Friday, June 03, 2016

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Softball Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 20 Softball Team:

Catcher: Madison Foster, Powhatan
First Base: Kaylyn Shepherd, Hanover
Second Base: Lauren Hughes, Hanover
Third Base: Erin Acors, Hanover
Shortstop: Mason Basdikis, Powhatan
Outfield: Carley Slayden, Dinwiddie
Outfield: Tori Gilbert, Powhatan
Outfield: Valarie Fridley, Powhatan
Outfield: Sami Pleasants, Powhatan
DP: Amy Goodman, Midlothian
Utility: Morgan Johnson, Huguenot
Pitcher: Ali Celiberti, Powhatan
Pitcher: Mackenzie Wyatt, Hanover
Pitcher: Taylor Johnson, Dinwiddie

Catcher: Macy Beville, Dinwiddie
First Base: Lauren Ratliff, Powhatan
Second Base: Harley Conner, Powhatan
Third Base: Breanne Turner, Dinwiddie
Shortstop: Karleigh Morgan, Dinwiddie
Outfield: Erin Watkins, Hanover
Outfield: Caitlin Stout, Dinwiddie
Outfield: Lara Douglas, Midlothian
Pitcher: Raychel LaPallo, Monacan
Pitcher: Savannah Thorne, Hanover

Catcher: Emma Casey, Hanover
First Base: Ally Smith, Midlothian
First Base: Noel Pitz, Monacan
First Base: Samantha Ayers, Huguenot
Second Base: Kylie Riekel, Midlothian
Second Base: Cameron Branzelle, Dinwiddie
Third Base: Madison Whitney, Monacan
Third Base: Morgan Gilbert, Midlothian
Shortstop: Cameron Murry, Hanover

Conference 20 Player Of The Year: Carley Slayden, Dinwiddie
Conference 20 Coach Of The Year: Marie Crump, Powhatan

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