Thursday, December 04, 2008

Patrick Henry Basketball Comes To Internet Radio!

Details coming soon!

FIRST BROADCAST: Tuesday December 9th, Patrick Henry at Mills Godwin, airtime 7:20pm.

TO LISTEN: Click on the widget on THIS PAGE!

Friday, November 07, 2008

PH must win! Well, almost.....

It's simple going into tonight's game against Hermitage.

PH must win in order to live to play another day. Well.....

A win over Hermitage will put them into the Division 5 Playoffs, most likely at the #4 seed, jumping over Douglas Freeman.

BUT, there is ONE gleam of hope if PH loses tonight.

If Mills Godwin upsets Douglas Freeman tonight at Godwin, PH would slide in as the #4 seed.

My calculations on VHSL points (which will make your hair hurt, BTW) show me Cosby, the current #6 seed, cannot rise above 25.9 in the ratings after tonight, and PH cannot go below 26.2.

So, root for the Patriots; and in the back of your mind as Plan B, root for the Eagles!

Just pretend you are rooting for a team over at Liberty Middle. They're the Eagles, too. :)

Tonight's Regular Season Finales!

Tonight’s Schedule (Week 10)

Patrick Henry at Hermitage, 705pm, WHAN (1430)

Lee-Davis (2-3, 3-6) at Atlee (1-4, 2-7)
Henrico (2-3, 3-6) at Hanover (3-2, 6-3, 2nd in Division V)

Deep Run (5-1, 8-1) at J.R. Tucker (3-3, 3-5)
Douglas Freeman (3-3, 6-3, 4th in Division V) at Mills Godwin (2-4, 3-6)

Meadowbrook (5-1, 8-1) at Dinwiddie (6-0, 8-1, 1st in Division V)
Monacan (5-2, 7-2, 3rd in Division V) at Manchester (5-2, 7-2)
Huguenot (1-6, 2-7) at Cosby (4-3, 5-4, 6th in Division V)
Petersburg at Prince George

Highland Springs (5-0, 6-3) at Varina (5-0, 9-0)
Colonial Heights 0-6, 2-7) at Matoaca (3-3, 4-5)
Hopewell (1-5, 2-7) at Thomas Dale (5-1, 5-4)
George Wythe (0-7, 0-9) at Clover Hill (5-2, 7-2)
Midlothian (2-5, 2-7) at James River (2-5, 2-7)
Brunswick at Powhatan
Goochland at Amelia
King George at Caroline

John Marshall (1-5, 2-7) at Thomas Jefferson (0-6, 0-9) , 1 p.m.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

PH vs. Freeman---who gets the #4 seed?

Is there a scenario by which Patrick Henry defeats Hermitage Friday night but STILL does NOT make the Division 5 Playoffs? Consider the following:

Patrick Henry would get 24 points for beating Hermitage plus 14 bonus points for the seven Hermitage victories. PH would also pick up 2 points for Lee-Davis defeating Atlee, the Freeman-Godwin game, one point for Hanover if they defeat Henrico (likely), one point for Deep Run defeating Tucker (I really feel sorry for the Tigers) and another point for John Marshall defeating Thomas Jefferson on Saturday (also likely).

24 + 14 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 45 points

Douglas Freeman would get 24 points for beating Godwin, six extra points for their three wins, then 2 points if James River beats Midlothian at home (probably), two points Saturday for the winner of the JM/TJ game, one point for Deep Run over Tucker, one point regardless of the PH/Hermitage outcome.

24 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 36 points

Now......if Atlee upset Lee-Davis, that gives Freeman an extra point, since they defeated the Raiders, while PH would still get two. Then if Highland Springs upsets #1 Varina, give 'em two more points. That is now 39.

Any other points possible? No.

So, at best, it's 45 to 39, PH in points for week ten. More likely it will be either 45 to 36 or 38.

Let's say Varina wins and it's 45-36. Now, let's say PH LOSES. They lose 12 points off the loss, plus a point for each Hermitage win. That would only be 8 points instead of 14.

12 + 8 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 27 points.

And there you go.

The Patriots win, and they're in. Lose, and Douglas Freeman goes. Which would be a shame considering how the Patriots performed AT Freeman in week five.

PH can say: "But they got a FORFEIT win!!!"
Freeman can say: "But they lost to John Marshall!!!"

And thus exposes the negatives of the VHSL playoff system; noted, a system that can never be perfect unless EVERYONE goes into the post-season and plays on the field. And there's not enough time to do that.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 9 Preview: Big Games.....

1) Hermitage (5-0, 6-2) at Deep Run (5-0, 8-0)----gonna be a big weekend in Twin Hickory. Saturday night, Governor Sarah Palin will hold a rally on this final weekend of campaigning, and there's this little football game going on the night before. As much as my son (a Hermitage junior) would want me to pick the Panthers, I just can't do it. For part of this season, it can be argued Deep Run, and not Varina, should have been ranked #1 in the Central Region. Two factors give Deep Run the edge for the moment.....

---Antone Exum: he almost guarantees a special teams touchdown in a game when he steps on the field. He's also led DR over Hanover on the road.
---Home Field: there's nothing like being on the home field. Even better, it's great not to be in Chester Fritz Stadium, one of the more unique home football settings in the Central Region.

My gut says: Deep Run 27, Hermitage 20, with the winning TD in the final eight minutes.

2) Clover Hill (4-2, 6-2) at Cosby (4-2, 5-3)---Two factors come into play in this major Dominion District battle.....

---Home Field: Advantage, Cosby. That helps, plus they are looking for revenge after losing to CH last season. BUT......Cosby is coming to the end of a grueling schedule, having played the following four teams in the past five games (no disrespect to George Wythe.....)

Monacan, Manchester, Hanover, and L.C. Bird. They only defeated Monacan. So, they come into the game having lost three of four.......

Which brings us to:

---Last Friday night. While Cosby went toe to toe against Bird, Clover Hill had the night off. A rare bye week, especially this late. A time to rest some bumps and bruises. Will that help? Can't hurt. But it's up to them to have had TWO good weeks of practices to keep them in late season form.

My gut says: Cosby takes it, 28-21.

3) Hanover (2-2, 5-3) at Lee-Davis (2-2, 3-5): PH fans better (gulp!) root for Lee Davis on THEIR Senior Night, too! The Patriots are on the outside of the playoffs looking in and need help on top of having to beat Mills Godwin and Hermitage. Their best chances right now are Clover Hill knocking off Cosby and, yes, Lee-Davis finally coming through at home for a signature win.

The Confederates have shown propensity for intense and great play, they have fallen short in every game played against a tougher opponent. In my opinion, this is their last chance, as Atlee does not play on Lee-Davis' level. But for all that "moral victory" stuff, they could finish a seven-game home schedule (thanks to the Tomato Bowl moving to Mechanicsville for their 50th anniversary) with a record of:


With wins over only Armstrong and Henrico. Losing to Hermitage, PH, Manchester, Highland Springs, and Hanover at home would negate the "moral victory" view, in my opinion.

But, with ALL that....Hanover simply has too much to lose and they know they have to win. Lee-Davis will not be their John Marshall.

My gut says: Hanover 14, Lee-Davis 12

OH-----and Patrick Henry 34, Mills Godwin 14. According to my gut. :)

Week Nine Schedule

Mills Godwin at Patrick Henry (Senior Night), 705pm Pregame on WHAN (1430).

