. Hanover, now 8-3, has won at least one playoff game in each of the last six seasons.

5A North Region First Round: Potomac 31, Patrick Henry 28

A valiant effort in Dumfries falls just short as the Patriots' five-game winning streak, and season, both come to an end. The lead went back and forth the entire game with the Panthers taking the lead for good on a touchdown with 2:45 to play. Patrick Henry finishes 6-5, their first winning season since 2008, and though they will lose key pieces to this year's puzzle, plenty of talent returns, and Bryan Davis has a full off-season to work with them. Patrick Henry will face a much tougher regular season schedule next year moving to the Capital District, but Davis will have the Patriots ready for the challenge.

5A South Central Sub-Region First Round: L.C. Bird 34, Atlee 13

For the second year in a row, the Raiders saw their season end on a frigid night in Chester, and, for the second straight year, it was the Skyhawks rushing attack that did the Raiders in. Atlee, playing without Ricky DeBerry, couldn't stop Stephen Mines, who rushed for 244 yards and three touchdowns. Former Hanover standout Jalen Elliott completed five of eight passes for 143 yards and two scores, both to wideout Tyler Wilkins, who caught all five completions.  Loumond Dandridge was held to 22 yards on 12 carries as Atlee ended its season at 8-3, and still trying to find that signature win that would put them in the same category in Central Region lore with the likes of L.C. Bird, Hermitage, and Varina.

NEXT WEEK: 4A South Region Second Round: #7 Hanover at #2 Heritage/Newport News, Friday, Time TBA

Friday, November 14, 2014


5A NORTH: #10 PATRICK HENRY (6-4) at #7 POTOMAC (5-5), 7:30pm: For the first time since November 23, 2007, the Patriots take the field in a postseason game. Once playoff staples, the Patriots clinched just their first winning season in six years with a 23-21 road win at fellow playoff team Douglas Freeman last Friday. The Panthers won three of their last four games to clinch home-field for tonight's game. Bender Vaught will need to exceed the rushing output of the Panthers' Mike Hawkins, winning the war on the line of scrimmage, while freshman quarterback Hunter Hart needs mistake-free football. The winner gets the winner of the #15 Brooke Point and #2 undefeated Massaponax next Friday.

5A SOUTH: #5 ATLEE (8-2) at #4 L.C. BIRD (8-2), 7pm: Rematch of the 2013 5A South Central Championship (5A State Quarterfinal), won by the Skyhawks 46-10 en route to their second straight state championship. Last year's game was closer than most people think, though the Raiders never had a legitimate chance to win. This season, head coach Roscoe Johnson, his staff, and returning players know exactly what to expect in Chester, how the atmosphere is, and how to plan for the cold weather. The Raiders desperately need four quarters of solid football, which has been hard to come by this season. They cannot afford, for example, the uneven performance of last week's first half against Lee-Davis. Rashard Harris needs his best game passing, turnovers must be limited, and we know the Bird defense will swarm Loumond Dandridge in order to force someone else to make big plays. Who will be the player to step up?  Winner gets the winner of #8 Meadowbrook and #1 Highland Springs.

(NOTE: Atlee at L.C. Bird can be heard LIVE on WHAN 102.9 FM and HERE on this website by clicking the link at the top of the page beginning at 6:30pm!)

4A SOUTH: #10 TABB (7-3) at #7 HANOVER (7-3), 7:30pm: Though there are many, many pieces to the puzzle of success for Hanover this season, and certainly their four-game winning streak down the stretch, one cannot help but look at the impression made by the performance of sophomore quarterback Clayton Cheatham. The only loss hung on him under center was Week 4 at Highland Springs, when, trailing 20-0 in the fourth quarter, his hand met a Springers' defender's helmet in mid-throw, causing him to miss the next two games. Hanover lost them both (Atlee, Henrico), and were 3-3 with no assurances of a ninth straight postseason appearance. Cheatham returned and the Hawks have been on a roll. Of important note, the Hawks defense is stingy, having allowed 20 points or more just twice this season, giving up just 14.2 points per game all year. Tonight, they'll have to contain senior tailback Antwuan Hicks, who averages just over 100 yards per game and can stretch the field as a receiver as well.  Winner gets the winner of #15 Churchland and #2 Heritage of Newport News next Friday.

Follow @hanoversports on Twitter for updates all night long as the playoffs begin!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finally: Lee-Davis Girls Volleyball Clinches 5A State Berth....

