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Saturday, May 31, 2014

All-Conference 11 Honors in Baseball, Softball, Soccer....

Here are the All-Conference 11 teams in baseball, softball, and both boys and girls soccer, as announced at Friday's championship finals...

(*--All-Academic Honors)


First Team:
Pitcher: Daniel Lynch (Douglas Freeman)*
Pitcher: David Parkinson (Mills Godwin)*
Pitcher: Joey Pride (Lee-Davis)*
Pitcher: Miller Trevvett (Douglas Freeman)
Catcher: Logan Harvey (Douglas Freeman)*
1st Base: Andrew Sergent (Lee-Davis)*
2nd Base: J.T, Bellotti (Douglas Freeman)*
3rd Base: Justin Sorokowski (Lee-Davis)*
Shortstop: Jack Gerstenmaier (Douglas Freeman)*
Outfield: Cody Powers (Lee-Davis)
Outfield: Haiden Lamb (Lee-Davis)*
Outfield: Kendall Jordan (Hermitage)*
DH: Ethan Payne (Douglas Freeman)*
Utility: Josh Lam (Lee-Davis)*

Second Team:
Pitcher: Eric O'Brien (Douglas Freeman)
Pitcher: Kyle Saltzberg (Deep Run)*
Catcher: Dylan Stowell (Hermitage)*
1st Base: Mike Sweeney (Deep Run)*
2nd Base: Matt Lisi (Deep Run)*
3rd Base: Travis Stackow (Douglas Freeman)
3rd Base: Ryan Becker (Mills Godwin)
Shortstop: Jalen Carter (Highland Springs)
Outfield: Trent Young (Douglas Freeman)*
Outfield: Will Parcell (Mills Godwin)*
Outfield: Kyle Farkas (Douglas Freeman)*
DH: Cal O'Donnel (Mills Godwin)*
Utility: Matt Lisi (Deep Run)*

Honorable Mention:
Catcher: Ryan Grubbs (Mills Godwin)*
1st Base: Sam Cox (Douglas Freeman)*
2nd Base: Brian Shealy (Mills Godwin)
2nd Base: Tommy Williams (Hermitage)
Shortstop: Chris Van Meter (Mills Godwin)
Shortstop: Brett Langhorne (Lee-Davis)*
Outfield: Ryan Scott (Highland Springs)
Outfield: Chris Griffin (Hermitage)
Outfield: A.J. Perkins (Mills Godwin)
Outfield: Matt Field (Atlee)
DH: Jalen Carter (Highland Springs)
Utility: Tommy Shaw (Hermitage)
Utility: Juan Carter (Highland Springs)

Conference 11 Baseball Player of The Year: Jack Gerstenmaier (Douglas Freeman)
Conference 11 Baseball Coach of The Year: Ray Moore (Douglas Freeman)


First Team:
Pitcher: Lauren McIntyre (Lee-Davis)*
Pitcher: Peyton St. George (Atlee)*
Catcher: Cameron Hall (Atlee)*
Catcher: Virginia Irby (Douglas Freeman)*
Infield: Sarah Commons (Deep Run)*
Infield: Jessica Curbeira (Mills Godwin)*
Infield: Kinsee Stonebreaker (Lee-Davis)*
Infield: Jordan Trimiew (Lee-Davis)*
Infield: Raine Wilson (Atlee)*
Outfield: Becca Fields (Lee-Davis)*
Outfield: Mattie Fitzgerald (Atlee)*
Outfield: Hayley Olson (Hermitage)
Outfield: Abby Parsons (Deep Run)*
Utility: Meeghan Schrecongost (Douglas Freeman)*

Second Team:
Pitcher: Meg Allen (Mills Godwin)*
Pitcher: Laura Kate Moss (Atlee)*
Catcher: Baylee Grandstaff (Deep Run)*
Catcher: Brooke Martin (Lee-Davis)*
Infield: Casey Barrett (Atlee)*
Infield: Delani Farrar (Atlee)*
Infield: Elizabeth "EB" Hudson (Lee-Davis)*
Infield: Austyn Merrill (Mills Godwin)*
Infield: Bryana Moore (Hermitage)*
Infield: Madison Richmond (Mills Godwin)
Outfield: Elizabeth Bennett (Mills Godwin)*
Outfield: Madelyn Burnette (Highland Springs)*
Outfield: Shelby Hill (Atlee)*
Outfield: Victoria Houff (Lee-Davis)*

Honorable Mention:
Pitcher: Eme Anderson (Deep Run)*
Pitcher: Hannah Trala (Hermitage)*
Pitcher: Kylie Stonebreaker (Lee-Davis)*
Infield: Ella Alvis (Lee-Davis)*
Infield: Kristen Disbrow (Douglas Freeman)*
Infield: Kala Johnson (Highland Springs)
Infield: Erin Law (Mills Godwin)*
Infield: Berkeley Mathews (Deep Run)*
Infield: Merritt Young (Douglas Freeman)
Outfield: Hannah Traylor (Lee-Davis)*

Conference 11 Co-Players of The Year: Cameron Hall (Atlee) & Kinsee Stonebreaker (Lee-Davis)
Conference 11 Pitcher of The Year: Peyton St. George (Atlee)
Conference 11 Coach of The Year: John Earley (Atlee)