County Schools:

Atlee at Armstrong, 5 p.m.
Hanover at Lee-Davis

Colonial District:

Hermitage at Deep Run
Thomas Jefferson at J.R. Tucker

Other Games (Division 5 Playoff Hopefuls in italics):

Varina at Henrico
Huguenot at Highland Springs
Petersburg at Colonial Heights
Prince George at Thomas Dale
Dinwiddie at Hopewell
Matoaca at Meadowbrook
L.C. Bird at George Wythe, 4:45
Clover Hill at Cosby
James River at Monacan
Midlothian at Manchester
Spotsylvania at Caroline


St. Christopher's at Collegiate, 1:30 (tape delay after R-MC football on WHAN)

Douglas Freeman at John Marshall, 2 (Colonial District Game)

Monday, October 27, 2008


After games of 10/24 (NOT including Tucker/John Marshall):

1) Dinwiddie 28.5
2) Monacan 26.6
3) Hanover 25.6
4) Cosby 24.9
5) Douglas Freeman 24.1
7) Petersburg 22.5

Reminder: Makeup Game Today

The Colonial District game between J.R. Tucker and John Marshall is set for a 4pm kickoff today.

Week Eight Finals

Patrick Henry 48, Thomas Jefferson 0

Hermitage 34, Douglas Freeman 28
Deep Run 42, Mills Godwin 0

Hanover 35, Atlee 0
Highland Springs 41, Lee-Davis 14

L.C. Bird 28, Cosby 20
Dinwiddie 47, Prince George 10
Thomas Dale 28, Petersburg 14
Monacan 27, Midlothian 20
Meadowbrook 28, Colonial Heights 0
Matoaca 42, Hopewell 16
Henrico 27, Armstrong 12
Manchester 28, James River 6
Collegiate 35, Norfolk Academy 14
Goochland 14, Buckingham 7
Huguenot 26, George Wythe 0

Friday, October 17, 2008

Week Seven Schedule----All Games On!


Hanover at Cosby
Highland Springs at Atlee
Henrico at Lee-Davis

Thomas Jefferson at Hermitage
J.R. Tucker at Douglas Freeman

Armstrong at Varina
Thomas Dale at Colonial Heights
Petersburg at Dinwiddie
Meadowbrook at Hopewell
Matoaca at Prince George
Monacan at L.C. Bird
James River at Clover Hill
Midlothian at Huguenot, 4:45
George Wythe at Manchester
Fork Union at Collegiate, 3:30
Powhatan at Greensville
New Kent at Southampton
Goochland at Randolph-Henry


Mills Godwin at John Marshall, 1 p.m.

Benedictine at Randolph-Macon Academy, 2

Was John Marshall The Wake-Up Call??

An article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch tells us Coach Ray Long's struggles to get his team focused for John Marshall, and how that's no longer a problem after their loss at home last Friday night.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fox Richmond/ Top 10----October 13, 2008

Patrick Henry drops out after upset loss, prepares to face undefeated and 2nd-ranked Deep Run on Friday night.

Monday, October 13, 2008

SHOCKER! John Marshall 27, Patrick Henry 21

Time now for another edition of "It Wasn't Supposed To Be This Way".

As surprising as Patrick Henry's rout of Douglas Freeman was in week five, it does not come close in comparison to the events of week six in Ashland.

John Marshall came to town for a classic "Tweener" game on the schedule. You know, the game that comes nestled in-between two big games on the docket; the one that, on paper, you know you shouldn't have to worry too much about. After the Freeman win, you know talk around the Center of the Universe began shifting to the Deep Run showdown in week seven.

But first there was this little matter of playing John Marshall. As you've heard it all before-----this is why they play the game.

Fueled by a lights out performance by quarterback Arnold Harris, the Justices stunned Patrick Henry 27-21, and left the home bleachers in Ashland in a silence not experienced in nearly 20 years.

First the highlights, then my analysis.

John Marshall wastes no time, scoring on a 2nd and 19 pass to Maurice Johnson; a 15 yard out to the right where Johnson shuffled by his defender, shook off a second one, and barely beat a third into the end zone. The 65 yard pitch-n'-catch gave JM the six point lead just 1:39 into the game.

Response? How about Jamison Kenny received the kickoff at the 15, receiving the benefit of a classic line of blockers, and going right up the middle, then to the right side, practically untouched, for an 85 yard TD return, the first kickoff or punt return of the season for the Patriots. Hayden Dyer's point after gives PH the 7-6 lead.

Fans were still coming into the stadium and had missed 13 points. The rest of the first quarter was more settled, save a huge drive by JM that ended thanks to Clay Schools' interception at the PH 5 with 3:57 to go, denying the early go-ahead points for Marshall.

Harris threw for 105 yards and a touchdown on his first three completions in the first quarter, but later threw a second interception, and after one period it stood 7-6, PH. Harris proceeded to lead his offense back down the field in the second, getting into the end zone with an eight-yard strike to Randall Braxton with 7:43 left until halftime. JM went for two and, on a designed play, Harris went for Charles Shelton, who fully extended to bobble, then catch the ball before he smacked hard into the end zone turf on the left side. That athleticism earned JM the 14-7 lead.

PH promptly returned serve on the scoreboard, ending a TD drive on a 13 yard pass from Brandon Cash to Adrian Cavanaugh. Then, Harris throws a third interception, this time to Raquis Morris, playing a "center field" position around the PH 40, with 2:08 to go before half, but the Patriots couldn't take advantage, and we arrived at the half at 14-14.

John Marshall had outgained Patrick Henry in the first half 215-58, yet thanks to one sustained drive and the Kenny kickoff return, the score was even. If PH could come back settled, could it take control?

Bad news came to the faithful even before PH received the opening kickoff when Jamison Kenny came back out sans shoulder pads. An injury had ended his evening early. But undaunted, PH chewed up nearly five minutes of clock and scored on a two yard run by Cash, and the Patriots had seemingly taken some control at 21-14.

We noted on the halftime show on the radio that the best defense for Patrick Henry in the second half would be to keep JM quarterback Arnold Harris off the field. This would prove to be oh so true.

JM's first possession after halftime ended in disaster, fumbling the ball away at the line of scrimmage. But, in a sign that it was not to be their night, PH committed an uncharacteristic turnover when Cash's pitch back to Brandon Wong, now in the backfield replacing the injured Kenny, went five yards behind Wong, setting off a monster scramble for the ball. The more players involved, the further the ball got knocked down the JM side of the field until, finally, the Justices recovered at the PH 24.

Marshall promptly seizes on the gift, with Harris throwing towards an intended receiver from 25 yards out. Adrian Cavanaugh tipped the ball, only for the ball to come down where Quante Cooley of Marshall was, as well as his defender. The bigger, stronger Cooley ripped the ball away and gingerly entered the end zone for the tying score. Destiny seemed to reside on the visitors' side of the field. The extra point was good, tying the game at 21.

JM could have taken the lead on their next drive, but a touchdown pass to Cooley was called back due to penalty, and the 21-21 tie would remain on the scoreboard well into the 4th quarter.

Finally, the Justices would grab the lead for good with 6:11 to go, completing another impressive drive with an eight-yard TD run by Frank Bullock around right end. The PAT was no good, so PH could win the game with a touchdown and extra point. But in the last 6:11, the Pats couldn't find the end zone, their last drive beginning at their own 1 with a minute to go and no timeouts, thanks to a tremendous punt and special teams play by the Justices.