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Not anymore.

The Lee-Davis Confederates girls volleyball team are headed to the 5A State Championship Tournament by virtue of their four-set victory Wednesday night over Mills Godwin, their third win of the season over the Eagles, in the 5A South Region Semifinals at Meadowbrook High School.

It was a team effort, with Kendyll Brown setting the pace early in the middle, Rachel Gaston and Jordan Martin making their mark on the outside later after the Confederates lost their first set to the Eagles all season in set two, 25-20.

Martin told RVA Sports Network her team took the Eagles too lightly after the 25-14 set one victory, and turned up the intensity in set 3, retaking the lead with a dominant performance winning 25-11.

Then the Confederates withstood one final push by Godwin late in set four to win the match, and the berth in Tuesday's 5A State Semifinals. Lee-Davis will host the match if they win the 5A South Region Championship Thursday at 5pm against Princess Anne. If they lose, they would travel on Tuesday night.

To watch our interview with Martin and Carley Tate post-match, CLICK HERE.
To watch Match Point, CLICK HERE.

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Boys & Girls Volleyball

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for their recognition on the All-Conference 20 Boys and Girls Volleyball teams! All-Academic honors are denoted with (*).


Miranda Hall--Hanover*
Leila Haynesworth--Hanover*
Lauren Wells--Glen Allen*
Ashley Condrey--Midlothian*
Myah Massenburg--Glen Allen*
Lauryn Basl--Midlothian*
Rebecca Hoover--Hanover* (Libero)

Kyrsten Kennedy--Glen Allen*
Breanna Ragland--Monacan*
Kendall Pully--Hanover*
Amber Arnold--Midlothian*
Kylie Tuxford--Hanover
Taylor Ampy--Midlothian*
Kelsey Rose--J.R. Tucker*
Kelly Drash--Glen Allen (Libero)

Erin Edwards--Monacan*
Kailey Kennedy--Glen Allen*
Allie Dry--Hanover*
Ashton Hughes--Hanover*
Savannah Pitts--Caroline*
Kirstyn Hall--Midlothian*
Kara Deppe--J.R. Tucker*

Conference 20 Player of The Year: TIE: Lauren Wells, Glen Allen and Miranda Hall, Hanover
Conference 20 Coach of The Year: Karl Lippa, Hanover


John Atwood--Hanover*
Michael Ball--Midlothian*
Mason Rawls--Monacan*
Max Johnson--Midlothian*
Jason Payne--J.R. Tucker*
Eliott Sledd--Hanover*
Wilson Yang--Glen Allen* (Libero)

Hunter Mills--Glen Allen*
Bryce Butler--Monacan*
Kevin Nguyen--Glen Allen*
Lee Olenyik--Hanover*
Mason Cox--Midlothian*
Nick Spichiger--Midlothian
Brian Stephen--Hanover* (Libero)

Garrett Carson--Monacan*
Adam Fano--Glen Allen*
Corban Jungers--J.R. Tucker*
Gordon Quach--J.R. Tucker*
Giles VanHuss--Hanover*

Conference 20 Player of The Year--John Atwood, Hanover
Conference 20 Coach of The Year--Hilary Cassil, Hanover

Sunday, November 09, 2014

PH: Directions to Potomac High School for 5A North Region Football


1) Go to Interstate 95 North, take 58 miles to Exit 152-A to merge onto VA-234 S/Dumfries Road.

2) Drive 3/4 mile, turn left onto Route 1 North.

3) Travel 1.2 miles, then turn left onto Panther Pride Drive. The school will be on the left.

Saturday, November 08, 2014


Patrick Henry 23, Douglas Freeman 21: Logan Bulthuis nailed a 33-yard field goal midway through the third quarter, then the Patriots blocked a would-be game-clinching field goal as Douglas Freeman fell by two points. The Patriots have now won five in a row and are projected as the #10 seed in the 5A North playoffs, to be matched with #7 Potomac Falls next Friday night. This is the first winning regular season for Patrick Henry since 2008; Friday will be the first postseason game for the Patriots since November 23, 2007.

Atlee 63, Lee-Davis 35: The Confederates (2-8) led at intermission 21-7 thanks to converting seven of nine third downs in the first half. But the Raiders (8-2) went on a roll, with special teams leading the way. Back-to-back blocked punts led to two scores, and a Chalin Fairly interception in the end zone extended the lead. Loumond Dandridge rushed for 232 yards and four touchdowns to finish with 1,109 yards in the regular season. Atlee is projected as the #5 seed in 5A South Central and will go to #4 LC Bird in a rematch of last year's 5A South Central championship game won by the Skyhawks 46-10.

