Tuesday, June 16, 2015

All-5A North Region Teams Announced!

In their entirety here are the 2015 All-5A North Region Teams for Baseball, Softball, Boys and Girls Soccer. Patrick Henry players are noted in bold. Congratulations to all student-athletes on this honor!


Pitcher: Chesdin Harrington, Patrick Henry
Pitcher: Will Brooke, Marshall
Pitcher: Brett Kreyer, Stone Bridge
Catcher: Mitch Blackstone, Marshall
1st Base: William Strong, Patrick Henry
2nd Base: Justin Han, Marshall
3rd Base: Matt Borowski, Marshall
Shortstop: John Callahan, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Justin Robles, Potomac Falls
Outfield: Alex Burke, Potomac
Outfield: Andrew Abbott, Halifax
Outfield: Austin Gregory, North Stafford
DH: Arthur Watts, Halifax
Utility: Dave Mocabee, Stone Bridge

Pitcher: Steven Johel, Marshall
Pitcher: Dave Mocabee, Stone Bridge
Pitcher: Andrew Abbott, Halifax
Catcher: AJ Hart, Patrick Henry
Catcher: Alex Smith, Mountain View
1st Base: Will Kirwin, Freedom
2nd Base: Joey Skov, Tuscarora
2nd Base: Austin Meyer, North Stafford
3rd Base: Ben Davenport, Edison
Shortstop: DG Archer, Albemarle
Outfield: Chris Ginn, Mount Vernon
Outfield: Michael Ludowig, Briar Woods
Outfield: Michael Kuzbel, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Harry D'Antuano, Mountain View
DH: Drew Blevins, Potomac
Utility: Colby Grissom, Halifax


Pitcher: Candace Whittemore, Patrick Henry
Pitcher: Taylor Barnes, Halifax
Catcher: Grace Mattimore, Broad Run
Catcher: Tori Capllonch, Lee
Infield: Paige Mitchell, Patrick Henry
Infield: Arizona Ritchie, Brooke Point
Infield: Hannah Jones, Orange
Infield: Beth Ford, Patrick Henry
Infield: Emily Kenny, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Briana Woody, Patrick Henry
Outfield: Mackenzie Lawter, Halifax
Outfield: Olivia Sappington, Stone Bridge
Outfield: Caylin Spencer, Massaponax
Utility: Stormy Zyzyk, Mount Vernon

Pitcher: Madison Larsen, Marshall
Pitcher: Kayla Brennan, Briar Woods
Catcher: Kaitlin Kean, Albemarle
Catcher: Jordyn Stubbs, Potomac
Infield: Michelle Heinitz, Lee
Infield: Brooke McAllister, Albemarle
Infield: Hailey Mardsen, Brooke Point
Infield: An Smith, Jefferson
Infield: Grace Wild, Potomac Falls
Outfield: Michala Pelligrino, Tuscarora
Outfield: Perla Nichols, Mount Vernon
Outfield: Emily Ajello, Edison
Outfield: Halley McGookin, Brooke Point
Utility: Grayson Radcliffe, Patrick Henry

5A North Region Softball Player of The Year: Paige Mitchell, Patrick Henry
5A North Region Softball Coach of The Year: Shelby Foltz, Patrick Henry 


Forward: Caroline Kerns, Broad Run
Forward: Amy Thompson, Stone Bridge
Forward: Carmen Thomas, Albemarle
Forward: Kennedy Jakubek, Tuscarora
Forward: Mary Grace McGregor, Mountain View
Midfield: Sara Deutsch, Broad Run
Midfield: Jazzy Loredo, Albemarle
Midfield: Anna Heilferty, Stuart
Midfield: Ayan Adu, Briar Woods
Midfield: Kaitlin Bailey, Massaponax
Defense: Lexi Taylor, Broad Run
Defense: Chloe Beverina, Stuart
Defense: Brigitte Deel, Stone Bridge
Defense: Asia Pinckney, Massaponax
Defense: Lydia Hall, Patrick Henry
Goalkeeper: Courtenay Kaplan, Tuscarora

Forward: Alisa Holloway, Edison
Forward: Laura Malacane, Freedom
Forward: Emma Kerns, Broad Run
Forward: Amari Hopkins, Mountain View
Forward: Gabby Nelson, Halifax
Midfield: Carson Nizialek, Freedom
Midfield: Madison Phaneuf, Tuscarora
Midfield: Rayven Connor, Briar Woods
Midfield: Mackenzie Cox, Mountain View
Midfield: Sunny Gelnovatch, Albemarle
Defense: Miranda Rupp, Brooke Point
Defense: Lauren Short, Tuscarora
Defense: Nikki Batt, Briar Woods
Defense: Steph Stahl, Broad Run
Defense: Ashley Jacobs, Massaponax
Goalkeeper: CiCi Keppler, Mountain View


Forward: Abu Koroma, Broad Run
Forward: Marcel Berry, Albemarle
Forward: Justin Carey, Tuscarora
Forward: Milton Juarez, Freedom (Woodbridge)
Forward: Tyriq Wellman, Massaponax
Midfield: Hristo Bustamante, Mount Vernon
Midfield: Jorge Urias, Freedom (Woodbridge)
Midfield: Griffin Cyphers, Stone Bridge
Midfield: Peter Diawuo, Mount Vernon
Midfield: Brendan Moyers, Albemarle
Defense: Fino Essiam, Briar Woods
Defense: Will Mejia, Falls Church
Defense: Jose Ormeno, Edison
Defense: Julian Scoffield, Mountain View
Defense: Jordan Parks, Albemarle
Goalkeeper: Chris Shutler, Briar Woods

Forward: Ivan Rodriguez, Mount Vernon
Forward: Nelson Espinal, Edison
Forward: Andrew Rogers, Massaponax
Forward: Jesus Duran, Albemarle
Forward: Greg Paredes, Freedom (South Riding)
Midfield: Daniel Zeitoun, Briar Woods
Midfield: Arif Biyik, Marshall
Midfield: Tyler Hill, Orange
Midfield: Trent Bailey, Massaponax
Midfield: Karim Zebdi, Broad Run
Defense: Joey Hildebrand, Massaponax
Defense: Brian Weiss, Marshall
Defense: Noah Mazzatenta, Tuscarora
Defense: Nick Rios, Broad Run
Defense: Dennis Lazo, Freedom (Woodbridge)
Goalkeeper: Caleb Herrin, Massaponax

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the 5A North Region selectees! Just have one question for the Softball selection committee. Why did the selection committee not follow the VHSL guidelines for positions. VHSL states that the selections are suppose to be by positions. I.E. 3 pitchers, 1 catcher, 1 2nd base, 1 3rd base, 1 SS, 4 Outfield, 1 Flex/DH and 1 Utility. They followed last years selection process. They new process was approved by the VHSL executive committee last fall. So by doing the selection this way they have not given the student athletes selected by position in the conferences the recognition that they deserve by position. This will affect the All State Selection committee because THEY select by position and how will this affect the infield selections. By checking the positions of the players selected for infield there are too many SS selected. Only ONE SS was suppose to be selected and also only 1 catcher. Where are the 3 pitchers? Would hate to see the 5A south automatically get the 1st team selections by default. Shame on the selection AD, DSA and coaches at the meeting for not knowing the selection process that was suppose to be used.