PH's final prayer was grounded when Brandon Cash was tackled around the 30 yard line, and the celebration began in Northside Richmond. For the first time since 1992, the Justices had come to Ashland and won.

This one left the players stunned, bitterly disappointed, and the fans in quiet disbelief. It also threw open the Division Five playoff floodgates.

In the end, Arnold Harris was 14 of 21 for 260 yards, with three TDs and three INTs. Quante Cooley caught five passes for 87 yards and the tying TD in the 3rd quarter.

Brandon Cash was 9 for 17 for 99 yards, one TD and one pick. He only gained 38 yards on the ground, as John Marshall's defense held PH to only 249 yards.


So were the Patriots caught looking ahead? Probably, to a point. But the biggest reason for this loss was that, simply, it was John Marshall's night. Their passing game could not be stopped when it needed to be, the third TD pass was tipped, yet caught anyway, and they caught a break not having to face Jamison Kenny in the second half.

Now the question is how the Patriots will respond when they have to go to Twin Hickory Friday night and battle the undefeated Deep Run Wildcats. We won't have to wait long to find out.

And you know we'll be there!! WHAN (1430), 705pm Friday night. Talk to ya then!

Colonial District Standings after Week Six


John Marshall 27, Patrick Henry 21
Hermitage 35, J.R. Tucker 6
Deep Run 35, Douglas Freeman 14
Mills Godwin 61, Thomas Jefferson 0


DEEP RUN: 3-0 District, 6-0 Overall
HERMITAGE: 3-0 District, 4-2 Overall
PATRICK HENRY: 2-1 District, 4-2 Overall
DOUGLAS FREEMAN: 1-2 District, 4-2 Overall
JOHN MARSHALL: 1-2 District, 2-4 Overall
MILLS GODWIN: 1-2 District, 2-4 Overall
J.R. TUCKER: 1-2 District, 1-5 Overall
THOMAS JEFFERSON: 0-3 District, 0-6 Overall

Friday, October 10, 2008

Week Six Schedule

John Marshall at Patrick Henry (7:05pm airtime, WHAN, 1430 AM)


Varina (6-0) at Hanover (3-2)
Atlee (1-4) at Henrico (1-4)
Manchester (3-2) at Lee-Davis (2-3)

COLONIAL DISTRICT GAMES (district record, then overall record listed):

Douglas Freeman (1-1, 4-1) at Deep Run (2-0, 5-0)
Thomas Jefferson (0-2, 0-5) at Mills Godwin (0-2, 1-4)
Hermitage (2-0, 3-2) at J.R. Tucker (1-1, 1-4)

OTHER GAMES (Division 5 teams of interest in italics)

St. Anne's Belfield (3-2) at Collegiate (3-1), 4pm (also heard on WHAN, 1430 AM)
Hargrave (3-2) at Benedictine (6-0), 4pm
Highland Springs (2-3) at Armstrong (2-4), 5pm
Colonial Heights (2-3) at Hopewell (1-4)
Dinwiddie (4-1) at Thomas Dale (2-3)
Matoaca (2-3) at Petersburg (4-1)
Prince George (3-2) at Meadowbrook (4-1)
L.C. Bird (5-1) at James River (2-3)
Clover Hill (4-2) at Midlothian (1-4)
George Wythe (0-5) at Cosby (4-1)
Huguenot (1-4) at Monacan (4-1)
Bluestone (0-5) at Powhatan (4-1)
New Kent (2-3) at Smithfield (3-3)
Central-Lunenburg (1-4) at Goochland (2-3)
Colonial Beach (5-0) at King William (2-3) (7pm)

---all games kickoff at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted---

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fox/Digitalsports Top 10 - Oct. 6

Records as of Monday, Oct. 6
(All games Friday, 7:30 p.m. unless noted)

Team (Record, previous ranking)

1. Varina (2-0 Capital, 6-0, 1): beat Lee-Davis 21-13. Next up: at Hanover.

2. Deep Run (2-0 Colonial, 5-0, 2): beat TJ 60-8.
Next up: vs. Douglas Freeman.

3. Meadowbrook (1-1 Central, 4-1, 3): beat Petersburg 40-28.
Next up: vs. Prince George.

4. Highland Springs (2-0 Capital, 2-3, 3): beat Henrico 20-7.
Next up: at Armstrong.

5. L.C. Bird (4-0 Dominion, 5-1, 5): beat Midlothian 46-10. Next up: at James River.

6. Patrick Henry (2-0 Colonial, 4-1, 8): beat Douglas Freeman 40-6. Next up: John Marshall.

7. Hermitage (2-0 Colonial, 3-2, 7): beat John Marshall 42-6. Next up: at J.R. Tucker.

8. Hanover (1-1 Capital, 3-2, 8): beat Armstrong 49-0. Next up: vs. Varina.

9. Dinwiddie (2-0 Central, 4-1, NR): beat Colonial Heights 52-15. Next up: at Thomas Dale.

10. Monacan (2-1 Dominion, 4-1, NR): beat No. 6 Clover Hill 24-21. Next up: vs. Huguenot.

Others receiving votes: Petersburg (1-1 Central, 4-1); Cosby (3-1 Dominion, 4-1, 8); Clover Hill (2-2 Dominion, 4-2, 6)

Check out Fox 35 sports anchor Joe Sullivan on Friday nights at 10:45 p.m. for highlights and scores from football action!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Game Five: Patrick Henry 40, Douglas Freeman 6

It wasn't supposed to be a blowout. We all knew that.

Douglas Freeman came into their home game against Patrick Henry undefeated, yes, in part due to the benefit of receiving a win when Highland Springs had to forfeit their victory over the Rebels. Nonetheless, they were playing very well, their senior leadership were ready to take the next step, and they knew they had defeated Patrick Henry two of the last three times the Patriots traveled to Three Chopt Road.

The Patriots showed heart and discipline in their Tomato Bowl win, much less discipline but more offensive power in their win over Tucker. What Patriot attributes would show up?

The answers were simple. Execution, finishing the job, taking advantage of the circumstance in front of you, and killer instinct.

The result? A 40-6 Patrick Henry thrashing of Douglas Freeman.

The first 16 minutes decided the game; the final 32 minutes were mandatory to call it a complete game.

Patrick Henry takes the opening kickoff (by Freeman's choice), and scores 1:17 into the game via a six-yard run by new backfield weapon Jamison Kenny. Kenny and Adrian Cavanaugh lined up in the two-back set just behind Brandon Cash in the shotgun, and this offensive variation caught the Rebels by surprise. Cash's 54 yard run during this drive led the way.

Douglas Freeman proceeded to drive down the field in response, all the way to the PH 28. The drive stalled, with Vincent Derricott intercepting a fourth down pass at the four yard line.

The Patriots proceeded to move the ball 96 yards, wrapping up the first quarter with an 11 yard TD pass from Cash to Cavanaugh. The Rebels, once again, retook the ball and marched down the field, only this time they could not get past the Patriot 29.

PH took back the ball and the first of two killer plays took place. Cash threw the shovel pass, successful for a 40 yard gain by Adrian Cavanaugh in the Tomato Bowl, this time to Jamison Kenny, who proceeded to power down the right sideline 71 yards for a Patriot touchdown. 9:21 to go in the 2nd quarter, it's now 21-0, Patriots.

