Monday, June 05, 2017

HONORS: All 4A East Region Baseball Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes honored by being named to the 2017 All 4A East Region Baseball team:

Pitcher: Ryan Devine, Jamestown
Pitcher: Antonio Balducci, Hanover
Pitcher: Caleb Elder, Great Bridge
Catcher: Kevin Mooney, Jamestown
1st Base: Dalton Jackson, Great Bridge
2nd Base: Colin Glenny, Eastern View
Shortstop: Zach Thomas, Eastern View
3rd Base: Andrew Barrow, Jamestown
Outfield: Andruw Harman, Great Bridge
Outfield: Justin Bowers, Grafton
Outfield: Shane Reviello, King George
Outfield: Zack Donovan, Dinwiddie
DH: Burghie Miller, Great Bridge
Utility: Matt Carter, Caroline

Pitcher: Liam Grubbs, Louisa
Pitcher: Seth Mayberry, Dinwiddie
Pitcher: Jack Dragum, Hanover
Catcher: Ray Tricarico, Eastern View
1st Base: Mike Schmidt, Jamestown
2nd Base: Will Driskill, Dinwiddie
Shortstop: Brelon Harden, Great Bridge
Shortstop: Cameron Ochsenfeld, Denbigh
3rd Base: Stephen Bowen, Courtland
Outfield: Ethan Fletcher, Louisa
Outfield: Donnell Sparrow, Deep Creek
Outfield: Tomas Sanchez, Dinwiddie
Outfield: Chase Bauer, Lafayette
DH: A.J. Hart, King George
Utility: Noah Floyd, King's Fork

Pitcher: Ray Tricarico, Eastern View
Pitcher: John Reynolds, Louisa
Pitcher: Andrew Barrow, Jamestown
Catcher: Logan Amiss, Powhatan
2nd Base: Tyrese Ruff, Denbigh
3rd Base: Alex Ziemke, Great Bridge
Outfield: Jeffery Pates, Chancellor
Outfield: Nate Coley, Lafayette
Outfield: Ross Lewis, Powhatan
Outfield: Spencer Pietruzynski, Jamestown
DH: Robert Martinez, Denbigh
Utility: Brayden Hodges, Grafton

Dalton Jackson, Great Bridge
Jack Dragum, Hanover

4A EAST COACH OF THE YEAR: Charlie Dragum, Hanover

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