Tuesday, June 30, 2015

UPDATED (7/7): Latest American Legion Baseball Standings, Scores, Schedules...


Monday July 6:
Lakeside Post 125F at Mechanicsville Post 175, ppd, rain
Powhatan Post 201 at Colonial Heights Post 284B, ppd, rain (now part of doubleheader 7/8)
West End Post 361 6, Midlothian Post 186 5

Tuesday July 7:
Powhatan Post 201 15, Lakeside Post 125 5 (7 innings)
Mechanicsville Post 175 13, West End Post 361 2 (7 innings)
South Richmond Post 137 14, Lakeside Post 125F 2
Colonial Heights Post 284B 5, Midlothian Post 186 2

Mechanicsville Post 175: 8-1
Colonial Heights Post 284P: 8-3
Colonial Heights Post 284B: 5-2
West End Post 361: 8-4
South Richmond Post 137: 5-4
Lakeside Post 125: 4-5
Powhatan Post 201: 4-5
Midlothian Post 186: 2-9
Lakeside Post 125F: 1-12


Wednesday July 8:
Powhatan Post 201 at Colonial Heights Post 284B, doubleheader, 6pm (change)
Mechanicsville Post 175 at Midlothian Post 186, 7pm
South Richmond Post 137 at West End Post 361, 7pm (MG from 6/20)

Thursday July 9:
Lakeside Post 125F at West End Post 361, 7pm
Lakeside Post 125 at Midlothian Post 186, 7pm
Powhatan Post 201 at Colonial Heights Post 284P, 7pm

Friday July 10:
Colonial Heights Post 284B at South Richmond Post 137 (Doubleheader), time TBA
Mechanicsville Post 175 at Powhatan Post 201, 7pm
Colonial Heights Post 284P at Lakeside Post 125, 7pm

Saturday July 11:
Midlothian Post 186 at Powhatan Post 201, 7pm
South Richmond Post 137 at Lakeside Post 125, 7pm
Colonial Heights Post 284B at Colonial Heights Post 284P, 1pm
Colonial Heights Post 284P at Mechanicsville Post 175, 7pm
West End Post 361 at Colonial Heights Post 284B, 7pm

Game Locations:
Mechanicsville Post 175--Atlee HS
Lakeside Post 125 and 125F--Douglas Freeman HS
West End Post 361--Hermitage HS
Powhatan Post 201--Powhatan HS
Midlothian Post 186--Rockwood Park
South Richmond Post 137--LC Bird HS
Colonial Heights Post 284P and B--Shepherd Stadium

Sunday, June 28, 2015

American Legion Baseball (UPDATED SUNDAY)

The heavy rains have done a number on American Legion District 11 scheduling. Here is a look at the last few days, current standings and schedule.


Sunday June 28:
Colonial Heights Post 284P 5, South Richmond Post 137 2
Mechanicsville Post 175 12, West End Post 361 7
Powhatan Post 201 14, Lakeside Post 125F 0
Lakeside Post 125 at Colonial Heights Post 284B, postponed to Tuesday July 14th

Monday June 29:
Midlothian Post 186 9, Lakeside Post 125F 1
West End Post 361 6, South Richmond Post 137 1

Colonial Heights Post 284P: 7-1
Mechanicsville Post 175: 4-1
Colonial Heights Post 284B: 3-1
Lakeside Post 125: 2-1
West End Post 361: 4-2
Powhatan Post 201: 3-2
South Richmond Post 137: 2-4
Midlothian Post 186: 1-6
Lakeside Post 125F: 1-9

Tuesday June 30:
Lakeside Post 125 at Lakeside Post 125F, 7pm
Midlothian Post 186 at South Richmond Post 137, 7pm
Powhatan Post 201 at West End Post 361, 7pm
Colonial Heights Post 284B at Mechanicsville Post 175, 7pm

Wednesday July 1:
All-Star Game for Underclassmen, 7pm at Douglas Freeman HS

Thursday July 2:
Midlothian Post 186 at Lakeside Post 125, 7pm
Powhatan Post 201 at South Richmond Post 137, 7pm
Colonial Heights Post 284P at West End Post 361, 7pm
Lakeside Post 125F at Mechanicsville Post 175, 7pm

Friday July 3 (Doubleheaders):
Lakeside Post 125 at West End Post 361, 5:30pm
Colonial Heights Post 284P at Colonial Heights Post 284B, 6pm

Game Locations:
Mechanicsville Post 175--Atlee HS
Lakeside Post 125 and 125F--Douglas Freeman HS
West End Post 361--Hermitage HS
Powhatan Post 201--Powhatan HS
Midlothian Post 186--Rockwood Park
South Richmond Post 137--LC Bird HS
Colonial Heights Post 284P and B--Shepherd Stadium

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

All-5A North Region Teams Announced!

In their entirety here are the 2015 All-5A North Region Teams for Baseball, Softball, Boys and Girls Soccer. Patrick Henry players are noted in bold. Congratulations to all student-athletes on this honor!


Pitcher: Chesdin Harrington, Patrick Henry
Pitcher: Will Brooke, Marshall
Pitcher: Brett Kreyer, Stone Bridge
Catcher: Mitch Blackstone, Marshall
1st Base: William Strong, Patrick Henry
2nd Base: Justin Han, Marshall
3rd Base: Matt Borowski, Marshall
Shortstop: John Callahan, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Justin Robles, Potomac Falls
Outfield: Alex Burke, Potomac
Outfield: Andrew Abbott, Halifax
Outfield: Austin Gregory, North Stafford
DH: Arthur Watts, Halifax
Utility: Dave Mocabee, Stone Bridge