Not to be counted out, Eric Addison returns the ensuing kickoff to near midfield and the Rebels quickly make it to the Patriot 20. Here is where killer play two took place. We saw Monty Smalley in motion to the left, and upon the snap, quarterback Sam Jacobson immediately threw towards Smalley, set up for the flanker screen, when out of nowhere, Will Woodworth raced in front of Smalley, bobbled, then caught the pass, and was gone.

Untouched--79 yards. It's 27-0. Still there was 8:23 left before halftime. The air was suddenly sucked out of William Long Stadium. The game was over, based on what could be seen in the reactions and body language of the Freeman players and fans.

But afterwards, it was a matter of what the final score would be and how the Patriots would continue to tune up their offense, and how the Rebels would respond from the shock.

Brandon Wong returned his second interception for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter, and Adrian Cavanaugh ran for a TD a few minutes later. Freeman did get on the board near the end of the quarter on a 14 yard pass from Carter Slough to Monty Smalley.

And, in a microcosm of the night for Freeman, the extra point hit the upright, and bounced sadly into the end zone.

Patrick Henry hits the halfway mark at 4-1 and with a renewed sense of optimism and of their potential.


--Freeman threw the pigskin 35 times Friday night, with each quarterback throwing two interceptions. Carter Slough led the meager Rebel running game with 41 yards on 12 carries. Monty Smalley still grabbed seven passes for 83 yards and a touchdown.

--Kire Worley played the fourth quarter for Patrick Henry at quarterback, his second straight game where he saw action. He did not attempt a pass but did rush three times for 28 yards. Brandon Cash broke the 100 yard barrier both in passing (133) and on the ground (117). D'vante Derricott missed his second game due to injury.

--Also, credit the defensive line of Patrick Henry for continual pressure on the Freeman quarterback tandem throughout the game!

NEXT UP: The Patriots are home Friday night to face the 1-4 John Marshall Justices, who are 0-2 in the District, but still have several players back from last season's 6-4 squad. Bring your radio to the game; but if you can't make it, join us at 7:05pm for all the action, exclusively on WHAN (1430)!

See ya in Ashland on Friday night!

Week Five Scores


Patrick Henry (4-1) 40, Douglas Freeman (4-1) 6

Varina (6-0) 21, Lee-Davis (3-2) 13
Hanover (3-2) 49, Armstrong (2-4) 0
Atlee (1-4) 27, George Wythe (0-5) 6

J.R. Tucker (1-4) 24, Mills Godwin (1-4) 20 (Tucker ends 18-game losing streak)
Hermitage (3-2) 42, John Marshall (1-4) 6
Deep Run (5-0) 60, Thomas Jefferson (0-5) 8

Monacan (4-1) 24, Clover Hill (4-2) 21
Manchester (3-2) 37, Cosby (4-1) 33
Meadowbrook (4-1) 40, Petersburg (4-1) 28
Dinwiddie (4-1) 52, Colonial Heights (2-3) 15
Prince George (3-2) 46, Hopewell (1-4) 20

Highland Springs (2-3) 20, Henrico (1-4) 7
Thomas Dale 48 (2-3), Matoaca (2-3) 25
L.C. Bird (5-1) 46, Midlothian (1-4) 10
Benedictine 28, Cumberland 6
James River (2-3) 20, Huguenot 8
Fork Union 20, St. Christophers 14
Woodbury Forest 27, Collegiate 6
Powhatan 33, Nottoway 6
King William 34, Lancaster 6
Goochland 31, George Mason 14

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Freeman, Tucker Podcasts Now Available!

Look to the right and click on either mp3 to relive last Monday's 45-7 win over Tucker, or the very surprising 40-6 victory at Douglas Freeman on Friday night.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

SHOCKER: Patriots roll over Rebels, 40-6

Tonight was Patrick Henry's true coming out party. With both Cosby and Petersburg losing, as well as Freeman, Division 5 and the Colonial District have now been served notice that this Patriots team may have finally found the stride.

The outlook for the second half of the season for PH is dramatically different after this performance. Complete game summary to be posted Saturday afternoon.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Week Five Schedule!


Patrick Henry (3-1) at Douglas Freeman (4-0), 7:05pm, WHAN (1430)


Lee-Davis (2-2) at Varina (5-0)
Armstrong (2-3)at Hanover (2-2)
George Wythe (0-4) at Atlee (0-4)


Deep Run (4-0) at Thomas Jefferson (0-4), 4 p.m.
J.R. Tucker (0-4) at Mills Godwin (1-3)
John Marshall (1-3) at Hermitage (2-2)

OTHER GAMES (Division 5 Playoff Hopefuls in italics):

Henrico (1-3) at Highland Springs (1-3)
Dinwiddie (3-1) at Colonial Heights (2-2)
Thomas Dale (1-3) at Matoaca (2-2)
Hopewell (1-3) at Prince George (2-2)
Meadowbrook (3-1) at Petersburg (4-0)
L.C. Bird (4-1) at Midlothian (1-3)
Clover Hill (4-1) at Monacan (3-1)
Cosby (4-0) at Manchester (2-2)
James River (1-3) at Huguenot, 4:45


Collegiate at Woodberry Forest, 4pm, on WHAN (1430) Richmond Top Ten

SFox/DigitalSports Top 10 - Sept. 30
Varina and coach Stu Brown are the new No. 1.
Published: 10/03/2008

Records as of Monday, Sept. 30
(All games Friday, 7:30 p.m. unless noted)

Team (Record, previous ranking)

1. Varina (1-0 Capital, 5-0, 2): beat Atlee 42-7. Next up: Lee-Davis.

2. Deep Run (1-0 Colonial, 4-0, 3): beat John Marshall 51-20.
Next up: at Thomas Jefferson, 4 p.m.

T3. Meadowbrook (0-1 Central, 3-1, 1): lost to Thomas Dale 26-15.
Next up: at Petersburg.

T3. Highland Springs (1-0 Capital, 1-3, 4): beat No. 6 Hanover 19-10.
Next up: vs. Henrico.

5. L.C. Bird (3-0 Dominion, 4-1, 5): beat Huguenot 56-8. Next up: at Midlothian.

6. Clover Hill (2-1 Dominion, 4-1, 8): beat Manchester 62-41. Next up: at Monacan.

7. Hermitage (1-0 Colonial, 2-2, 7): beat Godwin 38-0. Next up: John Marshall.

T8. Patrick Henry (1-0 Colonial, 3-1, 9): beat J.R. Tucker 45-7. Next up: at Douglas Freeman.

T8. Cosby (3-0 Dominion, 4-0, 10): beat Monacan 17-14. Next up: at Manchester.

10. Hanover (0-1 Capital, 2-2, 6): lost to No. 4 H. Springs 19-10.
Next up: Armstrong.

Others receiving votes: Petersburg (1-0 Central, 4-0); Douglas Freeman (1-0 Colonial, 4-0); Dinwiddie (1-0 Central, 3-1)

Check out Fox 35 sports anchor Joe Sullivan on Friday nights at 10:45 p.m. for highlights and scores from football action!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week Four Colonial District Game Summaries

Courtesy of the Richmond Times-Dispatch! A more detailed report on Patrick Henry's win over J.R. Tucker forthcoming.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Quick Updates!


Clover Hill 62, Manchester 41
L.C. Bird 55, Huguenot 6

Lee-Davis 43, Armstrong 6

Cosby 17, Monacan 14 (game with D5 playoff implications!)

PH/Tucker on the air at 605pm on WHAN, hope to have podcast up later this week and game summary posted later tonight or tomorrow.