Hanover 48, Glen Allen 16: Since his return, Clayton Cheatham has led his team to four straight victories and a projected #7 seed in the 4A South Region playoffs, where they will face #10 Tabb at home next Friday. The Hawks finish 7-3, and wonder what might have been had Cheatham not been injured in their Week 4 loss to Highland Springs.

Friday, November 07, 2014

VOLLEYBALL: 4A South Western Section Boys Bracket

Here is the bracket for next week's tournament. The winner advances to a State 4A Semifinal on November 18th.

Western Section Semifinals:

Maggie Walker GS at Hanover, Tuesday, 6pm
Midlothian at Colonial Heights, Tuesday, 6pm

Western Section Final: Thursday 11/13, 6pm at higher seed.

Hanover is the overall #1 seed.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Field Hockey Team

Congratulations to the following student-athletes honored as All-Conference 20 in Field Hockey. All-Academic honorees are denoted by an (*):


Michelle Knizner--Hanover*
Marissa Raper--Maggie Walker GS*
Laura Fuhr--Maggie Walker GS*
Allison Gonzalez--Midlothian*
Sophia Richie--Midlothian*

Paige Lambert--Hanover*
Eliza Bellamy--Maggie Walker*
Catherine Leahy--Maggie Walker*
Nora Mulroy--Midlothian*
Bella Urcia--Midlothian*

Claudia Clark--Hanover*
Taylor Rice--Monacan*
Leah Jones--J.R. Tucker*
Tierney Whelan--Maggie Walker*
Frankie Urcia--Midlothian*

Tallie Hausser--Maggie Walker*


Hannah Crawford--Caroline*
Danielle Gilmore--Monacan*
Austyn Faries--Monacan*
Traci Yuen--J.R. Tucker*
Abby Vandergriff--Glen Allen*
Victoria Platea--Glen Allen*

Brennan Allen--Hanover*
Lexie Will--Monacan*
Rachel Wilson--J.R. Tucker*
Rose Wyant--J.R. Tucker*
Kara Hayes--Hopewell*

Amy Antigha--J.R. Tucker*
Kimberly Cox--Glen Allen*

Katie Howard--J.R. Tucker

CONFERENCE 20 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Eliza Bellamy, Maggie Walker GS
CONFERENCE 20 COACH OF THE YEAR: Paige Hawkins, Maggie Walker GS

Claudia Reinhardt--Monacan
Cassandra Cooper--Caroline
Courtney Cooke--Monacan
Shelby Vandergriff-Glen Allen
Taylor Henderson--Hopewell

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

HISTORY: Atlee Clinches First-Ever Trip To State Field Hockey Tournament....

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Not anymore.

The Atlee field hockey team, in their 13th season of existence, finally broke through for the first, and second, regional playoff victories in school history, the second, a 4-0 win over Manchester tonight in the 5A South Region Semifinals, clinched a trip to the State 5A Final Four November 14th in Virginia Beach.

Hayley Anna scored all four goals for Atlee (15-5), two early in the first half, then two more after intermission, goals she told RVA Sports Network were not hers, but due to team effort.

Atlee will face the winner of the Gloucester/Princess Anne match to be held Thursday night for the 5A South Region Championship Friday at 6pm at the National Training Center in Virginia Beach. They return to that location Friday, November 14th for a 10am match in the 5A State Semifinals.

Alyssa Cox said it feels amazing to hear the term "State Tournament", and felt that this, her senior year, would be a special season.

CLICK HERE to watch our interview with Anna, Alyssa Cox, and Hannah Grasberger!


Conference 11 Volleyball Semifinals:

#1 Atlee 3, #5 Lee-Davis 0
#3 Deep Run 3, #2 Douglas Freeman 2

Conference 11 Championship: #3 Deep Run vs. #1 Atlee, 7pm, Wednesday, Godwin HS

#1 Lee-Davis 3, #4 Atlee 0
#3 Mills Godwin 3, #2 Deep Run 2

Conference 11 Championship: #3 Mills Godwin vs. #1 Lee-Davis, 5pm, Wednesday, Godwin HS

NOTE: Tonight's semifinal winners all advance to 5A South Region play next week.