Pitcher: Steven Johel, Marshall
Pitcher: Dave Mocabee, Stone Bridge
Pitcher: Andrew Abbott, Halifax
Catcher: AJ Hart, Patrick Henry
Catcher: Alex Smith, Mountain View
1st Base: Will Kirwin, Freedom
2nd Base: Joey Skov, Tuscarora
2nd Base: Austin Meyer, North Stafford
3rd Base: Ben Davenport, Edison
Shortstop: DG Archer, Albemarle
Outfield: Chris Ginn, Mount Vernon
Outfield: Michael Ludowig, Briar Woods
Outfield: Michael Kuzbel, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Harry D'Antuano, Mountain View
DH: Drew Blevins, Potomac
Utility: Colby Grissom, Halifax


Pitcher: Candace Whittemore, Patrick Henry
Pitcher: Taylor Barnes, Halifax
Catcher: Grace Mattimore, Broad Run
Catcher: Tori Capllonch, Lee
Infield: Paige Mitchell, Patrick Henry
Infield: Arizona Ritchie, Brooke Point
Infield: Hannah Jones, Orange
Infield: Beth Ford, Patrick Henry
Infield: Emily Kenny, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Briana Woody, Patrick Henry
Outfield: Mackenzie Lawter, Halifax
Outfield: Olivia Sappington, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Caylin Spencer, Massaponax
Utility: Stormy Zyzyk, Mount Vernon

Pitcher: Madison Larsen, Marshall
Pitcher: Kayla Brennan, Briar Woods
Catcher: Kaitlin Kean, Albemarle
Catcher: Jordyn Stubbs, Potomac
Infield: Michelle Heinitz, Lee
Infield: Brooke McAllister, Albemarle
Infield: Hailey Mardsen, Brooke Point
Infield: An Smith, Jefferson
Infield: Grace Wild, Potomac Falls
Outfield: Michala Pelligrino, Tuscarora
Outfield: Perla Nichols, Mount Vernon
Outfield: Emily Ajello, Edison
Outfield: Halley McGookin, Brooke Point
Utility: Grayson Radcliffe, Patrick Henry

5A North Region Softball Player of The Year: Paige Mitchell, Patrick Henry
5A North Region Softball Coach of The Year: Shelby Foltz, Patrick Henry 


Forward: Caroline Kerns, Broad Run
Forward: Amy Thompson, Stone Bridge
Forward: Carmen Thomas, Albemarle
Forward: Kennedy Jakubek, Tuscarora
Forward: Mary Grace McGregor, Mountain View
Midfield: Sara Deutsch, Broad Run
Midfield: Jazzy Loredo, Albemarle
Midfield: Anna Heilferty, Stuart
Midfield: Ayan Adu, Briar Woods
Midfield: Kaitlin Bailey, Massaponax
Defense: Lexi Taylor, Broad Run
Defense: Chloe Beverina, Stuart
Defense: Brigitte Deel, Stone Bridge
Defense: Asia Pinckney, Massaponax
Defense: Lydia Hall, Patrick Henry
Goalkeeper: Courtenay Kaplan, Tuscarora

Forward: Alisa Holloway, Edison
Forward: Laura Malacane, Freedom
Forward: Emma Kerns, Broad Run
Forward: Amari Hopkins, Mountain View
Forward: Gabby Nelson, Halifax
Midfield: Carson Nizialek, Freedom
Midfield: Madison Phaneuf, Tuscarora
Midfield: Rayven Connor, Briar Woods
Midfield: Mackenzie Cox, Mountain View
Midfield: Sunny Gelnovatch, Albemarle
Defense: Miranda Rupp, Brooke Point
Defense: Lauren Short, Tuscarora
Defense: Nikki Batt, Briar Woods
Defense: Steph Stahl, Broad Run
Defense: Ashley Jacobs, Massaponax
Goalkeeper: CiCi Keppler, Mountain View


Forward: Abu Koroma, Broad Run
Forward: Marcel Berry, Albemarle
Forward: Justin Carey, Tuscarora
Forward: Milton Juarez, Freedom (Woodbridge)
Forward: Tyriq Wellman, Massaponax
Midfield: Hristo Bustamante, Mount Vernon
Midfield: Jorge Urias, Freedom (Woodbridge)
Midfield: Griffin Cyphers, Stone Bridge
Midfield: Peter Diawuo, Mount Vernon
Midfield: Brendan Moyers, Albemarle
Defense: Fino Essiam, Briar Woods
Defense: Will Mejia, Falls Church
Defense: Jose Ormeno, Edison
Defense: Julian Scoffield, Mountain View
Defense: Jordan Parks, Albemarle
Goalkeeper: Chris Shutler, Briar Woods

Forward: Ivan Rodriguez, Mount Vernon
Forward: Nelson Espinal, Edison
Forward: Andrew Rogers, Massaponax
Forward: Jesus Duran, Albemarle
Forward: Greg Paredes, Freedom (South Riding)
Midfield: Daniel Zeitoun, Briar Woods
Midfield: Arif Biyik, Marshall
Midfield: Tyler Hill, Orange
Midfield: Trent Bailey, Massaponax
Midfield: Karim Zebdi, Broad Run
Defense: Joey Hildebrand, Massaponax
Defense: Brian Weiss, Marshall
Defense: Noah Mazzatenta, Tuscarora
Defense: Nick Rios, Broad Run
Defense: Dennis Lazo, Freedom (Woodbridge)
Goalkeeper: Caleb Herrin, Massaponax

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Congratulations to Atlee Softball for their 3-0 win over Hickory to capture their second state championship in school history, the first since 2002, sending head coach John Earley and assistant coach Becky Levy, whose roles were reversed thirteen years ago when the Raiders won their first championship, into a retirement they announced at the beginning of the season.

Levy, upon returning to serve as Earley's assistant a decade ago, promised him she would serve as an assistant until he decided to step down.