Friday, September 26, 2008

J.R. Tucker at Patrick Henry---POSTPONED

Tonight's PH game at home against J.R. Tucker will now be played on Monday night at 6:30pm.

Pregame coverage will begin at 605pm on WHAN (1430) AM.

We'll see you at the field Monday night!!

Week Four Postponements!!! UPDATED

As of noon Friday:

Huguenot at L.C. Bird, Saturday - 1:30pm

Blessed Sacrament Huguenot at Trinity Episcopal, Saturday - 2:00pm

Hanover at Highland Springs, Monday - 6:30pm

Matoaca at Dinwiddie, Monday - 6:30pm

Thursday, September 25, 2008


J.R. TUCKER (0-3) AT PATRICK HENRY (2-1)--Pregame begins at 7:05p on WHAN-AM (1430)

Armstrong (2-2) at Lee-Davis (1-2)
Varina (4-0) at Atlee (0-3)
Hanover (2-1) at Highland Springs (2-1)

John Marshall (1-2) at Deep Run (3-0)
Thomas Jefferson (0-3) at Douglas Freeman (2-1)
Mills Godwin (0-3) at Hermitage (1-2)


Colonial Heights (2-1) at Prince George (1-2)
Thomas Dale (0-3) at Meadowbrook (3-0)
Matoaca (2-1) at Dinwiddie (2-1)
Petersburg (3-0) at Hopewell (2-1)
Huguenot (1-2) at L.C. Bird (2-1)
Manchester at Clover Hill (3-1)
Cosby (3-0) at Monacan (3-0)
George Wythe (0-3) at James River (0-3)
Benedictine at Midlothian (1-2)
Powhatan at Spotsylvania
Arcadia at King William, 7
Blessed Sacrament Huguenot at Trinity Episcopal, 4:15
Central Va. Disciples at Chincoteague, 7
St. Christopher's at St. Anne's-Belfield, 7.

Episcopal at Collegiate, 1:30 p.m.

Latest National Weather Service Forecast

Tonight: Periods of rain. Low around 58. Northeast wind between 15 and 18 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New rainfall amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible.

Friday: Showers. High near 65. Northeast wind between 9 and 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

Friday Night: Showers likely. Cloudy, with a low around 62. North wind between 3 and 7 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New rainfall amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible.

Saturday: A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 76. West wind around 6 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

National Weather Service Forecast, 1145am, Wednesday 9/24/08

Thursday: Rain, mainly after 2pm. High near 64. North wind between 14 and 17 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New rainfall amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible.

Thursday Night: Rain. Low around 61. North wind between 9 and 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New rainfall amounts between three quarters and one inch possible.

Friday: Rain. High near 71. North wind around 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

Friday Night: A chance of showers. Cloudy, with a low around 58. Chance of precipitation is 40%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

Saturday: A chance of showers. Cloudy, with a high near 76. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

We'll keep you posted on how/if this affects Friday night's action.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fox Richmond/ Top Ten: Sept. 22, 2008

Records as of Monday, Sept. 22
(All games Friday, 7:30 p.m. unless noted)

Team (Record, previous ranking)

1. Meadowbrook (3-0, 1): idle. Next up: vs. Thomas Dale.

2. Varina (4-0, 3): beat No. 4 Hermitage 22-8.
Next up: at Atlee.

3. Deep Run (3-0, 2): beat No. 5 Hanover 21-14.
Next up: vs. John Marshall.

4. Highland Springs (2-1, 6): beat Mills Godwin 33-14. Next up: vs. No. 6 Hanover.

5. L.C. Bird (2-1, 7): beat No. 8 Manchester 34-0. Next up: vs. Huguenot.

6. Hanover (2-1, 5): lost to No. 2 Deep Run 21-14.
Next up: at No. 4 Highland Springs.

7. Hermitage (1-2, 4): lost to No. 3 Varina 22-8.
Next up: vs. Mills Godwin.

8. Clover Hill (3-1, 9): beat Huguenot 38-0. Next up: vs. Manchester.

9. Patrick Henry (2-1, 10): beat Lee-Davis 14-13. Next up: J.R. Tucker.

10. Cosby (3-0, NR): beat James River 44-0. Next up: at Monacan.

Others receiving votes: Dinwiddie (2-1, NR); Manchester (2-1, 8); Monacan (3-0, NR); Petersburg (3-0, NR)

Check out Fox 35 sports anchor Joe Sullivan on Friday nights at 10:45 p.m. for highlights and scores from football action!

Weather A Concern For Week Four Friday

The National Weather Service forecast for Ashland as of 3pm today (9/23):

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 76. North wind between 11 and 18 mph.

Wednesday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 57. Northeast wind between 11 and 13 mph.

Thursday: Rain likely. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 70. North wind around 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

Thursday Night: Rain likely. Cloudy, with a low around 60. Northeast wind around 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

Friday: Rain likely. Cloudy, with a high near 71. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

Friday Night: A chance of showers. Cloudy, with a low around 58. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

Saturday: A chance of showers. Cloudy, with a high near 76. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

Looks like a coastal storm is in the offing for Thursday, Friday, and maybe Saturday. This may put this Friday's slate of games in some jeopardy. WAY too early to know yet, but Friday night football fans might want to check out their "Local on the 8's" on The Weather Channel more than usual for the next 48-72 hours.

Monday, September 22, 2008

From Deep Run Survives Hanover

Hermitage is no longer the clear-cut favorite to win the Colonial District. This is a must-read for all Colonial District fans and anyone following Hanover's quest to repeat as Division 5 Regional Champions!

Another great game from Friday night!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Week Three High School Football Scores

49th Tomato Bowl: Patrick Henry 14, Lee-Davis 13


Douglas Freeman 14, Atlee 7
Deep Run 21, Hanover 14


Varina 22, Hermitage 8
Highland Springs 33, Mills Godwin 14
Henrico 26, J.R. Tucker 13
Caroline 28, Thomas Jefferson 12
(JOHN MARSHALL was idle)

L.C. Bird 34, Manchester 0
Cosby 44, James River 0
Clover Hill 38, Huguenot 0
Monacan 34, Prince George 33 (Double OT)
Dinwiddie 48, Nottoway 8
Armstrong 21, Colonial Heights 12
Midlothian 31, George Wythe 8
GW-Danville 48, Matoaca 34
Powhatan 19, Monticello 18
Prince Edward 25, Goochland 22

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Tomato Bowl For The Ages: Patrick Henry 14, Lee-Davis 13

What a game!

Going into the 49th Tomato Bowl, I believed we would see two evenly matched teams take the field, fitting to have a great game to cap off the 50th Anniversary celebration of Lee-Davis High School.

It was all that and more. In a thriller, Patrick Henry held on to defeat Lee-Davis, 14-13, winning its fourth consecutive Tomato Bowl.

This game was everything that last week's Atlee game was not. No fumbled snaps for Patrick Henry. Five total penalties. No turnovers. Successful fake punt. Big runs, big touchdown passes, defensive stands, quarterbacks pressured, you name it. And, in the end, it came down to three big plays.

First, the scoring. Both teams scored on their opening possession. Lee-Davis struck first on a 26-yard TD pass from QB Will Burton (9-22, 129 yds, 2 TDs) to WR T.J. Harvey. The Patriots respond with a quick, five play, 68 yard drive capped off by Adrian Cavanaugh's 10 yard scamper right up the middle for the tying score. It was tied at seven after one quarter.