Conference 20 Volleyball Semifinals:

#3 Hanover 3, #2 Glen Allen 2
#1 Midlothian 3, #4 Monacan 0

Conference 20 Championship: #3 Hanover vs. #1 Midlothian, 8pm, Thursday, Monacan HS

NOTE: Hanover, Midlothian advance to 4A South Regional; Girls Semifinals are Wednesday night.


5A South Region Quarterfinals:
Atlee 4, Matoaca 1
Manchester 1, Henrico 0

5A South Region Semifinal: Manchester vs. Atlee, 6:30pm Tuesday at River City SportsPlex. Winner advances to 5A State Tournament in Virginia Beach on November 14th...

Monday, November 03, 2014

NEW VHSL Football Standings

Here they are, all of the latest VHSL Football standings for the RVA Sports Network coverage area with one week left in the regular season!

6A SOUTH (Top 8 teams from Conferences 3/4 make one of two Sub-Regions)

1) C.D. Hylton (31.889)
2) Thomas Dale (31.222)
3) Colonial Forge (30.222)
4) Forest Park (29.333)
5T) Cosby (27.889)
      PH-Roanoke (27.889)
7) Riverbend (27.000
8) James River (26.333)
9) Varina (25.889)
10) Woodbridge (25.444)

5A SOUTH (Top 8 teams from Conferences 11/12 make one of two Sub-Regions)

1) Highland Springs (33.778)
2) Hermitage (32.222)
3) Manchester (31.556)
4) L.C. Bird (30.889)
5) Atlee (29.778)
6) Douglas Freeman (27.222)
7) Henrico (27.000)
8) Meadowbrook (26.444)
9) Matoaca (23.556)
10) Mills Godwin (23.444)
11) Prince George (21.556)
12) Lee-Davis (20.667)

(NOTE: If 5A South were Top 16 "all-in" format, Matoaca would be in at #16...)

5A NORTH (Top 16 teams make playoffs in "all-in" format):

1) Tuscarora (33.444)
2) Massaponax (32.222)
3) Stone Bridge (30.778)
4) Broad Run (28.667)
5) Briar Woods (28.000)
6) Falls Church (27.556)
7) Wakefield (25.444)
8) North Stafford (24.900) (season complete)
9) Potomac (24.889)
10) Potomac Falls (24.333)
11) Halifax County (23.556)
12) Patrick Henry-Ashland (23.333)
13T) Mountain View (23.111)
        Freedom/PW (23.111)
15) Brooke Point (22.444)
16) Thomas Edison (21.889)
17) Robert E. Lee/Staunton (21.667)
18) Albemarle (21.111)
19) Orange (19.556)

4A SOUTH (Top 16 teams make playoffs in "all-in" format):

1) Lake Taylor (31.333)
2) Heritage/Newport News (31.100) (season complete)
3) Phoebus (28.200) (season complete)
4T) Powhatan (27.444)
      Monacan (27.444)
6T) Hanover (27.333)
       I.C. Norcom (27.333)
8) King's Fork (26.778)
9) Dinwiddie (25.556)
10) Grafton (23.667)
11) Nansemond River (23.556)
12) Tabb (23.333)
13) Booker T. Washington (22.250)
14) Churchland (21.556)
15) Lakeland (21.444)
16) Denbigh (21.300) (season complete)
17) Woodrow Wilson (20.778)
18) Smithfield (20.556)
19) Midlothian (19.400) (season complete)
20) J.R. Tucker (19.222)

3A EAST (Top 16 make playoffs in "all-in" format):

1) Lafayette (28.556)
2) Loudoun Valley (26.333)
3) James Monroe (25.889)
4) Poquoson (25.667)
5) Kettle Run (25.556)
6T) Armstrong (23.556)
       John Champe (23.556)
8) Hopewell (23.222)
9) Skyline (23.000) (season complete)
10) York (22.556)
11) William Monroe (21.222)
12) Petersburg (20.667)
13) Colonial Heights (18.111)
14) Culpeper County (18.000) (season complete)
15) Huguenot (17.778)
16) Southampton (17.444)
17T) Thomas Jefferson (17.333)
        John Marshall (17.333)
        Warren County (17.222)
20) Brentsville District (17.111)
21T) Warhill (16.889)
        New Kent (16.889)
23) Park View/South Hill (16.444)

2A EAST (Top 16 make playoffs in "all-in" format):

