Wednesday, June 03, 2015

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Softball Teams

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 20 Softball team. An asterisk denotes All-Academic honors.

Julia Fritz (Pitcher--Glen Allen)*
Kara Deppe (Pitcher--J.R. Tucker)*
Cammie Brummitt (Catcher--Glen Allen)*
Jennifer Blake (Catcher--J.R. Tucker)*
Kaylyn Shepherd (Infield--Hanover)*
Maddie Stone (Infield--Glen Allen)*
Taylor Pawlowski (Infield--J.R. Tucker)*
Kamryn Steinruck (Infield--Glen Allen)*
Erin Acors (Infield--Hanover)*
Caitlin Stout (Outfield--Dinwiddie)*
Hannah Fritz (Outfield--Glen Allen)*
Mackenzie Wyatt (Outfield--Hanover)*
Cameron Cisik (Outfield--J.R. Tucker)*
Carleigh Staszewski (Utility--Dinwiddie)

Haley Gilbert (Pitcher--Hanover)*
Haley Hornsby (Pitcher--Dinwiddie)*
Emma Casey (Catcher--Hanover)*
Brooke Winn (Catcher--Dinwiddie)*
Carleigh Staszewski (Infield--Dinwiddie)
Leann Adkins (Infield--Dinwiddie)*
Ally Smith (Infield--Midlothian)*
Annemarie Beran (Infield--J.R. Tucker)*
Cameron Branzelle (Infield--Dinwiddie)*
Casandra Cooper (Outfield--Caroline)*
Madison Whitley (Outfield--Monacan)*
Lauren Burns (Outfield--Midlothian)*
Jenna Gravins (Outfield--Midlothian)*
Lauren Golmon (Utility--Glen Allen)*

Allison Morrow--Caroline
Lauren Hughes--Hanover*
Raychel LaPallo--Monacan*

Conference 20 Player of The Year: Kaylyn Shepherd--Hanover
Conference 20 Pitcher of The Year: Julia Fritz--Glen Allen
Conference 20 Coach of The Year: Layne Nuckols--Glen Allen

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