In the 2nd, Patrick Henry took the lead, ending a drive with a one yard run, again by Cavanaugh, just breaking the plane of the goal, and Hayden Dyer's extra point made it 14-7, which was the score at halftime.

BIG PLAY #1---In the third quarter, Lee-Davis drove down to the Patriot six yard line. A snap from center went between the quarterback's legs, was recovered by running Tucker Walton, for a loss of ten yards. So, Lee-Davis had to settle for a 33 yard FG attempt by kicker C.J. Stevens, and it fell just short.

The 14-7 PH lead held steady. Into the fourth quarter we went, and I mentioned on the broadcast that the Patriots offense needed a sustained, time-consuming drive, saying you could only give Lee-Davis so many chances on offense before they would strike again.

Sure enough.

The Pats punt it away. Lee-Davis takes over at their own 49. One play later, it's a 14-13 game, after Burton hit T.J. Harvey again, this time on a slant pattern that Harvey took to the house for a 51-yard touchdown.

Extra point.......oh, wait a minute.

BIG PLAY #2---Lee-Davis decides to go for two. They fall one yard short of the goal line, and instead of a possible tie, going for the lead failed, and it remained 14-13.

Yet, Patrick Henry could not get a drive going to keep the clock moving and Lee-Davis had one more chance. And on fourth down.....

BIG PLAY #3---Burton's 22nd and final pass was long, down the right side, heading for, once again, T.J. Harvey. The pass held in the air just long enough, flew about two yards shorter than Lee-Davis wanted to, and gave DB B.J. Moss the second he needed to block the ball, and help secure the victory.

If the pass is half a second quicker and three yards further, Harvey catches it in stride and the Confederates celebrate a miracle comeback victory, the storybook ending to a golden anniversary.

Instead, the Patriots run out the clock and they return to Ashland 2-1. Tonight, the exclamation of "whew" heard from the PH faithful was not "Whew, we almost gave the game away", as was the case after last week's Atlee game. Tonight it was, "Whew, what a game!!!!"

Brandon Cash's only completed pass was a shovel pass to Cavanaugh that went for 40 yards, but he did carry the ball 22 times for 105 yards. Cavanaugh added 15 carries, 69 yards, and two touchdown runs to his one reception.

Lee-Davis' running game was held in check tonight. Tucker Walton, who carried for 127 yards against Hermitage two weeks earlier, carried nine times for only 14 yards. Burton carried seven times for 37 yards.

Lee-Davis now enters Capital District play a disappointing 1-2, but knowing full well they can compete with anyone. Meanwhile, the Patriots head home to open the Colonial District campaign against J.R. Tucker, hoping to make it 3-1.


--Two possible injury situations. Both lineman Michael Woodburn and two-way starter (and freshman) D'vante Derricott were helped off the field in the fourth quarter, each not putting pressure on an ankle. We'll try to get an update as soon as possible.

--Dwight Sweat was not suited up and did not play tonight.

Talk to you next Friday night from the home field in Ashland, 7:05pm on WHAN!! :)


An overflow crowd is expected for the Tomato Bowl, as Lee-Davis also celebrates their 50th Anniversary. Alternate parking locations and shuttles have been set up; click on the title above to find out more.

Week Three Football Schedule

49TH TOMATO BOWL----PATRICK HENRY AT LEE-DAVIS (L-D's 50th Anniversary Event)

OTHER COUNTY TEAMS (in italics):

Douglas Freeman at Atlee
Deep Run at Hanover


Henrico at J.R. Tucker
Mills Godwin at Highland Springs
Hermitage at Varina
Thomas Jefferson at Caroline
(John Marshall is idle this week....)


Armstrong at Colonial Heights
Hopewell at Brunswick
GW-Danville at Matoaca
Prince George at Monacan
L.C. Bird at Manchester
Huguenot at Clover Hill
James River at Cosby
George Wythe at Midlothian
Monticello at Powhatan
Prince Edward at Goochland
Windsor at King William, 7
St. Anne's Belfield at Trinity Episcopal, 4:15
Portsmouth Christian at Central Va. Disciples, 7
Greenbrier Christian at Blessed Sacrament Huguenot
St. Christopher's at Norfolk Academy, 4:30

all Friday games at 7:30 unless otherwise noted


Benedictine at Christchurch, 1 p.m.
Collegiate at St. Alban's, 2
New Kent at Warhill

Thursday, September 18, 2008



The full audio of the Patrick Henry/Hanover game, from pre-game to post-game, is now available on the blog; just look to your right. Podcast is in five parts.

Enjoy and tell your friends worldwide that PH football is on the Web!

Fox Richmond/ Top 10, week three

Fox/DigitalSports football top 10 - Sept. 15
Published: 09/16/2008

Records as of Monday, Sept. 15
All games Friday, 7:30 p.m. unless noted)

Team (Record, previous ranking)

1. Meadowbrook (3-0, 1): beat No. 2 Hermitage 20-13.
Next up: vs. Thomas Dale (Sept. 26).

2. Deep Run (2-0, 3): beat Henrico 42-16.
Next up: at No. 5 Hanover.

3. Varina (3-0, 4): beat Thomas Dale 42-21.
Next up: vs. No. 4 Hermitage.

4. Hermitage (1-1, 2): lost to No. 1 MBK 20-13.
Next up: at No. 3 Varina.

5. Hanover (2-0, 5): beat J.R. Tucker 49-7.
Next up: vs. No. 2 Deep Run.

6. Highland Springs (1-1, 6): beat D. Freeman 24-13. Next up: vs. Mills Godwin.

7. L.C. Bird (2-1, 7): beat No. 9 Clover Hill 55-53. Next up: at No. 8 Manchester.

8. Manchester (2-0, 8): beat Huguenot 27-14. Next up: vs. No. 7 L.C. Bird

9. Clover Hill (2-1, 9): lost to No. 7 Bird 55-53. Next up: vs. Huguenot.

10. Patrick Henry (1-1, 10): beat Atlee 21-14. Next up: at Lee-Davis.

Others receiving votes: Dinwiddie (1-1, NR); Cosby (2-0, NR); Monacan (2-0, NR); Petersburg (3-0, NR)

Check out Fox Richmond sports anchor Joe Sullivan on Friday nights at 10:45 p.m. for highlights and scores from football action!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Game Two: Patrick Henry 21, Atlee 14

Flags, miscues, flags, humidity, flags.


Humidity, snap from center problems, lots of passes, three players cramped up on the same play, long passes, and a furious comeback.

And at the end for Patrick Henry....WHEW!

The Patriots, seemingly on their way to another comfortable win over county rival Atlee, suddenly found themselves fighting to keep their lead late in the final quarter, escaping with a 21-14 victory on a humidity-laden Friday night on Atlee Station Road.

The first half, though owned by the Patriots in the end on the scoreboard, was as filled with yellow as the brightest swath of a rainbow. The teams racked up at least 10 penalties in the first 24 minutes, constantly causing drives to grind into neutral, or, defensively, flags were neatly tied bows, gifts to the opposing team's offense.

The Patriots hit paydirt first with the first play of the second quarter, completing their best executed drive of the year with a perfect 19-yard touchdown strike from quarterback Brandon Cash to receiver Raquis Morris in the back left corner of the end zone (otherwise known to New York Giants fans as "Plaxico Country").