1) Riverheads (25.667)
2) Wilson Memorial (24.778)
3) Nottoway (24.556)
4) Goochland (24.125)
5) Brunswick (23.875)
6) Clarke County (23.778)
7) East Rockingham (22.111)
8) Strasburg (20.222)
9) King William (20.111)
10) Luray (19.889)
11) Robert E. Lee (19.111)
12) Ameila (19.000)
13) Nandua (18.200) (season complete)
14) Buffalo Gap (17.333)
15) Prince Edward (17.000)
16) Bruton (16.778)

1A EAST (Top 16 in, area teams only listed):

1T) Washington & Lee (24.778)
       Essex (24.778)
7) Central Lunenburg (20.778)
8) Sussex Central (20.333)
15) West Point (14.000)
16) Charles City (13.000)
17) Cumberland (12.333)
18) King & Queen (11.222)

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Lee-Davis Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2015 Announced!

The following standout athletes have been selected for induction into the 2015 Lee-Davis Athletic Hall of Fame:

Aaron Bradley (Wrestling, Class of 1996)
Adam Burke (Football, Indoor/Outdoor Track, Class of 1996)
Kathy Howard (Indoor/Outdoor Track, Class of 2006)
Wade Hughes (Football, Basketball, Track, Class of 1969)
Phillip "Turtle" Zaun (Football, Baseball, Class of 1984)

The honorees will be inducted at a banquet on Friday, January 23rd at the school and will be honored at halftime of the Lee-Davis/Glen Allen boys basketball game that evening.

Congratulations to the second class to be inducted into the Lee-Davis Athletic Hall of Fame!

Updated Conference 11, 20 Volleyball Tournament Brackets



First Round Results:
#5 Lee-Davis 3, #4 Mills Godwin 0
#3 Deep Run 3, #6 Hermitage 0

Semifinals (Monday at Deep Run HS):
#5 Lee-Davis vs. #1 Atlee, 5pm (Raiders swept season series 2-0)
#3 Deep Run vs. #2 Douglas Freeman, 7pm (teams split season series 1-1; Wildcats won 2-0 at VVS 8/30)

Championship (Wednesday at Mills Godwin HS):
Semifinal Winners at 7pm


First Round Results:
#4 Atlee 3, #5 Douglas Freeman 0
#3 Mills Godwin 3, #6 Hermitage 0

Semifinals (Monday at Mills Godwin HS):
#4 Atlee vs. #1 Lee-Davis, 5pm (Confederates swept season series 2-0)
#3 Mills Godwin vs. #2 Deep Run, 7pm (teams split season series, 1-1)

Championship (Wednesday at Mills Godwin HS):
Semifinal Winners at 5pm



First Round Results:
#4 Monacan 3, #5 J.R. Tucker 0
#3 Hanover 3, #6 Dinwiddie 0

Semifinals (Monday at Monacan HS):
#3 Hanover vs. #2 Glen Allen, 6pm (Jaguars swept season series 2-0)
#4 Monacan vs. #1 Midlothian, 7:30pm (Trojans swept season series 2-0)

Championship (Thursday at Monacan HS):
Semifinal Winners at 8pm


First Round Results:
#4 J.R. Tucker 3, #5 Dinwiddie 0
#3 Midlothian 3, #6 Monacan 0

Semifinals (Wednesday at Monacan HS):
#4 J.R. Tucker vs. #1 Hanover, 6pm (Hawks won regular season match 3-0)
#3 Midlothian vs. #2 Glen Allen, 7:30pm (Jaguars won regular season match 3-1)

Championship (Thursday at Monacan HS):
Semifinal Winners at 6pm

Saturday, November 01, 2014


#1 Highland Springs 65, #5 Atlee 37 (Raiders fall to 7-2, host Lee-Davis in traditional regular season finale next week looking to clinch #5 seed in 5A South Central)

#10 Hanover 24, Varina 19 (First-ever win for Hanover at Varina, Hawks move to 6-3, will host Glen Allen next week, playoffs after that in 4A South)

Patrick Henry 42, Deep Run 27 (Fourth win in a row for the Patriots, now 5-4 and all but assured of their first playoff berth since 2007; go to Douglas Freeman next Friday)

Armstrong 22, Lee-Davis 21 (missed extra point dooms Confederates, who get in the red zone in the final 90 seconds but cannot score, falling to 2-7 ahead of trip to Atlee next Friday.)