Laura Kate Moss had the game's critical hit, launching a deep single into the gap in left-center field with two out in the top of the sixth inning with the bases loaded. With the speedy Kelly Warren aboard at first, Earley never hesitated in sending all three Raider runners to the plate, catching the Hickory defense by surprise. Their throw to the plate was much too high, and Warren slid head first for the third run, breaking the spirit of the Hawks, who defeated Atlee a week earlier 1-0 in the 5A South Region final.

The final out, fittingly, was the ninth strikeout of the game by sophomore pitcher Peyton St. George, who had to wait out recovery from illness in the middle of the season to return just in time for the playoffs.

The Raiders end their season at 20-6, the third Hanover County softball team to reach 20 wins in 2015, joining Patrick Henry and Lee-Davis.

For post-game celebration photos, CLICK HERE.

Exclusive and extensive coverage of Atlee's title, and the historic Atlee/Patrick Henry semifinal, will appear in this Thursday's Hanover Herald-Progress, available by subscription at 804-798-9031, and also available at area Martin's, Food Lion locations, Walmart, convenience stores, and the familiar yellow boxes throughout the county.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


5A State Softball: Atlee 5, Patrick Henry 3 (Raiders get rematch with Hickory for the 5A State Championship Saturday, 7:30pm at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax)

4A State Boys Soccer: Hanover 1, Courtland 0 (Hawks win 4-2 on PK's, advance to Saturday's 12:15pm 4A State Championship at Liberty University in Lynchburg)

4A State Baseball: Jefferson Forest 4, Hanover 3


5A State Boys Lacrosse Championship: Atlee vs Stone Bridge, 7:30pm, Lake Braddock Secondary School, Fairfax

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

HONORS: All-4A South Region Boys Soccer Team....

Congratulations to the following student-athletes on earning All-4A South Region Boys Soccer team honors. Conference 20 players are denoted in bold:


Forward: Connor Rea, Midlothian
Forward: Cole Farnsworth, Hanover
Forward: Elcor Castillo, Denbigh
Forward: Brayan Morales, Nansemond River
Forward: Jeff Wolons, Jamestown
Midfield: Jarrett Nooney, Hanover
Midfield: Luan Schlebusch, Glen Allen
Midfield: Ben Carper, Jamestown
Midfield: Axel Lopez, Nansemond River
Midfield: Derek Cook, Tabb
Defense: Ryan Powers, Midlothian
Defense: David Dustin, Hanover
Defense: Marcol Reyes, Nansemond River
Defense: Wilson Coughenour, Jamestown
Defense: Nishan Monnjian, Grafton
Goalkeeper: Adam Farnsworth, Hanover


Forward: Clay Everett, Monacan
Forward: Duncan McDevitt, Jamestown
Forward: Matt Holden, Denbigh
Forward: Steven Hux, Heritage
Forward: Sterling McGee, King's Fork
Midfield: Mustafa Ustic, J.R. Tucker
Midfield: Kevin Tripp, Jamestown
Midfield: Dylan Lorio-MacNamara, Grafton
Midfield: Jordan Gibson, Smithfield
Midfield: Ty Williams, Nansemond River
Defense: Wilkin Chikunguwo, J.R. Tucker
Defense: Irvin Sanchez, Denbigh
Defense: Austin Heyman, Nansemond River
Defense: Colin Gary, Smithfield
Defense: Matt Montgomery, Tabb
Goalkeeper: Jay Fox, Grafton


Forward: Ravon Sobers, Deep Creek
Forward: Allen Blair, Tabb
Forward: Christopher Jones, Smithfield
Forward: Kevin Bower, Powhatan
Forward: Miles Rapp, Dinwiddie
Forward: Chino Calderon, J.R. Tucker
Midfield: Kari Greene, Heritage
Midfield: Jesus Moreno, J.R. Tucker
Defense: Nathan Neisius, Powhatan
Defense: Cody Bell, Dinwiddie
Defense: Joel Tidman, Caroline
Defense: Kenwood Harris, King's Fork
Defense: Nizere Bailey, Heritage

4A South Boys Soccer Player of The Year: Connor Rea, Midlothian
4A South Boys Soccer Player of The Year: Bill Dittmar, Denbigh

HONORS: All-4A South Region Baseball Team...

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-4A South Region Baseball Team:


Pitcher: Grey Lyttle, Hanover
Pitcher: Robert Fitzwater, Nansemond River
Catcher: Jordan Sprouse, Grafton
Catcher: Aaron Robinson, Monacan
1st Base: Evan Sperling, Grafton
2nd Base: Adam Collins, Glen Allen
3rd Base: Camden Grimes, Hanover
Shortstop: Keiton River, Nansemond River
Outfield: Jimmy Barnes, Deep Creek
Outfield: Kyle Battle, Glen Allen
Outfield: Celab Ward, Phoebus
Outfield: Evan Lowery, Jamestown
DH: Patrick Hall, Glen Allen
Utility: Robert Fitzwater, Nansemond River


Pitcher: Patrick Hall, Glen Allen
Pitcher: Evan Sperling, Grafton
Catcher: Greg Parker, Nansemond River
Catcher: Eddie Kopicki, Deep Creek
1st Base: Cole Grinde, Caroline
2nd Base: Jason Setliff, Denbigh
3rd Base: Cameron Ochsenfeld, Denbigh
Shortstop: Ricks Dearing, Grafton
Outfield: Mike Smith, Wilson
Outfield: Dion Jordon, Nansemond River
Outfield: Austin Slough, Glen Allen
Outfield: Nick Hunter, Tabb
DH: Ryan McDonald, Grafton
Utility: Jack Dragum, Hanover

4A South Region Player of The Year: Patrick Hall, Glen Allen
4A South Region Coach of The Year: Dave Savino, Glen Allen

HONORS: All-5A South Region Softball Team

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for earning All-5A South Region Softball Team honors as announced on Tuesday:


