Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ANNOUNCEMENT: Game Of The Week Broadcast Cancelled

Well, friends, the best laid plans.....

Monday afternoon, I had a tooth, meaning its crown, its post and its remaining top half, fall out of my mouth during lunch.

Tuesday morning, I said goodbye to the rest of the tooth.

So, due to the medication I am now on, I am not allowed to drive tonight, and therefore, our Game of The Week Boys Volleyball broadcast featuring Patrick Henry and Atlee is, unfortunately, cancelled.

We are resting up and healing as quickly as possible, and following all doctor orders to ensure we will be ready to go Friday for our Game of The Week Football broadcast between Patrick Henry and Hanover on WHAN Radio (102.9 FM) and here on the RVA Sports Network.

We are extremely disappointed that we will miss this Super 6 battle between the third-ranked Raiders and sixth-ranked Patriots. We will try our best to try to reschedule these teams if time left in the regular season allows.

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