First Team:
Jack Anderson (Deep Run)*
Matt Baugh (Deep Run)*
Jonathan Chudoba (Lee-Davis)*
David Cipolla (Mills Godwin)*
Sukrija Dudic (Hermitage)
Connor Fair (Douglas Freeman)*
Patrick Hagerman (Mills Godwin)*
Cullen Hall (Mills Godwin)*
Hampton Hall (Mills Godwin)*
Tucker Hamblen (Deep Run)*
Cutter Jacobson (Mills Godwin)
James Kendall (Mills Godwin)*
Josh Kraus (Atlee)*
Matthew Mahoney (Atlee)*
Cyrus Rohani-Shukla (Henrico)
Colin Schaffer (Deep Run)*
Michael Shaffer (Douglas Freeman)*
Will Selden (Mills Godwin)*
Luis Vasquez (Lee-Davis)*

Second Team:
Andy Bryan (Henrico)
Ryan Buzzard (Highland Springs)
Sean Colwell (Deep Run)*
Robbie Courter (Lee-Davis)*
Sam Dracos (Mills Godwin)*
Glaster Ellis (Highland Springs)
Joseph Gates (Deep Run)*
Matthew Hyland (Atlee)*
Jacob Kesler (Lee-Davis)*
Tucker Lawrence (Douglas Freeman)
Jesus Moreno (Hermitage)
Connor Pfister (Deep Run)*
Zach Radolinski (Atlee)*
Brandon Rinderle (Atlee)*
Sam Reiner (Douglas Freeman)*
Ryan Sheets (Lee-Davis)*
Tyler Shupack (Deep Run)*

Honorable Mention:
T.J. Christino (Deep Run)*
Scott Collins (Douglas Freeman)*
Hugo Eichner (Deep Run)*
Brennon Gagnon (Deep Run)*
Chauncey Gwaikolo (Hermitage)*
Cameron Jones (Mills Godwin)*
Sahmoe Loo (Henrico)
Gio Lopez (Hermitage)
Will Martin (Mills Godwin)*
Alexis Mejia (Hermitage)
Henry Mordica (Mills Godwin)*
Erik Nelson (Mills Godwin)*
Alfredo Sanchez (Douglas Freeman)*
Brent Schlesman (Mills Godwin)*
Evan Tyler (Lee-Davis)*
Zach Washburn (Deep Run)*
Mark White (Deep Run)*
Leslie Winston (Henrico)
A.J. Zollar (Atlee)*

Conference 11 Player of The Year: Cutter Jacobson (Mills Godwin)
Conference 11 Coach of The Year: Skip Stevens (Mills Godwin)


First Team:
Elizabeth Ball (Deep Run)*
Caroline Cipolla (Mills Godwin)*
Payton Cook (Deep Run)*
Mason Courter (Lee-Davis)*
Savannah Doane (Lee-Davis)*
Claire Franks (Mills Godwin)*
Taylor Guy (Mills Godwin)*
Caroline Hahn (Douglas Freeman)*
Meghan Hegarty (Douglas Freeman)*
Maya Johnson (Henrico)*
Kelsey Kilgore (Deep Run)*
Audrey Mathias (Mills Godwin)*
Abby O'Toole (Atlee)*
Alexis Pringle (Atlee)*
Simron Richard (Deep Run)*
Molly Shields (Atlee)*

Second Team:
Jamari Blackwell (Atlee)*
Kasey Booth (Atlee)*
Jenna Burns (Deep Run)*
Lane Courter (Lee-Davis)*
Jordan Denton (Atlee)*
Emily Fair (Deep Run)*
Lauren Gutzmer (Mills Godwin)*
Lyndsey Gutzmer (Mills Godwin)*
Morgan Hall (Mills Godwin)*
Caroline Kasprzak (Douglas Freeman)*
Hannah Keeton (Hermitage)*
Nia Johnson (Highland Springs)*
Katie Monica (Henrico)*
Maddie Nardi (Henrico)*
Genevieve Pacious (Douglas Freeman)*
Rachel Pisarz (Deep Run)*
Emily Randolph (Mills Godwin)*
Bethany Rusticelli (Lee-Davis)*
Michelle Saiyed (Douglas Freeman)*
Savannah Taylor (Deep Run)*
Caroline Turner (Douglas Freeman)*
Ashley Vuu (Henrico)*
Heidi Walenmaier (Deep Run)*
Lauren Wolfgang (Lee-Davis)*

Honorable Mention:
Jamie Broadhead (Henrico)*
Mia Campbell (Mills Godwin)*
Ellie Frazier (Deep Run)*
Hannah Grasberger (Atlee)*
Davi Neagle (Lee-Davis)*
Megan Paul (Lee-Davis)*
Sara Puglisi (Mills Godwin)*
Ally Renehan (Henrico)*
Jeanne Rockwell (Douglas Freeman)*
Jordan Smith (Atlee)*
Caroline Taylor (Hermitage)*

Conference 11 Player of The Year: Elizabeth Ball (Deep Run)
Conference 11 Coach of The Year: Ali Toole (Mills Godwin)

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