Pitcher: Kandis Kresinske, Hickory
Pitcher: Morgan Haywood, Gloucester
Pitcher: Peyton St. George, Atlee
Catcher: Lauren Duff, Hickory
1st Base: Jordan Clark, Manchester
2nd Base: Samantha Pittman, Kempsville
3rd Base: Makayla Fallejo, Kellam
Shortstop: Lauren McIntyre, Lee-Davis
Shortstop: Jessica Eaton, Kempsville
Outfield: Elizabeth Britton, Clover Hill
Outfield: Cameryn Strother, Great Bridge
Outfield: Shelby Alto, Gloucester
Outfield: Logan Hawker, Lee-Davis
DP/Flex: Jesse Gentry, Lee-Davis
Utility: Taylor Wells, Manchester


Pitcher: Hanna Hull, Clover Hill
Pitcher: Kylie Stonebreaker, Lee-Davis
Pitcher: Sydney Harless, Great Bridge
Pitcher: Shannon Buchanan, Kempsville
Catcher: Raine Wilson, Atlee
1st Base: Madison Wilson, Kellam
2nd Base: Erin Law, Mills Godwin
3rd Base: Taylor Marciniak, Hickory
Shortstop: Sarah Martin, Hickory
Shortstop: Kayla Hugate, Manchester
Outfield: Hanna Crist, Princess Anne
Outfield: Malorie Fodill, Atlee
Outfield: Siobhan Moriarty, Hickory
Outfield: Ava Hockey, Kempsville
Utility: Kaylah Duplain, Kempsville

5A South Region Player of The Year: Morgan Haywood, Gloucester
5A South Region Coach of The Year: Ryan Wieck, Hickory

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

VHSL State Championship Week Schedule And Results

Two State Championships Crowned:
5A Boys Outdoor Track: Lee-Davis
5A Girls Outdoor Track: Atlee

(Tickets for ALL events are $10. Times subject to change with little notice. Weather conditions can always affect schedules.)


4A STATE SEMIFINAL: Hanover vs. Jefferson Forest, Friday, 12pm, Liberty University
(If Hawks win, they would play for State Championship Saturday at 10am)


5A STATE SEMIFINAL: Patrick Henry vs. Atlee, Friday, 6pm, Robinson Secondary School, Fairfax
(The winner plays the Hickory/Briar Woods winner for the State Championship Saturday at 7:30pm)


4A STATE SEMIFINAL: Hanover vs. Courtland, Friday, 4pm, Amherst County High School (scroll down the page for directions)
(If Hawks win, they would play for State Championship Saturday, 12:15pm, at Liberty University)


5A STATE SEMIFINAL: Atlee 15, George Marshall 11

5A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP: Atlee vs. Stone Bridge, Saturday, 7:30pm at Lake Braddock Secondary School, Fairfax


4A STATE SEMIFINAL: Hanover 5, Dominion 1

4A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP: Hanover vs. Midlothian, Saturday, 10am, Liberty University

Monday, June 08, 2015

DIRECTIONS: Hanover Boys Soccer To Amherst County for State Semifinal

The Hanover boys soccer team will face the 4A North Region Champion on Friday at 4pm at Amherst County High School in the 4A State Semifinals. Here are directions from the school to the game site.

--Take Route 301 south to Interstate 295
--Take Interstate 295 north to its end, merge right onto Interstate 64 West
--Take Interstate 64 west for 71 miles, using Exit 118A for US-29 South
--Take US-29 South for 46.6 miles.
--Merge right onto US-29 Business at exit towards Amherst
--Turn right onto US-29 Business North (S. Main St), go 0.4 mile (there will be a Hardees on the corner)
--Turn right onto Lancer Lane. Destination will be on the left after 0.2 mile

If Hanover wins Friday, their 4A State Championship Game will be held Saturday, 12:15pm at the soccer stadium at Liberty University in Lynchburg, which is approximately 20 miles south of Friday's game site.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

HONORS: All-5A South Region Baseball Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-5A South Region Baseball Team. County honorees in bold.


Pitcher: Connor Eason (Hickory)
Pitcher: Jared West (Menchville)
Pitcher: Nick Butts (Manchester)
Catcher: Logan Harvey (Douglas Freeman)
1st Base: Justin Sorokowski (Lee-Davis)
2nd Base: Jacob Fontana (Clover Hill)
3rd Base: Mikey Polansky (Hickory)
Shortstop: Colby Higgerson (Great Bridge)
Outfield: Steven Polansky (Hickory)
Outfield: Colin Kindred (Norview)
Outfield: Alex Shauger (Salem)
Outfield: Austin Glenn (Manchester)
DH: Vincent Steenburgh (Douglas Freeman)
Utility: Patrick Jackowski (Hampton)


Pitcher: John Effinger (Kellam)
Pitcher: Eric O'Brien (Douglas Freeman)
Catcher: Kyle Ryan (Clover Hill)
Catcher: Clint Stroble (Menchville)
1st Base: Paul Hall (Maury)
2nd Base: Josh Duimstra (Deep Run)
3rd Base: Mike Sweeney (Deep Run)
Shortstop: Adam Trice (Lee-Davis)
Outfield: John Fuqua (Indian River)
Outfield: Connor McCarthy (Menchville)
Outfield: Jacob Barlett (Matoaca)
Outfield: Andrew Duesing (Clover Hill)
Outfield: Matt Lisi (Deep Run)
DH: Sean Collins (Menchville)
DH: Tyler Wilson (Princess Anne)
Utility: Jonathan Triesler (Clover Hill)

5A South Region Player of The Year: Connor Eason, Hickory
5A South Region Coach of The Year: Hank Kraft, Hickory

SATURDAY: Lee-Davis Boys, Atlee Girls Win State Track Titles; Hawks, Raiders Fall....

TRACK: The Lee-Davis boys outdoor track and field team repeated as 5A State Champions Saturday at Todd Stadium in Newport News, scoring 60 total points to defeat runner-up Hermitage by twelve.