After several stalled drives and punts, the Raiders had the ball, when at the 2:33 mark, quarterback Dylan Garthwright was picked off by Brandon Wong, who returned the ball 34 yards for the score, giving PH a 14-0 halftime lead, and the penalty flags were grateful for the break.

Atlee came out slinging to start, continue, and finish half two as Garthwright ended the night 23 of 41 for 270 yards, the interception, plus one big touchdown pass.

Before that, though, the Patriots struck with a perfectly executed fake handoff up the middle to Dwight Sweat, giving Brandon Cash big room on the left side of the field. He broke a tackle at the 10 and raced into the end zone. Hayden Dyer's third PAT of the night gave PH the 21-0 lead with 4:56 left in the 3rd.

The score remained 21-0 deep into quarter four, as Atlee had yet to strike paydirt even though they had great field position several times throughout the game, twice due to Brandon Cash fumbles on the PH side of the field.

But with 6:06 to go, Garthwright found Jaired Epps for a 37 yard TD reception and the score is cut to 21-7. The next thing Patriot players and fans knew, Atlee had the football back and, after struggling to get their running game going all night, sophomore Trevor Elie broke off two big runs, the second from 8 yards out, and, suddenly, the Raiders were only down seven with still 3:43 remaining.

The Raiders did get the ball back with time to complete the miracle, but a completed Garthwright pass to left side found the receiver hit hard, fumbling the ball, with PH recovering, to finally put the exclamation point on the victory.


Dylan Garthwright will rack up some big numbers this year at quarterback for Atlee. Unfortunately, part of the reason is that the junior may spend several games in the Capital District (Highland Springs, Varina, Hanover, and a rejuvenated Lee-Davis) trying to bring the Raiders back from behind.

Another good county crowd for football, and I credit the Atlee parents and fans! They enjoy some good tailgating before a game! I should've arrived 30 minutes earlier and found a way to make some quick friends!


It took just over 6 1/2 quarters for PH to score a running touchdown this season. When is the last time that happened? Another sign of the new offense, because Cash continued to show he's not afraid to go deep, this week with better accuracy, including a 40 yard completion to Raquis Morris.

Jamison Kenny had zero yards of offense Friday night. He must be in the thick of things when PH gets into the thick of its Colonial District schedule.

Adrian Cavanaugh? Mostly on defense against Atlee, bringing big pops at the line of scrimmage, giving the stalled Atlee running game fits for most of the night.


As big as the Tomato Bowl is each year (the biggest rivalry in high school football in the Central Region, with apologies to L.C. Bird and Thomas Dale), the 2008 edition will be huge.

The 49th Tomato Bowl will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Lee-Davis High School. The game, originally scheduled for Ashland, is in Mechanicsville.

Add the fact that the Confederates are 1-1 and played Hermitage very closely on opening night, and the Lee-Davis Nation will be hungry for their first Tomato Bowl win since 2004.

We'll begin with a special remote broadcast from Lee-Davis on WHAN (1430) with Bill Roberts and myself from 4 to 6pm, followed by the game itself. 7:05 pregame, and a 7:30 kickoff. If you're coming to the game, I've already been told by a Lee-Davis official, come early, parking will be at a premium.

It should be a night Hanover County won't soon forget! See ya there.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week Two: High School Football Scores

Patrick Henry-21, Atlee-14

Meadowbrook-20, Hermitage-13

Benedictine-7, Armstrong-6

Hanover 49, J.R. Tucker-7

Deep Run-42, Henrico-16

Highland Springs-24, Douglas Freeman-13

Lee-Davis-31, James River-20

Varina-42, Thomas Dale-21

Hopewell-20, John Marshall-13

Prince George-20, Mountain View-11

Collegiate-20, Mills Godwin-0

L.C. Bird-55, Clover Hill-53

Cosby-37, Midlothian-7

Manchester-27, Huguenot-14

Monacan-42, George Wythe-8

Powhatan-27, Caroline-20

Tabb-34, New Kent-14

Goochland-33, Fluvanna-7

Loudoun Valley-6, Central Virginia-36

St. Christopher's-17, Christchurch-0

Middlesex-18, Lancaster-30

Fork Union-37, Hargrave-19

Amelia-49, King & Queen-6

Rappahannock-0, West Point-34

Spotsylvania-0, Louisa-28

Colonial Beach-31, Charles City-0

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Weather Update (2pm)

Things look good for tonight's games. I'd bring an umbrella or rain slicker with me, though, just in case, as there continues to be a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms through the evening hours according to the National Weather Service.

New Offense Brings Adjustments For PH

Nice feature in yesterday's Times-Dispatch concerning the huge switch for Patrick Henry, away from the I-formation and to the one-back, spread offense.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keeping an eye on Friday Weather......

As of 6pm Thursday night, this is the National Weather Service Richmond Forecast:

Friday: A chance of showers and thunderstorms after noon. Patchy fog before 10am. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a high near 82. Calm wind becoming south around 6 mph. Chance of precipitation is 50%. New rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

Friday Night: A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Cloudy, with a low around 67. South wind between 3 and 6 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%. New rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

Saturday: A slight chance of showers, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 2pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 90. Southwest wind between 7 and 9 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Right now, chances are good that all high school games will stay as scheduled for tomorrow night. If, for some reason, that changes, we'll have all the details posted here, so check back with us during the day Friday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Podcast Update II

The podcast isn't on the site yet, but we are still working on it. Unfortunately I'll be having an emergency root canal this afternoon, setting things back a bit.

Soon! Promise! In fact, we may be posting the Hanover and Atlee games around the same time. I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fox/Digital Sports Top 10, week of September 8

Patrick Henry holds on, plus it'll be #1 versus #2 Friday night at Chester Fritz Stadium on Hungary Springs Road! Click the headline for the Top 10!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Podcast Update

We're looking to have the game broadcast of Hanover/Patrick Henry online by Monday. Check back here Monday afternoon for updates. :)

Central Region Football Scores: Friday September 5th

Hanover 14, Patrick Henry 6

Hermitage 21, Lee-Davis 13

Douglas Freeman 13, James River 0

Woodbridge 13, Highland Springs 0

NOTE: Colonial District teams went 3-5 this week. Hermitage, Deep Run, and Douglas Freeman were the victors.

2008 Game One: Hanover 14, Patrick Henry 6

,In actuality, the final score was Hanover 2, Patrick Henry 1.

On a tropical Friday in Ashland, the young men of Hanover and Patrick Henry High Schools fought off humidity, rain, including a third quarter monsoon, cramps, and more. And in the end, Patrick Henry committed one too many mistakes, giving the Hawks their third straight win over their county rival and the first-ever win at Patrick Henry.

Mistake #1---Recipient: Hanover---A 4th down punt turns to disaster for Patrick Henry when the snap goes above new kicker/punter Hayden Dyer's head. Hanover recovered the loose ball at the PH 40. The Hawks proceeded to march it down the field, and senior Jayquan Kates punched it in from four yards to give the Hawks a 7-0 lead at the 5:36 mark of the opening quarter.

Next possession for PH?

Mistake #2---Recipient: Hanover---On a third and long, quarterback Brandon Cash calls the spread screen play to the left side used earlier for a gain. Under pressure, his throw is a bit high, but receiver Raquis Morris slipped and fell on the wet turf as the ball sailed over him, leaving only one person wide open. Unfortunately for Patrick Henry, it was Hanover DB Bryson Kemler. He makes the interception and scampers 38 yards untouched for six. Rachel Moore's extra point followed, and suddenly Hanover was up 14-0 on the road with 2:46 left in the opening quarter.