The Confederates clinched the crown by winning the meet's final event, the Boys 4 X 400 Relay, in 3:21.82. Sam Franklin, Jeremiah Hankerson, Sheldon Harris and JJ Jordan led the charge. Hermitage placed sixth in the event.

Jordan joined Blake Stattelman, DJ Petty and John Everett in the 4 X 100 Relay, taking fourth overall in 42.90. Petty proceeded to win the Boys 110 Hurdles in 14.74, the only hurdler to break fifteen seconds during the finals. Stattelman and Petty took fourth and fifth respectively in the long jump for nine critical team points.

Michael Doggett and Josh Grant earned eight points, finishing fourth and sixth in the pole vault, Doggett clearing fourteen feet. Bryce Simpson of Atlee won the pole vault crown at 14 feet, nine inches. Connor Scott took second overall in the discus with a throw of 168 feet, 10 inches. Scott was seventh in Friday's shot put competition, won by Atlee's Austin Cannon with a final throw of 54 feet, 7 3/4 inches.

The Atlee girls came back to Hanover with what they wanted so badly last year, a State Championship, winning the 5A title with 68 points, fourteen better than runner-up Hampton. Patrick Henry placed seventh overall with 24 points.

It was an emotional win for the Raiders, who competed in Newport News without longtime head coach Jim Triemplar, who is still recovering from a stroke suffered days after receiving a pacemaker in early May.

Carly Feyerabend ended her Raider career with a state title in the 100 meter hurdles (14.43), besting teammate India Lowe by just .15 of a second. Zaliah Carey placed fifth, as the Raiders earned 22 points in the event, nearly a third of their team total. Feyerabend placed second Friday in the high jump.

Lowe returned to the track and won a title herself, the 300 Hurdles, in 43.71.

Chloe Bavin ended her Atlee career with a strong third place in the 1600 at 5:09.79

Jean Woodrum of Patrick Henry won the girls discus with a throw of 113 feet, three inches. Patriot Tiffany Harris placed second in the 400 Meters in 55.89.

BASEBALL: Hanover fell behind early and could not stop a Glen Allen offensive tidal wave as the Jaguars defeated the Hawks in the 4A South Region Championship 15-4 Saturday afternoon at RF&P Park in Glen Allen.

The Hawks now set their sights on defending their 4A State Championship, facing Fauquier on Friday at noon in the second of two 4A State Semifinals at Liberty University in Lynchburg. Glen Allen plays Jefferson Forest in the first game at 9am. Winners play for the title Saturday at 10am.

SOFTBALL: Another strong season of Hanover softball came to a close just a win shy of a state tournament appearance of their own, falling 3-1 at Deep Creek in Chesapeake Saturday in the 4A South Region Semifinals. The Hawks complete their season at 15-6 and will return everyone in 2016 except Eryn King and Kristin Wilcox.

Atlee, coming off an emotional win over Lee-Davis Friday night to clinch a 5A State Tournament berth, fell just shy of the 5A South Region crown, falling to Hickory 1-0 in the finals Saturday afternoon. A solo home run was the margin of defeat.

The Raiders will now play the winner of the 5A North Region Championship game Monday between Patrick Henry and Briar Woods in a 5A State Semfinal Friday at 3:30pm at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax. The Patriots host Briar Woods Monday starting at 6pm in Ashland.

Thursday, June 04, 2015



4A South Region Semifinal: Hanover 13, Grafton 2 (Hawks face Glen Allen in Region Championship Saturday at 4:30pm at RF&P Park on Mountain Road in Glen Allen Stadium)

5A North Region Semifinal: George Marshall 3, Patrick Henry 2


4A South Region Semifinal: Hanover at Deep Creek, POSTPONED to Saturday, 6pm

5A North Region Semifinal: Patrick Henry 6, George Marshall 0 (Patriots clinch third trip to State Tournament in four years, will host Briar Woods Monday at 6pm in 5A North Region Championship)

5A South Region Semifinal: Atlee 4, Lee-Davis 2 (Atlee clinches trip to State Tournament. Peyton St. George gets win and two RBI, Casey Barrett slams two-run home run that proved to be game-winner. Lee-Davis ends great season at 20-4. Atlee at Princess Anne Saturday, 3pm in 5A South Region Championship.)


5A South Region Championship: Atlee 15, Douglas Freeman 8


4A South Region Championship: Jamestown 2, Hanover 0.

Thursday Lineup...UPDATED

Raining 1, Optimism 0. Postponements galore for today.


4A South Region Semifinal: Hanover at Grafton, 4:30pm


4A South Region Semifinal: Hanover at Deep Creek, POSTPONED to Friday, 6pm.

5A South Region Semifinal: Atlee vs. Lee-Davis, 7pm at Lee-Davis


5A South Region Boys Championship: Douglas Freeman at Atlee, POSTPONED to Friday at 7pm.

So far, three county teams have qualified for State Tournament play next week:

Hanover Girls Tennis
Atlee Boys Lacrosse
Hanover Boys Soccer

We are guaranteed a fourth team, the winner of the Atlee/Lee-Davis softball showdown. If both Hanover teams win, and if both Patrick Henry baseball and softball can win Friday night in the 5A North Semis, we could have eight teams in state championship action on June 12th. We also remember teams who stand a legitimate chance to win at State Track & Field Championships this weekend, too.

Good luck to all of our student-athletes!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Softball Teams

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 20 Softball team. An asterisk denotes All-Academic honors.

Julia Fritz (Pitcher--Glen Allen)*
Kara Deppe (Pitcher--J.R. Tucker)*
Cammie Brummitt (Catcher--Glen Allen)*
Jennifer Blake (Catcher--J.R. Tucker)*
Kaylyn Shepherd (Infield--Hanover)*
Maddie Stone (Infield--Glen Allen)*
Taylor Pawlowski (Infield--J.R. Tucker)*
Kamryn Steinruck (Infield--Glen Allen)*
Erin Acors (Infield--Hanover)*
Caitlin Stout (Outfield--Dinwiddie)*
Hannah Fritz (Outfield--Glen Allen)*
Mackenzie Wyatt (Outfield--Hanover)*
Cameron Cisik (Outfield--J.R. Tucker)*
Carleigh Staszewski (Utility--Dinwiddie)

Haley Gilbert (Pitcher--Hanover)*
Haley Hornsby (Pitcher--Dinwiddie)*
Emma Casey (Catcher--Hanover)*
Brooke Winn (Catcher--Dinwiddie)*
Carleigh Staszewski (Infield--Dinwiddie)
Leann Adkins (Infield--Dinwiddie)*
Ally Smith (Infield--Midlothian)*
Annemarie Beran (Infield--J.R. Tucker)*
Cameron Branzelle (Infield--Dinwiddie)*
Casandra Cooper (Outfield--Caroline)*
Madison Whitley (Outfield--Monacan)*
Lauren Burns (Outfield--Midlothian)*
Jenna Gravins (Outfield--Midlothian)*
Lauren Golmon (Utility--Glen Allen)*

Allison Morrow--Caroline
Lauren Hughes--Hanover*
Raychel LaPallo--Monacan*

Conference 20 Player of The Year: Kaylyn Shepherd--Hanover
Conference 20 Pitcher of The Year: Julia Fritz--Glen Allen
Conference 20 Coach of The Year: Layne Nuckols--Glen Allen


5A North Region Baseball Quarterfinal: Patrick Henry 1, Broad Run 0
(Patriots host George Marshall in Region Semifinal Friday at 6pm)

4A South Region Boys Soccer Semifinal: Hanover 2, Smithfield 0
(Hawks clinch berth in 4A State Semifinals June 12th, face Nansemond River for South Region title Friday)

5A South Region Girls Soccer Semifinal: Mills Godwin 3, Atlee 0

The 5A South Region Softball Semifinal between Atlee and Lee-Davis has been postponed until tomorrow at 7pm.

The 5A North Region Softball Semifinal between Marshall and Patrick Henry has been postponed until Friday at 6pm.

The 4A South Region Softball Semifinal between Hanover and Deep Creek has been postponed until tomorrow at 6pm.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

THE WRAP: Atlee Lacrosse to State Tourney, Four Softball Region Wins....

The Atlee Raiders boys team clinches its first-ever 5A State Tournament bid Tuesday night dominating from start to finish in a 17-7 win over Brooke Point in the 5A South Region Semifinal at Atlee.

The Raiders will get familiar foe Douglas Freeman in the 5A South Region Championship Thursday night at Atlee. The Rebels defeated Albemarle.

All four county teams win their Region quarterfinal games. We are guaranteed a county representative in the 5A State Tournament next week because Lee-Davis and Atlee will play tomorrow night in the 5A South Region Semifinals, with the winner clinching a State Tournament bid.

Lee-Davis finished its suspended game with Prince George holding on for a 3-2 victory for their 20th win of the year. Atlee followed up with a strong pitching performance from Peyton St. George as the Raiders eliminated Conference 12 champion Clover Hill 2-0.

Also a win away from a state tournament berth are Hanover and Patrick Henry. The Hawks completed a suspended 4A South Region Quarterfinal, shutting out King's Fork 2-0 Tuesday afternoon. Hanover goes to Chesapeake Wednesday to face Deep Creek in the 4A South Semifinals, with the winner punching their ticket to the 4A State Tournament.

Patrick Henry got going on offense quickly as play resumed Tuesday, running away with an 8-0 win over Tuscarora in a 5A North Region Quarterfinal. The Patriots will face Marshall in a Region Semifinal tomorrow evening with a berth in the 5A State Tournament on the line.

Atlee girls soccer scored four unanswered goals after intermission, the last in overtime, to eliminate Clover 5-4 in 5A South Region Quarterfinal action in Chesterfield Tuesday. With the win, the Raiders get a rematch with Mills Godwin in Wednesday's 5A South Region Semifinals. The winner clinches a 5A State Tournament berth. The match is at Mills Godwin at 5:30pm.


The 5A North Region Quarterfinal between Broad Run and Patrick Henry was postponed to 2pm Wednesday.

The 4A South Region Semifinal between Hanover and Grafton will be Wednesday at 4:30pm in Yorktown.

Monday, June 01, 2015

HONORS: All-Conference 11 Boys & Girls Soccer Teams

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 11 Boys and Girls Soccer teams. An asterisk denotes All-Academic honors.


Brad Robertson (Forward--Atlee)*
Kevin Carroll (Forward--Deep Run)*
Connor Fair (Forward--Douglas Freeman)*
Surkrija Dudic (Forward--Hermitage)*
Sam Muse (Forward--Lee-Davis)*
Josh Kraus (Midfield--Atlee)*
Zach Radolinski (Midfield--Atlee)*
John Levin (Midfield--Deep Run)*
Tyler Shupack (Midfield--Deep Run)*
Ben Ahrens (Midfield--Mills Godwin)*
Will Selden (Midfield--Mills Godwin)*
Sam Dracos (Defense--Mills Godwin)*
Holden Fisher (Defense/Forward--Mills Godwin)*
Henry Mordica (Defense/Midfield--Mills Godwin)*
Krishna Ravindra (Defense--Henrico)*
Mouctar Bah (Defense--Hermitage)
Chauncey Gwaikolo (Defense/Forward--Hermitage)*
Matthew Hyland (Goalkeeper--Atlee)*