The rest of the first half was essentially tit for tat, with the Hawks still up 14-0 at the half.

Hanover won the opening toss and elected to defer, so the Hawks come out to start the second half up two scores and with the ball. But, instead of cashing in on the opportunity and go up by 17 or 21.......

Mistake #3---Recipient: Patrick Henry---Hanover's big 6' 5" senior quarterback, Josh Wells, a four-year starter, made few mistakes last night. But his big one gave PH new life as Vincent Derricott picked off a Wells throw in the middle of the field to give the Patriots the ball near the 50. After little production during the drive, Brandon Cash tried something he'd tried to no avail several times in the first half, as he went for the deep ball. This time, his receiver, Jamison Kenny, was WIDE open down the left-hand side. Cash's pass was short, so Kenny had to wait for it, giving Hanover's Steven Fogleman time to catch up to Kenny. Kenny fought for the last 15 to 20 yards of real estate, breaking Fogleman's tackle attempt, and runs into the end zone for PH's first points of the game.

The extra point, though, was blocked, so the Pats found themselves down eight.

The rest of the game was a combination of a monsoon, a rain shower, and Groundhog Day. Early in the second half, the Patriots were penalized for illegal procedure and on our radio broadcast I noted that the young Patriots line had gone the entire first half without a flag.

Unfortunately for PH fans, the offense as a whole made up for that and more in half number two. I believe I counted five or six illegal procedure or motion penalties during the second half, constantly causing Brandon Cash and Company to start sets of downs with 15 yards to go, or, marching forward progress back.

The best chance for the Pats to tie the game came late in the 4th quarter, as the Patriots drove the ball all the way to the Hanover 15. But instead of moving forward, a penalty and a sack led PH backward, forcing them to a fourth and long near the 30. Cash went for freshman D'vante Derricott in double coverage near the left end of the end zone and the young man almost made the grab. In fact, two officials had to confer before the final call was made.

When the referee's arms signaled incomplete, the Hawks defense charged back to their sideline, fired up by dodging a huge bullet. Hanover's offense was able to drive into PH territory, eating up clock, but gave it up on downs at the PH 30 with just over a minute to go.

Patrick Henry was out of timeouts and had 70 yards of wet turf between them and a possible overtime. Play #1 is Cash complete to Jamison Kenny near the left sideline for 16 yards and a first down. He couldn't get out of bounds, though, so once the chains were moved, the clock was restarted.

But rather than being at the line ready to start the next play, it took the PH offense about eight seconds to get off the next play. Later, after the relentless Hawks defense stood up Cash in the backfield for a loss, the clock continued to run, and I noted one Patriot receiver actually jogging back to the huddle. And the clock is moving toward 20 seconds left. I was befuddled. It would be another 10 seconds or so before PH finally snapped the ball, Cash was caught again for a sack, and the clock read 0.0.

Patriot fans that had stayed to end (some had left after the Derricott play was ruled incomplete) had to feel disappointed with the lack of clock management, which also happened once late last year.

So the series record for these two teams is Patrick Henry 4-3. But the Hawks, the defending Division 5 Regional Champions, have won the last three, and start their season, as they did a year ago, with an advantage over their county rival if both teams find themselves in playoff contention again this year.


---In seven years of broadcasting, I've never seen a driving rain like the monsoon that opened up for about ten minutes in the third quarter. It took no time for it to change the time as one punter lost a handle on a snap during Hanna's biggest blow of the night. And don't forget fans, those metal bleachers are very tricky when wet!!

---The Hanover defense, especially in the first half, operated 1 to 1 1/2 steps quicker than PH's offense. They swarmed the ball, and caused Brandon Cash to throw into double coverage on several of his long pass attempts. Credit Cash that his throws, though too long, were positioned so his receiver would get them, or no one would. How ironic then to see his one TD pass be short, causing Kenny to wait for it and create the ensuing battle between Kenny and Fogleman discussed earlier.

---Josh Wells, starting his fourth season as Hanover quarterback (an almost unheard of statistic in area high school football), managed the game pretty well. His stats are in no way impressive, but his positive contributions to the game couldn't be tracked in a box score, including his ability, being so tall, to gain another yard by just falling foward, being strong enough to drag a defender with him while doing so.

---Big games on defense for Hanover by Aaron Phillips, Steven Fogleman, Kenny Fryman, and Blake Jones. I don't expect many teams to ring up big numbers on the Hawks this season.


---The coaches have to be pleased with the performance of the freshman, D'vante Derricott. Six carries for 38 yards, showed signs of good speed, held onto the ball, and almost came up with the catch that could have led to a tie game. In case you weren't at the game, he wears #15. Get used to seeing it.

---Brandon Cash was beaten up by that relentless Hawk defense. Most blitzes were not picked up and Cash threw most passes with white jerseys flying toward him. He went down behind the line several times, fought cramps and problems with what looked like his left ankle or foot. Credit Cash, though, as he kept coming back for more and more and more.

---And finally, oh to be 16 again! I couldn't see the PH student contingent from the booth, but across the way I got a kick out of watching the Hanover student section yell, scream and cheer, all the while taking a shower provided by the "Water Pik of God". Umbrellas? We don't need no stinkin' umbrellas!!!

NEXT GAME: Patrick Henry at Atlee, airtime 7:05pm on WHAN-AM (1430), kickoff at 730.

Atlee was shut out by Colonial District member Deep Run Thursday night, 35-0.

See you at the field, or on the air, on Friday night!

---Rob Witham :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Friday September 5th Schedule....

Note special early start times!

Hanover at Patrick Henry, 630pm (airtime 605pm on WHAN-AM 1430)

James River at Douglas Freeman, 630pm

Hermitage at Lee-Davis, 630pm

Woodbridge at Highland Springs, 6pm

Central Region High School Football Scores for Thursday Sept. 4th

L.C. Bird 7, Thomas Dale 6
Varina 44, Matoaca 24
Monacan 28, Mills Godwin 14
Deep Run 35, Atlee 0
Clover Hill 42, Prince George 28
Armstrong 52, Thomas Jefferson 0
Huguenot 12, John Marshall 7
Meadowbrook 28, Midlothian 7
Benedictine 32, J.R. Tucker 14
Cosby 49, Hopewell 6
Dinwiddie 50, Greensville 0
Petersburg 47, George Wythe 0
Caroline 30, Henrico 28
Louisa 21, Powhatan 0
Colonial Beach 24, Goochland 7
Blessed Sacrament Huguenot 62, Tidewater Academy 6
West Point 52, Northumberland 24
Essex 34, King William 12


Deep Run 1-0
Mills Godwin 0-1
J.R. Tucker 0-1
John Marshall 0-1
Thomas Jefferson 0-2

Patrick Henry, Hermitage and Douglas Freeman playing Friday 9/5

Clover Hill 2-0
Meadowbrook 2-0
Varina 2-0
Dinwiddie 1-1
Matoaca 1-1
L.C. Bird 1-1
Thomas Dale 0-2

Welcome to Patrick Henry Football!

Patrick Henry's 2008 season begins (weather permitting) Friday night against the Hanover Hawks, a rematch of both the classic 2007 season opener and the Division 5 Regional Championship game, both won by Hanover.

NEW TIME!!!! Air time is 6:05, the game begins at 6:30!!!

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