A.J. Zollar (Forward--Atlee)*
Mark White (Forward--Deep Run)*
Jack Bobitz (Midfield--Deep Run)*
Ben Chisum (Midfield--Deep Run)*
Sean Gibbons (Midfield--Deep Run)*
Gustavo Delarosa (Midfield--Douglas Freeman)*
Michael Shaffer (Midfield--Douglas Freeman)*
Vladimir Chobotov (Midfield--Henrico)*
Mbah Djoendia (Midfield--Hermitage)*
Gio Lopez (Midfield--Hermitage)
Jonathan Chudoba (Midfield--Lee-Davis)*
Chui Elliott (Defense--Atlee)*
Chris Byrum (Defense--Deep Run)*
Oswaldo Delarosa (Defense--Douglas Freeman)*
Cameron Jones (Defense--Mills Godwin)*
Will Martin (Defense--Mills Godwin)*
Pedro Hernandez (Defense--Highland Springs)
Chris Joly (Defense--Lee-Davis)*
Jacob Kesler (Defense--Lee-Davis)*
Rives Worsham (Goalkeeper--Douglas Freeman)*

Tyler Schardein (Forward--Deep Run)*
Allen Vaytser (Forward--Lee-Davis)*
Brandon Rinderle (Midfield--Atlee)*
Alex Lowman (Midfield--Deep Run)*
Morgan Hecht (Midfield--Douglas Freeman)*
Ryan Lynch (Midfield--Mills Godwin)*
Joe Wegerbauer (Midfield--Mills Godwin)*
Joseph Worsham (Midfield--Mills Godwin)
Alessio Candela (Midfield--Hermitage)
Simron Singh (Defense--Deep Run)*
Zach Washburn (Defense--Deep Run)*
Sam Bennett (Defense--Douglas Freeman)*
Riley Buckenmaier (Defense--Douglas Freeman)*
Daniel Ahrens (Defense--Mills Godwin)*
Tommy Kinnick (Defense--Mills Godwin)*
Jahlani Carter (Defense--Hermitage)
Alexis Mejia (Defense--Hermitage)
Alton Dews (Defense--Lee-Davis)
Joseph Gates (Goalkeeper--Deep Run)*
Sam Wellman (Goalkeeper--Mills Godwin)*
Patrick Henderson (Goalkeeper--Hermitage)
Cole Huber (Goalkeeper--Lee-Davis)
Ethan Ratke (Utility--Atlee)*

Conference 11 Player of The Year: Will Selden--Mills Godwin
Conference 11 Coach of The Year: Skip Stevens--Mills Godwin


Riley Cook (Forward--Atlee)*
Savannah Taylor (Forward--Deep Run)*
Paige Franks (Forward--Mills Godwin)
Lyndsey Gutzmer (Forward--Mills Godwin)*
Katie Monica (Forward/Midfield--Henrico)*
Mason Courter (Forward--Lee-Davis)*
Madison Urie (Forward--Lee-Davis)*
Jamari Blackwell (Midfield--Atlee)*
Molly Shields (Midfield--Atlee)*
Laurel Ness (Midfield--Deep Run)*
Claire Franks (Midfield--Mills Godwin)*
Morgan Hall (Midfield--Mills Godwin)*
Genevieve Pacious (Midfield--Douglas Freeman)*
Jordan Denton (Defense--Atlee)*
Maddie Burns (Defense--Deep Run)*
Hailey Silva (Defense--Deep Run)*
Caroline Turner (Defense--Douglas Freeman)*
Caity Shanes (Defense--Lee-Davis)*
Maisy Fling (Goalkeeper--Lee-Davis)*

Jenna Burns (Forward--Deep Run)*
Gracie Blackmon (Forward--Douglas Freeman)*
Kasey Booth (Midfield--Atlee)*
Maddie Stiles (Midfield--Atlee)*
Sara Puglisi (Midfield--Mills Godwin)*
Emily Randolph (Midfield--Mills Godwin)*
Catherine Bowling (Midfield--Lee-Davis)*
Samantha Hall (Midfield--Lee-Davis)*
Katie Lewis (Defense--Atlee)*
Emily Fair (Defense--Deep Run)*
Hastings Crenshaw (Defense--Douglas Freeman)*
Caroline Kasprzak (Defense--Douglas Freeman)*
Caroline Cipolla (Defense--Mills Godwin)*
Lauren Gutzmer (Defense--Mills Godwin)*
Alley Renehan (Defense--Henrico)*
Maddie Miller (Defense--Lee-Davis)*
Emily Saksvig (Goalkeeper--Deep Run)*
Georgia Smith (Goalkeeper--Hermitage)*

Taylor Guy (Forward--Mills Godwin)*
Lauren White (Forward--Lee-Davis)*
Daniela Valdez (Midfield--Hermitage)*
Caroline Jones (Defense--Atlee)*
Savannah Doane (Defense--Lee-Davis)*
Paige Koetter (Goalkeeper--Deep Run)*
Maddie Mertsch (Goalkeeper--Douglas Freeman)*
Peyton Hall (Utility--Mills Godwin)*
Lauren Johnson (Utility--Henrico)*

Conference 11 Player of The Year: Claire Franks, Mills Godwin
Conference 11 Coach of The Year: Steve Chapman, Deep Run

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Baseball Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the Conference 20 All-Conference Baseball team. An asterisk denotes All-Academic honors.

Grey Lyttle (P--Hanover)*
Patrick Hall (P and DH--Glen Allen)*
Aaron Robinson (C--Monacan)*
Ryan Hickman (C--Caroline)*
Cole Grinde (1B--Caroline)*
Adam Collins (2B--Glen Allen)
Camden Grimes (3B--Hanover)
Tanner Fuller (SS--Midlothian)*
Brian Sheeder (OF--Dinwiddie)
Kyle Battle (OF--Glen Allen)*
Austin Slough (OF--Glen Allen)*
Gabe Whitten (OF--JR Tucker)*
Jack Dragum (Utility--Hanover)

Hayden Moore (P--Hanover)*
Thomas Ryesdorph (P--Midlothian)*
Will Foster (C--JR Tucker)*
Garrison Wright (C--Glen Allen)*
Patrick Hall (1B--Glen Allen)*
Jack Dragum (2B--Hanover)
Grant Keller (3B--Midlothian)
Cayman Richardson (SS--Hanover)*
Jay Chapman (OF--Caroline)*
Aaron Saunders (OF--Hanover)*
CJ Freedman (OF--Midlothian)*
Kevin Granger (OF--Monacan)*
Hunter Marshall (DH--Hanover)*
Brian Sheeder (Utility--Dinwiddie)

Collin Hess (P--Caroline)*
Brandon Webb (P--Dinwiddie)*
Matt Flatford (P--Monacan)*
Chaivis Jones (1B--JR Tucker)
Jonathan Higgins (2B--JR Tucker)*
Bill Wojcik (2B--Caroline)*
Holden Davis (3B--Glen Allen)*
Patrick Routsis (3B--Monacan)*
Alex Dejarlais (DH--Caroline)*
Alex Brugos (DH--Dinwiddie)*
Tyler Tarrh (Utility--Caroline)*

HONORS: All-Conference 11 Baseball Teams

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 11 Baseball Team. An asterisk denotes All-Academic honors.

Logan Harvey (C--Douglas Freeman)*
Justin Sorokowski (1B--Lee-Davis)*
Josh Duimstra (2B--Deep Run)*
Mike Sweeney (3B--Deep Run)
Adam Trice (SS--Lee-Davis)*
Conor Nolan (OF--Mills Godwin)*
Matt Lisi (OF--Deep Run)*
Coleman Greene (OF--Douglas Freeman)
Ryan Grubbs (Utility--Mills Godwin)*
Vincent Steenburgh (DH--Douglas Freeman)*
Bryan Diehr (P--Lee-Davis)*
Eric O'Brien (P--Douglas Freeman)*

Chris Minneci (C--Mills Godwin)*
Travis Stackow (1B--Douglas Freeman)*
Coby Sale (2B--Douglas Freeman)*
Ryan Grubbs (3B--Mills Godwin)
Chris Van Meter (SS--Deep Run)
Canon Lambert (OF--Lee-Davis)
Andrew Foster (OF--Atlee)*
Matt Spangnolo (OF--Deep Run)*
Luis Barrios (Utility--Douglas Freeman)*
Will Parcell (DH--Mills Godwin)*
Kevin France (DH--Lee-Davis)*
Patrick Hulihan (P--Deep Run)*
Will Parcell (P--Mills Godwin)*

Adam Mawyer (C--Deep Run)*
Tommy Williams (1B--Hermitage)*
Brandon Crosby (2B--Atlee)*
Justin Bishop (3B--Atlee)*
JT Bellotti (SS--Douglas Freeman)*
Kaleb Butler (SS--Mills Godwin)
Justin Moss (SS--Henrico)
Zack Overstreet (SS--Hermitage)*
Nabeel Gootee (OF--Atlee)*
Andrew Mullen (OF--Douglas Freeman)*
Ethan Payne (OF--Douglas Freeman)*
Juan Carter (OF--Highland Springs)
Henry Moore (Utility--Atlee)*
Brad Chapman (DH--Atlee)*
Brett Ayer (P--Atlee)*
Kevin Hood (P--Deep Run)*
Henry Peery (P--Mills Godwin)*
Austin Romine (P--Deep Run)*
Chris Thompson (P--Douglas Freeman)*

Conference 11 Baseball Player of The Year: Mike Sweeney--Deep Run
Conference 11 Baseball Coach of The Year: Josh Aldrich--Deep Run

HONORS: All-Conference 11 Softball Team

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to All-Conference 11 teams! An asterisk denotes All-Academic honors.

Peyton St. George (P--Atlee)*
Kylie Stonebreaker (P--Lee-Davis)*
Raine Wilson (C--Atlee)*
Jesse Gentry (DP--Lee-Davis)*
Virginia Irby (IF--Douglas Freeman)*
Sydney Pulliam (IF--Douglas Freeman)*
Casey Barrett (IF--Atlee)*
Berkeley Mathews (IF--Deep Run)*
Lauren McIntyre (IF--Lee-Davis)*
Erin Law (IF--Mills Godwin)*
Malorie Fodill (OF--Atlee)*
Abby Parsons (OF--Deep Run)*
Logan Hawker (OF--Lee-Davis)*
Sydney Guess (OF--Lee-Davis)*

Maddie Gutermuth (P--Deep Run)*
Baylee Grandstaff (C--Deep Run)*
Bryanna Moore (IF--Hermitage)*
Sarah Commons (IF--Deep Run)*
Austyn Merrill (IF--Lee-Davis)*
Jessica Curbeira (IF--Mills Godwin)*
Heather Childress (OF--Lee-Davis)*
Ava Gardner (OF--Deep Run)*
Erin O'Flaherty (OF--Atlee)*
Kayla Shaffer (Utility--Mills Godwin)*

Kelly Warren (IF--Atlee)*
Annamarie Warley (IF--Atlee)*
Kristen Dishbrow (IF--Douglas Freeman)*
Gracie Smith (IF--Mills Godwin)*
Olivia Albergo (C--Mills Godwin)*
Samantha Conner (P--Henrico)*
Rajanae Stephens (IF--Henrico)*
Katherine Bryant (IF--Henrico)*
Dominique King (C--Hermitage)*
Madelyn Burnett (IF--Highland Springs)*
Ayanna Cheek (C--Highland Springs)*
Elizabeth Hudson (IF--Lee-Davis)*
Ella Alvis (IF--Lee-Davis)*

Conference 11 Softball Player of The Year: Lauren McIntyre, Lee-Davis
Conference 11 Softball Pitcher of The Year: Kylie Stonebreaker, Lee-Davis
Conference 11 Coach of The Year: Jackie Davis, Lee-Davis